Each of us is aware of the fact that “Health is wealth”, the maintenance of health is very essential if we have to spend a quality life. A healthy person is in a position to extract maximum goodness from life.

He can use his mind powers to make effective and prompt decisions. On the other hand, an unhealthy person sees no hope in his life and is more inclined towards depressive side of life whereas a healthy person maintains a positive attitude towards his life and tries to become an active member of the society.Introduction First of all it is the major duty of an individual to take care of his own health and to treat his body like a temple, he should provide maximum rest and should provide full nourishment for the body because a body is like a machine, if proper fuel is provided to the machine then it will work efficiently but if the machinery is not supplied with the maximum amount of fuel then the situation would be vice versa.

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The government is also responsible for the health of the population.The government authorities should establish various health care centers and they should provide effective treatment for the people so that they can remain fit and healthy. A definite amount of money should be allocated by the government for the health activities as healthy people are an asset of nation therefore the government authorities should spend more time and energy to develop programs in order to care and administer the health of the people. Realizing the importance and the need of proper health care. Combining medical technology and the human touch, the health care industry administers care around the clock, responding to the needs of millions of people—from newborns to the critically ill” (Health care). The authorities have decided to develop various professional societies for maintaining the health of the people.

ACHCA is one of the recognized health care institutions, which is continuously looking after the health care needs of the affected persons.More than four thousand administrators are involved who are looking after the proper working of this professional society. Health care administration is one of the most difficult and toughest jobs, which the government authorities have to perform. Maintenance of a proper and reasonable health care system depends on the professionals and the authorities that are responsible for administering the activities of the health care departments throughout the country.Mutual cooperation and hard work of the government authorities and the administrating authorities is needed to resolve the matters and to develop an effective system of health care. ACHCA Provides long-term care facilities along with many educational programmes for the students, an active body of experienced professionals and seniors work for the benefits of this association and their motive is to provide the population with good health care opportunities.

Errors and Consequences Four ways in which error can occur are as follows:When the doctors gives wrong prescription to the patients and in the end the patient do not get recovered from the disease then such error is known as prescription errors. It happens due to lack of concentration from the doctor’s side or the careless attitude of the doctor eventually affects the health of the patient and thus he is prescribed with wrong medicines. After getting the wrong medication the patient suffers a lot and instead of getting healthier his health deteriorates.A medical error occurs due to inefficiency of the nurses, it arises when patients are not treated as per the treatment strategies. “Medical errors can be classified in a number of ways but in general there are two types; errors of “omission”, in which the appropriate action was not taken and errors of “commission”, in which an inappropriate action was taken due to incorrect planning or execution” (Medical Errors and Critical Care Medicine).Due to the medical errors the patient suffers a lot, as he is not treated in a manner, which is the requirement of the disease. Medical errors are most common forms of error and researches are being made to reduce these errors so as to provide the patients with the relative treatment.

When administrators of the health care system are unable to reduce the cost. Then administration errors occur and due to this the entire infrastructure of the health care system suffers. There is no budgeting and allocation of money.

This occurs when the administrators are inexperienced and they have no expertise to handle the numerous activities. When the hospital administration fails to provide safety for the patients against various diseases then the resultant error is called safety error. Due to this error the patient’s health suffers drastically. To provide safety against various diseases is the first and foremost task of the health care system. Therefore, proper strategies should be developed to counter such error.The maintenance of a proper health care system and its administration depends upon many factors, amongst these factors the most essential factors are: -Research methodologies -Cooperation amongst workers -Planning strategies -Administrative techniques -Maintenance costs The administration of the health care system depends on the intelligence and the capacity of the managers and the administrators if the administrators are witty and intelligent then they will adapt suitable methodologies for the proper maintenance and administration of the heath care system.

Professionals and seniors who have enough experience in this field should control the administration of the health care system. The administrators should make use of research methodologies in order to know the needs and requirements of the people, on the basis of these responses the administrators should develop strategies that are useful and effective. These research methodologies are either qualitative or quantitative.The administrators should also observe the activities of the workers and the employees, they should convince the employees to work in cooperation and harmony because disputes amongst workers are not a good sign for any organization. Researches show that “In the United States, it is true both that one can obtain the best available care for most maladies and that health-care errors are the eighth leading cause of death, ranking ahead of AIDS, motor vehicle accidents and breast cancer,” Hyman and Silver wrote. (Malpractice litigation wrongly blamed for inconsistent health care, USA).

The administrative authorities of the health care system should plan each and every step so that they can make calculated moves and can generate quality results and outcomes planned activity is always better as compared to an unplanned activity therefore, the administrators should always make decisions based on planning and research. Administration of a proper health care system also depends on the administrative techniques, which are used by the authorities; it is the major responsibility of the administrators to assure that they are implementing good and standardized administrative techniques.The administrators should also measure the amount of maintenance costs, which are used in the administration of the health care system; the administrators should then convey the related amount to the higher authorities of the health care system.

Researches are made in order to know the responses of the people regarding a particular program or a product or any new thing or the errors in the system. There are two methods, which are mainly used in researches, and these two methods are: -Qualitative research method -Quantitative research methodThe aim and the purpose of both these methods is the same that is to evaluate the responses of the individuals whereas the method of collecting information and data is a bit different from each other. The paper will present the definition, the scope and the differences as well as the similarities between these two research methodologies. The researchers use both these research methodologies because the results, which are collected and assimilated by the researchers, are then transferred to the higher authorities so that further actions can be made.Both these research methodologies are equally important and beneficial for the researchers.

Quantitative research methodology is widely used by the researchers because the techniques, which are used in the quantitative research methodology, are of primary importance. The data collected by this method is further visualized and analyzed by the researchers. Hypotheses’ testing is also used in the quantitative research methodology. The results and the outcomes of the quantitative research are based on larger sample sizes therefore the results are more objective As compared to qualitative research.

The quantitative research methodologies make use of observation techniques in order to know and understand the data and to interpret the results accordingly. Experimentation and survey techniques are also a part of this research methodology; these techniques are used to further explore the data. This type of research methodology mainly deals with facts and figures and therefore it is mostly based on the interpretation and presentation of numbers. Quantitative research methodologies can also be used to measure the factors such as attitudes and satisfaction of the consumers. An Example One approach to reducing errors that offers promise is the establishment of systems to document errors and their causes. A useful example of such a system from another industry is the ASRS, developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

ASRS seeks to encourage participants in the airline industry to report incidents that could lead to accidents. ” (Reducing Errors and Increasing Safety in Health Care). This is an example where the system, which has been developed by FAA, has been used to reduce the errors. This approach has been successful in reducing the errors.By the implication of this method positive results are obtained. The researches have shown that the problem still persist in the administration area, in the patients safety area and the most common problem is the prescription error.

As far as the administration error it can be reduced by hiring experienced professionals of this field. Safety error can be reduced by strictly warning the uses and the related staff that their major responsibility is to provide patients safety otherwise they will be fined. Finally, hiring experienced and responsible doctors in the field can reduce prescription errors.