Last updated: March 24, 2019
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Ethical motives in Negotiation


Some believe that success at any dialogue tabular array is determined by the adept usage of misrepresentation. The critical difference between those who win in negotiating and those who are non successful prevarications on the ability to misdirect and non to be deceived. However. negotiants have an ethical responsibility to do certain that the trade is fair for both sides. This articles summarizes the ethical guidelines and penetrations for a successful dialogue schemes such as ethical adversarial. Harmonizing to Paul ( 2011 ) . ethical dialogue enhances positive working dealingss which in bend returns brings trust and easy sharing of information and the motivation to seek a common solution therefore easing positive interactions.

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Bazerman. M. H. . Curhan. J. R. . Moore. D. A. . & A ; Valley. K. L. ( 2000 ) . Negotiation. Annual reappraisal of psychological science. 51 ( 1 ) . 279-314.

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