Epilepsy Seizure Monitoring DeviceInventors? Abdul Hadi ? Noman Ikram? Dr Usman TariqAbstract                   A wearable device to monitor Epileptic Seizures and generate a notification. The device includes a wearable band which will have an accelerometer to detect movement of body, a pulse sensor to monitor the heart beat, a temperature sensor to measure body temperature and a bluetooth module to send this data over to the android application.Objective                    The main idea behind this product is to be able to monitor the vitals of the person and report them to the Android application which then wll process the data to see if the person is having a seizure upon which a notification will occur.

Field of Invention                     The invention pertains to Medical Technology. More specifically, the invention pertains to epileptic seizures.Background Epileptic seizure is a disease in which the person loses control of his/her body and faces continuous jerk movements. These jerking movements can be really powerful and can cause severe damage to brain or any other body part such as brain damage,fractgures and so on.Seizure are not limited to one age group they range from occuring in a few months old child to an old age man. So no one is out of its range.

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Seiure in older people are more likely to be detected since they are going to be more notable when a seizure occurs as compared to children.Detailed Description The wearable device will be composed of three different sensors i.e an accelrometer which will detect body movement, a pulse sensor to measure heart rate and a temperature sensor to measure body temperature. A bluetooth module will also be added so that all the data gathered from these sensors will be sent to the Android application through this bluetooth device.The sensors and the bluetooth module will be connected to an Arduino board which will be responsibble for creating a connection between the application and the hardware components.The android application will process this given data and check if there is any value of vitals which is either below or above the normal human condition.

The human body movement will also be monitored to see if he/she is having abnormal body movement. After processing all this data the application will determine wether there is a seizure or not and if there is a seizure the application will sound an alarm and send a message to the relatives.Claims1.

 A portable device containing:a pulse sensor which will measure the pulse;an accelrometer to measure body movement;a temperature sensor to measure body temperature;a bluetooth module to send data from the sensors to the android aplpication;an arduino board to connect and process all the data from these sensor and send     the data through the bluetooth device to the android application;a processing algorithm which will check for the hearbeat and generates an alarm;an alarm device to notify the person;2. The portable device of claim 1, further containing:an attachment apparatus for attaching the portable device to the person;a housing for enlcosing the device into a compact form;a wire elongating the temperature sensor so that it can be placed in the armpit;3.      A method for abnormal motion detection:downloading the detection algorithm to the mobile device;updating the mobile device with latest version of algorithm;adding emergency contact phone number incase of seizure;measuring the normal vitals of person and recording them;calculating the liklihood of seizure and comparing them to the persons previously normal recorded vitals;detecting wether abnormalities are shown by sensors values;recording data from the 3 sensors;activating the alarm incase the seizure has been detected;uploading the seizure data in the database;sending an alert message to the emergency number entered by user in the application;sending GPS coordinates through message to Hospital and emergency phone number;Drawings                          (Figure A)                                                              (Figure B)                                                                              (Figure C)DesciptionVarious embodiments of the invention are disclosed in the following detailed description and the accompanying drawings? Figure A shows the hardware system comprised of  battery(1), circuit(2), temperature sensor(3), pulse sensor(4), accelerometer(5) and a bluetooth module(7).The system is responsible for taking all the values from these sensors and transmitting them through bluetooth to the android application.? Figure B shows the hole(6) for managing wires of sensors and a hole (7) for bluetooth transmission.The whole device will be hung on the ear with the help of the plastic rod(8).? Figure C shows the flow of the system, The data will first move from sensors (temperature,pulse and accelrometer sensor) to the processing unit which will send the data through the bluetooth module to the mobile application.