1. The procedure employed at VW is referred to as “mass customization. ” Describe what this means and the pros and cons of such a fabricating theoretical account from the position of the client. Pros Cons • Gives the client more options for their cars-and the merchandises get precisely what they want • More expensive – anything that is customized to the extent that VW offers. is traveling to be more $ • Competitive Advantage over the market • First to offer the customization • Takes longer for clients to have the merchandise – waiting on the auto to be manufactured to clients petitions and so transporting • other companies mass produce autos transport them and so customize—takes less clip • Customer can monetary value the auto based on accoutrements they want • Customer can non prove thrust the auto before paying for it they merely have to see the computerized expression • Customer feels more ownership because they designed their ain auto2.

Describe the information jobs associated with VW’s mass customization attack. • The mass customization attack needs to supply accurate representations of cost of each portion immediately • Inventory degrees must be updated invariably and accessible for industry to maintain up with customized orders • Customized cars must be delivered to the right franchise location. if non Volkswagon will take on unnescessary costs3. Describe the function of information systems at the operational and tactical degrees in selling. bring forthing and presenting VW cars.

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Separate your reply into three classs – e-Commerce web site. CRM. and SCM faculties.

e-Commerce Website CRM SCM Modules • Provides a platform for clients to custom-make and order automoiles • Organizes client information particular to their behavior • Just-In-Time stock list allows for minimum clip and resource waste when provision parts for cars • Enables clients to pay for orders through the website • Allows Volkswagon to supply better and more specifically trim support to single clients • Integrates and automates production procedures to cut costs and increase efficiencies • Allows for tactical gross revenues ends to be met • With a better apprehension of single client penchants. Volkswagon can break understand general consumer tendencies4. Assume you were confer withing to VW’s CIO prior to the execution of VW’s CRM system. Describe the World Wide Web. papercamp.

com/print/Volkswagon-Case-Study/76918 1/22/17/13Volkswagon Case Studystrategic benefits you would hold proposed to the executive direction squad in warranting the investing in VW’s CRM engineering. • Enables Volkswagon to keep and construct strong client relationships • Allows Volkswagon to better understand their clients. which will let for better merchandise development and less money spent on research and development • Knowledge of single client penchants and understanding tendencies can let for taking merchandises or specifications ( Internet Explorer: colour of vehicle ) that are unpopular • An efficient CRM system can assist Volkswagon’s selling section by concentrating more on popular client penchants.