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Environmental law has been a building block of other laws passed. It is a very important aspect that deals with the efficiency and effectivity of a certainly law that will be reviewed and be passed. It is important to consider it because it concerns about the welfare of our environment, how we would be able to maintain it, keep it from harm, to ensure that in the future we will no run out of resources, we will not be able to deplete and destroy it completely. It gives the environment a change to recover and continue to exist.

Concepts of Environmental Law. In Jamie Benedickson’s book, Environmental law is depicted as a complex system of various concepts which are put together to enable man to fully understand the causes and effects of some impacts brought about by human activity. These concepts range from the main source of problem, down to the effects and the ones greatly affected, up to the possible solutions that could be taken into consideration. There are concepts regarding precaution principles that could be taken, how the people could participate, the possible sanctions given to those who violate these rules and many more.

It also includes some experiments on their quest to find better methods to implement and spread the laws for the environment, and how will the people react or interact with this body of law. This effort is all for the benefit of mankind in the future. These laws regulate their freedom, but are surely essential for all (Benidickson). Biodiversity. Environmental law seeks to preserve biodiversity in nature. This is to ensure that there is always a balance that the nature follows. If there is imbalance, there could be a great impact on the organisms living on the system, and this includes us, human beings.

If biodiversity is damaged, there could be a tip-off in the balance and there could be problems like food supply shortages, spread of diseases and more. That is why the Environmental law seeks to protect wildlife and marine species, and their respective habitats. Biodiversity depends on these concerns, to preserve the number of organisms, to keep everything in order, to keep everything, every organism diverse. Pollution. Pollution is the contamination of some of the most important aspects in human life, like air, the soil and the water by toxic or harmful materials and substances.

Because of this, the environmental law seeks to regulate the amounts of these contaminants, or as much as possible keep them away from our basic needs, like air and water. There are laws on how to dispose toxic and dangerous materials so that it would not harm people. It also seeks to impart on the people on the proper management and treatment of this environmental problems. Conservation. Preserving and maintaining balance in the environment is an important concern in the Environmental Law. This is because of the various efforts from different sectors of the people.

This is where the idea of Sustainable Development enters. There should be enough resources left in the environment so that it could sustain the future generation. The idea is to be able to spend and utilize these resources without jeopardizing the future. The idea of replacing and replenishing spent resources are important to assure a future supply for the people, thus, conservation and protection of these natural resources play an important role in the Environmental laws.

Complex Concepts of Environmental Law. The Environmental law tackles on some more complex aspects regarding the environment. This is a deeper concern wherein it is discussed and given great importance. It includes the international context of environmental law and the people’s liability for environmental harm. International context of Canadian Environmental Law. This aspect is discussed and showed that these set of laws apply to the situations of the country and not necessarily the same to other places. There could be some differences and some similarities, as it is shown in the Environmental Law.

The differences are caused by the geographical difference, which includes the climate, species present and many more. The similarities are rooted to the efforts to stop or prohibit further endangering of the environment, with regards to the regulations set on the international level, such as protection of wildlife and the creatures of the sea. Civil liability for environmental harm. As to where the blame should be put, it is clear that we, the people of this Earth, are responsible to any further effects that could spell the destruction of nature.

That is why it is our responsibility to protect and care for the environment and everything in it. We are the ones to take care of nature and make sure that there is balance. We are the ones to maintain and keep it safe from harms way. This is because there is no other creature to be put to blame or to be held liable but us. Conclusion The Environmental Law by Benedickson has carved a big spot in the law making body of Canada, and has been a pattern for creating work books, rules and regulations, and even course guides for schools.