Last updated: March 23, 2019
Topic: Education
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Eve-teasing is now a constant happening in the lives of girls and women living in our country. In fact, the whole Indian sub continental neighbourhood is harassed with this discomfort. That shows a certain sort of wrong mindset of the men who cherish no respect for women’s dignity. Eve-teasing is a shocking experience for women. It can leave deep psychological scars which can be hard to heal. Eve-teasing has resulted in many unfortunate events in the lives of women.

Delusional parents concerned about safety and honour of their daughters can literally ruin their future. Ironically, teasing has dangerous consequences for women and not for men as it can deprive them of their freedom, nutrition and education. More often than not the incident of eve-teasing is blamed on the victims, i. e. , women. It is as if males have got license to indulge in any sort of lecherous behavior and can go away with it. The patriarchal nature of our society has not been able to deal with incidents of eve-teasing in right perspective.

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No one can explain the brunt of eve-teasing and sexual harassment better than the female who has gone through it. The sufferers of eve-teasing feel helplessness, anger and frustration at not being able to do anything about the incident. Incident of eve-teasing permanently damages the psyche of the victims. It makes them suspicious about everything in life. Sexual harassment or other forms of molestations also affect personal and academic development of women. The experience leaves them bitter and cautious for the rest of their lives