One of the primary reasons why the government supports ethnic cleansing in Darfur could be found in some sort of a reaction to political threats made by the Sudan Liberation Army/Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement. These two movements aim to stop the abuses and marginalization on the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups. For the past years the government of Sudan had already been encouraging a policy which backs up ethnic militias on their abuses on the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa people.

The government claimed that the things occurring on their country is nothing but ethnic clashes. The Sudan government gave various reasons for not permitting United Nation Peacekeeping Forces to enter their country. One of their reasons is to permit the UN peacekeeping forces would be in one way or another disturbs their sovereignty. They also claimed that the UN forces may treat their country in the same way Iraq was treated. They also argued that US and UK have hidden motives behind their wish to interfere.

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However they already agreed to only after a lot of international pressures did they allow the UN forces to enter however they always tamper with evidences which proved to be a hindrance on UN troops. One reason for their reluctance may be rooted to their anxiety that the UN forces would side with the civilians. When asked if the US and UK government would send troops on Darfur they replied in a negative way. Maybe the US and some European countries do not wish to interfere because like in Rwandan, they also do not have any particular interest in Darfur.

The land in Darfur may not be profitable for them and that could be one reason why they would not want to interfere. At first glance it may seem that we are helpless to do anything in regards to the Darfur incident. However, we should not make the same mistakes we made in Rwandan. By showing great concern about the happenings in Darfur, we could force the international community to exert further efforts in order to ensure that human rights abuses would be stopped.