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The Osage Orange Tree by William Stafford is about the relationship between a male child and a miss named Evangeline. In this narrative. the two chief elements such as secret plan and subject dominate this narrative. This narrative had an interesting secret plan and ended in an unexpected but absorbing manner. William Stafford described the scenery in such a manner that we felt like we are in the narrative.

The two met during the boy’s paper path and had a conversation. The male child was in demand of another client so Evangeline took a paper place to inquire her parents to purchase it – or at least the male child thought she did. As the narrative moves on.

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everything that happened seemed to fall in topographic point. Since the narrative was told from the boy’s point of position. we can read his feelings and understand his life in a better manner. The Osage Orange Tree is a really good organized narrative where the inside informations fall into topographic point and make an interesting stoping.

It all started from the first twenty-four hours of school when the male child stood entirely by the range pole and watched the other people talk amongst themselves merrily. Then he spotted a miss. entirely. have oning a bleached blue frock and keeping a poke tiffin. During his paper path.

he and Evangeline ran across one another and talked amongst each other. In demand of another client. the male child gave Evangeline one to take place and inquire her parents to purchase it. The following twenty-four hours of school Evangeline told the male child that his parents said yes. From so on.

the paper was delivered under an Osage orange tree in forepart of Evangeline’s house. This went on until graduation. when Evangeline did non demo up for the graduation ceremonial.The male child asked Evangeline’s brother. the school janitor. where Evangeline was.

Evangeline’s brother told the male child that Evangeline had stolen from her ain bank history. He went to see Evangeline’s house after his paper path when a adult female stepped out and told him to acquire off. As he walked across a span. he threw a paper under the span and as he looked for where the paper landed. he saw a box of newspapers.

He now understood what had happened – Evangeline had taken money out of her bank history to purchase documents from the male child. without her parents even cognizing about it. The writer organized this narrative in a manner that every hint comes together in the terminal to come out with an interesting stoping.There are truly merely two chief characters. the male child and Evangeline. Both live in poorness. particularly Evangeline. Evangeline lived in a sagging barn and wore the same apparels everyday.

She was frequently teased in school because of her poverty in apparels and other things. Her brother is a middle-aged adult male who worked as the school janitor. The male child was a small better away. He tries to intermix into the crowds of male childs but is non chatty and is really diffident. He lives in a town or community that lives off of wheat and Burnss wheat for fuel.

There are several scenes in this narrative ; the school. the Osage orange tree. Evangeline’s barn. the graduation ceremonial. and the span. Each scene had a specific thing that happens in them. In the school. the characters are announced.

Under the Osage orange tree the two meet and the male child gives Evangeline the newspaper. Outside of Evangeline’s barn. the adult female chases the male child off.

The graduation ceremonial is where the graduation is held topographic point and the male child can non happen Evangeline. And the span is where the climatic portion is held topographic point. when the male child finds the stack of newspapers.In this narrative. the Osage orange tree symbolizes the friendly relationship between the male child and Evangeline. Under the Osage orange tree is where the two adolescents met day-to-day and brought them closer.

In a manner. the Osage orange tree symbolizes the separation between the two because the heap of boxed newspaper was besides found near the tree.The subject of the narrative is poverty destroys 1s liquors.

The newspaper that Evangeline buys is likely a money load to her household. They already live in a sagging barn that looks like it might merely fall over. She still buys that newspaper as if she were seeking to be in his societal category. She thought that possibly purchasing the newspaper would do him believe that she’s worth being his friend.

Poverty destroys 1s spirit because it makes the reader feel that one might non experience really confident about herself and besides toward others.The writer includes good item into the scenery that makes us experience like we are in the narrative. The writer besides includes inside informations on the people. excessively.

Here is an illustration ; “She was of medium tallness. and slender. Her face was pale. her forehead high. her eyes blue. Her placid face… ( pg. 107 ) ” After reading this.

one can visualize Evangeline’s face and hold a good thought of how she looks.The Osage Orange Tree by William Stafford is a well-organized narrative with parts of the narrative roll uping into an interesting stoping. Since the point of position is from the boy’s side. we can understand how he feels and experience the manner he would truly experience.

The writer put inside informations and symbolisms in the scenery and people to give the readers a better image in their caputs. The subject of this narrative tells the reader that one’s poorness can destroy assurance within the individual. This narrative was a joy to read because of its organisation imagination. and how everything came together and created a great stoping.