Ethnicity has for many years been believed to be one of the main values that shape an individual and officiate how an individual or a group of people behave in a unique way or be what they are. Ethnicity can be defined as a sense of being unique or rather is different from other people or groups due to cultural diversity which dictates people’s way of life, ancestry, territory, religion as well as where a person originates nationally. This essay explains how ethnicity can shape the behaviour and characters of an individual or groups of people hence resulting to having different ethnic groups.

My ethnic group has built me a lot in terms of attitude development. I have been brought up in a culture where people believe in kingdoms and my kingdom’s name is, “The kingdom of Bahrain” and here people work very hard no matter what the prevailing conditions are, and this has really helped me in my work since I have adopted this spirit right during my early ages. Even in different ethnic groups who have different ways of living from that of mine, I always work my way out maintaining good relationships with them until I achieve my goals. I have been a humble citizen, generous and sympathetic.

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My ethnic group, “the kingdom of Bahrain” whereby I have been able to learn a lot of things that happened during medieval years, has inculcated all these virtues in me. My ancestors have taught me many things as they try to build me and shape me to a responsible person in future. I came to understand the causes of migrations, some of which were very oppressive to human kind. To mention but a few, there was the looming economic pressure experienced at rural areas where people were forced to migrate to urban areas to search for jobs in the then few industries.

In these industries however, capitalism dominated and the people who were the labourers experienced a lot of exploitation emerging from the capitalists who were the owners of these industries. They just wanted to maximize their profits at the expense of the labourers, treating them as machines. Unemployment and under employment were also other factors that caused tremendous increase in the rate of migration. In addition there was rapid growth in population, as people were not informed of family planning methods that are now available in the modern society.

Among other factors is religion as well as political oppression. My ethnicity group, “the kingdom of Bahrain” has also been very responsible in moulding me and imparting skills of good relationships with other people who may be from different ethnic groups and cultures. This way, I feel that I have the potential of working any where in the world since my relation with other people is very good. My ethnic group has helped me in realizing that all human beings should be treated the same and gender discrimination should be cut off.

Female workers for instance should be given equal salaries with their male counterparts not by all means receive lower payments chasing this on unethical claims in the same job positions. The female workers should not by all means receive lower payments basing this on unethical claims that they their jobs are different and that they are less skilled. My culture and my ethnic group has shaped me a lot and helped me in realizing that there should be set norms, principles and laws that should be followed in any organisation.

For instance, dismissal of employees from a company or any other work place should be done not by anybody but by only the senior manager. This way, there will be clear understanding of the impact and importance of the principles and policies of the company or the organisation. It is only through definition of each person’s functions in the company or any organisation that the company achieves success since conducive working relations among the workers and the management is good. Legal actions also require that when rules in for example a company or any organisation are set, all the stakeholders must adhere to them.

The idea of managers acting in contravention to the set rules and regulations and forcing the workers to adhere to the rules and regulations strictly should be discouraged. It is only through abiding by the rules that govern the company or any organization that the company can be able to meet its targets. The knowledge of legal actions has also helped to be in a position of being able to understand the impact of communication in any company or organisation. Communication in any company helps the employees to pass their ideas down the hierarchy until they reach the workers.

Absenteeism among the staff members and the subordinate staff will be uncompromised. This will lead to increased turnover as a result of aggressive efficiency; positive contribution is experienced as a whole. My race has a very positive impact on me. Through conceptualizing my race, I am very satisfied with my skin colour and I feel very contented while interacting with people from different races. There is no racism in my country and my ability to accept my skin colour and myself has really boosted my self-esteem and self-confidence. I interact very freely with all people irrespective of their cultural backgrounds and their originality.

I even visit overseas countries during the holidays where I learn a lot from different people. This has really helped me in growing in many dimensions stretching from learning foreign languages to knowledge of certain important things that are done by other people in other countries and having different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, I have been brought up in a social culture where people respect one another’s views, ideas as well as helping one another in all aspects of life. I have internalized the importance of establishing and maintaining goof social relations with people of all cultural ethnicities.

In addition, I have the capability of adopting any ethnic group or any culture and living according to its requirements. This value had helped me a lot because I have been able to live at different countries and I have also been able to understand that good social behaviours, establishing good relationships with people builds a person very much. In an organisation or a company, good social skills will ensure that the staff does not get demoralized and also encouragement and motivation are easily passed to the workers. This contributes to prosperity of the company or any organization.

Economically, I am stable and I have learnt that use of my economic stability to help other people to prosper is quite a recommendable job. I have been able to exercise my economic independence through helping different people from different cultural backgrounds who require my assistance. My ethnicity has rooted quite a lot of values among developing concern for people especially those who are in survival needs. In addition my family as well as my country is all economically stable and generally I have grown in a culture where people have their basic needs as well as secondary needs easily met.

However this has not impacted in an attitude that I should not live in countries that have their economy at stake. I am in a position of living anywhere and giving a hand in improving different economies of different countries. Language is a very important tool of communication that I have learnt from my ethnicity which is “the kingdom of Bahrain” since early years. Use of good language, which is not abusive or vulgar, has been the greatest concern of my culture.

I have adopted this and I usually relate very well with all the people, helping those who use vulgar language in seeking for better ways that they can use to change their language. I have learnt that use of good language is very essential even in companies or other organizations whereby the workers and the employers are able to relate very well. This will boost the morale of the workers, which consequently leads to improved performance, and success of the company. My culture dictates that good interpersonal relationships should be maintained in any family set up.

There should not be chaos and misunderstandings in the family, as it is believed that these are groups of people who have settled together for a common goal. This idea has helped me very much for even to date do cause misunderstanding or chaos among other people. I live a very peaceful life whereby understanding and establishment of peaceful relationships among conflicting parties is my major desire. I usually believe that peace and understanding of one another as well as keeping distant from people’s affairs is the only way that people will be able to live good and appraised lives.

My culture also cherishes music very much. Personally, I am a fun of music, stretching from singing solo music to listening from music systems. My passion for music has really helped interacting with so many people from different ethnical backgrounds. I have shared with these people as well as learning several songs that they rank the best in their cultures. I have gotten good ways of motivating people that I have learnt from my culture whereby motivation is the act of the day. People in my culture are being constantly motivated towards hardwork and towards realization of goal satisfaction in their lives.

Throughout my life, motivation has been a key practice and I have even extended it to may people of different cultural background and ethnic groups. Motivation is a practice that should also be adopted at all work places such as companies whereby it is achieved through giving incentives, reinforcements as well as rewards, to the workers. As a result, companies or other organisations end up making a lot of profits, which lead to great success since the workers’ performances, is highly boosted. Conclusion

People have different ways of living and this is what is referred to as culture. Culture dictates the overall behaviour of a person in a wider society since the things that person has gotten used to doing are the ones that he/she will still do even when in a different culture. However, it is very important that people adopt different ways of living because change is very necessary in life. There should always be dynamics of change and people should be able live in different cultures as to learn different things in life.