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Equus Essay, Research Paper

The drama Equus is about a immature male child who brutally blinds six Equus caballuss with a metal spike in a stable and the head-shrinker, Martin Dysart, who investigates the male child s mental province. It is a really complex, multileveled narrative, with many relationships set uping Allen s ( the stabber ) behaviour.

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The relationship between Alan and Equus is a really complex 1. His worship for the Equus caballus comes from his female parent s beliefs in God. She is really spiritual and pushes faith on Alan. His male parent was the opposite. He would non allow Allen maintain a image of God in his room and forced him to replace it with a image of a Equus caballus. Slowly, the Equus caballus became God in Alan s eyes. Alan s father seems to fear faith and in some cases he fears Equus caballuss. He becomes combatant on the beach when the adult male lets Alan sit the Equus caballus with him. He besides becomes combatant when Alan s mother attempts to include faith in Alan s life. It seems his male parent has strong emotional reactions to anything he can t control or understand. Alan sensed that reaction and because of it he turned a Equus caballus into a God. It s about like Alan was drawn to anything his male parent did non like because he did non desire to be like his male parent. Allen is driven to all his male parent hatreds, such as telecasting and faith. When Alan sees his male parent coming out of the erotica film theatre, he is dev

astated because he is caught moving like his male parent.

The relationship between Alan and Dysart is one of common enviousness. Dysart envies Alan because of his passion. Dysart lives a deadening life with a married woman he does non love. He resents her for missing passion, when he lacks passion himself. He is sarcastic when he speaks of his relationship and his life. He has no passion for anything. He is saddened because his occupation is to bring around Alan and in making that he will do him a normal individual with no passion in his life. To bring around Alan, Dysart must destruct portion of him. Alan envies Dysart because he is normal. Alan s mutilation of the Equus caballuss and his compulsion with God and Equus caballuss anguish Alan. I think he envies Dysart because he has none of the devils that he has.

When Alan blinds the Equus caballuss it is in despair. He believes the Equus caballuss are watching him, everlastingly teasing him. It is his lone flight. He feels as if he betrayed the Equus caballuss by holding a sexual relationship with a adult female. In Alan s head he has committed a grave wickedness and the Equus caballuss were the informants. Blinding them was his effort to cover up his actions. His wickedness makes him a failure in the Equus caballus s eyes, unluckily he is a failure in his ain eyes as good. This is why Alan s last words in the drama were Find me Find me Kill me Kill me ( pg. 106 ) . He truly was tormented by guilt and wanted to decease himself.