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This essay is devoted to the book ‘The Idea of a Garden’ by Michael Pollan. Pollan is the author of several books devoted to the problem of conservation of our land, to the ‘idea of a garden’. He is one of those, who have tried to define the nature of controversy. It should be pointed out that nature of controversy is the connection between nature and nurture. This expression is a theme for debates concerning the significance of our inner qualities and our experiences in defining differences of every individual and the nature in general.The nature of controversy is closely connected with the essence of psychological nativism as it determines similar traits in physical appearance and behavior.

‘The Idea of a Garden’ by Pollan describes several approaches to the environment case study, which are discussed bellow. 2. ‘The Idea of a Garden’ by Michael Pollan.

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“Had I read something like ‘Forest of Voices’ before I went at my land with chain saw and bulldozer, I’m sure I would have come at the project in a completely different spirit—in spirit, that is, of respect for the people and plants and animals who really made this place I now am said to own. ” – Michael Pollan, from the Foreword Michael Pollan is a prolific writer. He is living at an old farm in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. Michael Pollan is the author of many interesting and brilliant books, such as ‘Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education’, ‘A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder’, ‘The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World’ and ‘The Idea of a Garden’.

Nowadays there exist land-use problems and there are those people who simply suggest the tendency of a garden ethic where people look at the earth as at a great garden. This garden needs people to make it fruitful and marvelous, to conserve the earth in this state. This point of view is exemplified in Michael Pollan’s brilliant book ‘The Idea of a Garden’, in which the author appeals to people for conservation the earth, a great garden (Pollan, 1991, p. 210).

Besides, Michael Pollan criticizes the current efforts for preserving the land and weak environmental efforts, of, for instance, ‘The Nature Conservancy’.Pollan portrays the gardener as a conservationist who uses the land model as an example. The current studies display great gaps in the present tend-the-garden line of thought. This tend-the-garden line of thought is popular that means the success of the environmental issues solving (Pollan, 1991, p.

210). ‘The Idea of a Garden’ is a well-known book that differs from many others by the messengers who are ordinary people and our neighbors. These people know how to listen to the land as they have done it for many years (Pollan, 1991, p. 11). The book consists of stories where people retell what they have heard.

Including historical and current issues and giving several genres, ‘The Idea of a Garden’ challenges people to investigate more attentively the variety of environments that we are surrounded by, the complication features of those environments, and our attitude to them. Besides, there are other similar works relevant to the issue in which some authors argue the politically right point of view to environmentalism common in our society nowadays.Other authors do not argue, thus, providing a necessary balance of views.

I can say that ‘The Idea of a Garden’ is a helpful book, which does provoke stimulating conversations in Ecology. In his book Michael Pollan proposes a metaphor that is appropriate to the environment issues – a nature as a garden (Pollan, 1991, p. 211). For Pollan gardening is not only the very act of this action but it is also the interaction with the nature and its sources. This kind of a metaphor gives local answers according to local conditions.This notion assumes anthropocentrism as inevitable process, while accepting people’s interdependence with life, health and survival. Moreover, it values other life forms’ wildness, for example, the wildness of water, air and soil.

People interact with the nature and have ‘misunderstandings’ with it (Pollan, 1991, p. 223). In other words, this battle could be won or could be lost.

Everything depends on the humanity – on the moderate usage of land resources, on the attentive approach to environmental issues and timely solutions.The garden metaphor makes the demarcation between the intervention of humanity and the nature intervention giving examples of the second one for creating the balance in nature. However, Michael Pollan points out the significance of culture as a phenomenon and as a part of the garden preservation.

This is the culture, which is used for teaching people how to live in harmony with nature, how to share the experience of past generations. It has its history in which there are numbers of mistakes that we should remember and avoid for making this world a garden of nature.Summarizing, our land is a garden, which must be protected. This underlines the necessity for conservationists to be more serious in the issues of protecting wildlife and natural habitat and to present their ideas to a wide audience. 3. Conclusion. The paper briefly analyzes the environmental problem of a garden in the book ‘The Idea of a Garden’ by Michael Pollan.

Besides, the paper examines the problem of conservation our land, protecting wildlife and natural habitat raised in studies of scientists and researchers.