Evaluating business communication depends on so many different aspects.

Knowing the audience is crucial in order to know how this communication should be prepared and presented. For example, the interoffice memo between the marketing and the accounting managers was very efficient and to the point. It was neither informal nor too formal. It demonstrated professionalism and was detailed, at the same time; it was personal since there has been a relationship between the marketing and the accounting departments in the past.It explained the accounting department’s decision behind not recommending the acquisition of JJJ Company due to their financial downfall. The memo also showed John’s leadership style, as he was proactive to give solutions for the quandary, which the though would help recover losses and continue with the acquisition. The information being shared was honest and concise; he never shared more than he needed to keep within ethical standards, which is important for any company at this point of a purchase.

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As for email between Beth from accounting and the Sales manager, I would have probably chosen to do a formal letter.Not to say that the email wasn’t professional or formal because it was but I believe it would have been a better choice. The tone of the email addressed the audience to a certain extent, it was respectful but it didn’t seem that the email was written for a superior/manager. It kept focus the whole way through with the facts about JJJ’s financial crisis and the proposals to assist in solving the problem. Beth’s involvement in trying to recommend solutions shows her charisma as a leader and that she cares about Riordan. The email also proved her high ethical integrity when communicating with a lead salesman of JJJ Company.

She’s provided him with information to benefit the acquisition, but never risked her own company. Finally, the accounting report to the Chief Executive Officer was done well. I agree that a report was the best way to communicate in this scenario since accounting data needed to be shown. However, I feel that because of the lack of the information that was given, the report should more data. It addressed the points that needed to be made in details without going overboard; it even provided recommendations without sacrificing ethical values.