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Etta Johnson By Naylor Essay, Research Paper

The male versus female power battle between two character in “ Etta

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Johnson, ” an extract from gloria naylor & # 8217 ; s novel The Woman of brewster

topographic point: A novel in seven narratives illustrates the struggle of character & # 8217 ; s

expectration. Both etta mae Johnson and Rev. morelond forests want different

futeres for thier relationship. etta Johnson is looking for a long term

relationship that involes matrimony. Rev. forests want a “ now and subsequently

relationship that involves holding sex now and perchance revisiting his spouse

subsequently without being committrd to that individual. Rev. Moreland wood does hold

wholly different motivations for their relationship. tta Johnson is idle and

looking for a adult male to take attention of her. Etta friend Mattie adised her to run into a,

“ adult male who & # 8217 ; d be serious about settling down with you ” ( 330 ) Mattie does

non experience that the sermonizer is a good campaigner for matrimony, but etta is content

with her attempts to do the occupants of Brewster to, “ be humming a

different melody whe ( she show up at that place the married woman of a large sermonizer ” ( 331 ) Etta

learns that she she is used for sex as power is non powerful plenty to do the

Rev. to desire to get married her. Rev. forests is looki

nanograms for something less perpetrating

that matrimony. forests is looking for a one clip event and thinks of his brush

with etta as agame. Rev. forests calls etta “ worldy adult females ” ( 333 ) and

commends her on her cognition and “ understanding the tempory failing of

the flesh and Don & # 8217 ; Ts make it out to be something bigger than is ” although

she does desire more. Rev Mouland Woods does acquire what he wants from this

relationship, sex. Etta Johnson is the also-ran of the power battles and besides of

her pride. After acquiring out of Rev. forests auto, Etta stands on the corner in a

slumped place as the rpm observers her in his rearview mirror this image of

her, “ caused him to press down onthe gas pedal, ” ( 333 ) illustrates his

fright of committedness. etta & # 8217 ; s “ broken spirit ” ( 333 ) shower her

letdown of non happening love, committedness and person who cares for her.

Although the two character have different motivations, they both gained something

from their experience. Rev. forests get what he is seeking, a sexual relationship

without committedness. Etta Johnson does non acquire a proposal of matrimony, but she

does acquire a world cheque ensuing inher cognition of her destiny. rpm. forests is

the helper of this power battle.