ETHICSIN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Assignment-1 Name: Varnika ChennurVUID: 4005178Honor Code: ” I have neither givenor received , nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid” Q.Can you think of other kinds of problems, besides those noted in section 1.5,where the computer has raised a unique dilemma not seen in previous ethicalexperience?  Ans.  In section 1.

5, Ethicists  such as James H.Moor, Deborah Johnson havestated and argued that computers are logically malleable.  Computer ethics are not too different fromethics in other fields such Environment, Law, Medicine etc. Newer problems inComputer ethics arise due to innovation and technology advancements. An 18thcentury philosopher Immanuel Kant  didnot believe animals had rights. He says, Ethics until now has beenanthropocentric but it is changing as the society changes with too many developments.

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Theorists and Ethicists in the chapter have mentioned about problems such asdigital divide, profanity, copy right issues, information security, accessibility,safety issues, identity theft etc.  Iagree that these issues are continuing and creating differences in the society.Apart from the problems mentioned in the chapter, my personal take would be-Influence of Artificial Intelligence onTechnology.  –      Artificial Intelligence affecting our behavior:  Artificially intelligent bots are becomingbetter day by day at modelling human behavior. In 2015, for the first time abot named Eugene Goostman won the Turing challenge. In this challenge, the bot misleda panel of judges that he was a real boy. The test was less about buildingmachines intelligent enough to convince human beings that they are real.

Theprograms can get ahead certain questions from humans to pre-form and come backwith semi-intelligible answers. This breakthrough is only the start of an agewhere we will frequently interact with machines as if they are humans whetherin sales or customer service. –       Also, as the technology is moving on a veryfast pace it is destroying family/human relations slowly. It slowly affects ouridentity, our sense of privacy, the time we devote to family and friends.

Itaffects human psychology. Technology can be used for the betterment of thesociety but in wrong hands it could prove to be detrimental. –      Inequality in wages-  Economy system is assessed using an hourlywage. But if we use artificial intelligence, a company could cut down on humanworkforce. This step will lead to cutting down on employees and accompanied bymachines that run on AI. This way the AI companies make all the money.Consequences depending on AI for workforces will lead to increase in unfairdistribution of wages and unemployment to many. –       Security Issues:  Artificial Intelligence is taking overcomputer technology.

The more powerful a technology becomes, the more it couldbe used for nefarious reasons. This applies not only to the robots that substitutehuman soldiers but also to the systems that could damage the National securityand Cyber Security which is very important. It is not just about theadversaries that we should be worried about but about the evil that turns itagainst us. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook created AI bot for themessenger. The bot created its own language which scared Zuckerberg and he shutit down.

 Ifeverything is mechanized by bots and machines the question arises of how are wegoing to spend our time in the coming future? What happens to the work force?  What is the importance of human values? Is thereany equality in employment wages? Ifwe continue to consider machines as objects that can perceive and act ashumans, it is not a huge leap to ponder their status. We should all keep inmind by considering the risks of technology, machines that improve withtechnology means better lives for everyone. It should not bring peoples liveson stake. It should be implemented in a responsible manner.