In the two short stories Eveline and Araby, a common situation is presented; they are interested in one person. While being interested in this person, the two are in between the two realms of fantasy and reality. They have feelings that cannot be understood, but they have no one to support them and help them. Towards the end of the story, the decision is made to determine which route should be taken.

In the story Eveline, the young lady was positioned in the middle of two lives that she had to choose from. Although she needed guidance there was no one she could talk to because she was alone.It can be inferred from the story that Eveline did not enjoy her life.

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She was bored and thought her life was miserable. Her role basically consisted of the traditional woman’s place which includes taking care of all household chores: cooking, cleaning, and staring out the window thinking about her past when her mother was alive. Her father was abusive and did not treat her with respect. It was almost as if he visualized her to be nothing. He threatened her with spiteful words. For example, the passage states “what he would do to her only for her dead mother’s sake.

This quote shows Evenline’s position and the intense situation that she was forced to deal with. She had no one to protect her. Although she planned to leave home she wasn’t sure if it was wise because she was sheltered where she was. She of course did not want to leave her comfort zone.

Eveline never went hungry and always had a place to sleep. She was very accustomed to her life. Circumstances began to change when she met a man named Frank. He was very kind and genuine to her. He told her stories and spent a majority of his time with her.

One can gather that the two really enjoyed each other’s company.While they were falling for each other, they had to hide such actions from Eveline’s father. The happy couple had no problem with this because they were just happy to be in the presence of one another. Due to all of the contentment Eveline was experiencing, she began to believe her life would change for the better if she started a new life with Frank.

This plan seemed “peaches and creme`” to Eveline, she just wanted to happy and he plan, at the time, felt bullet proof. Eveline had always dreamed of venturing away from home to start a new life, so why not start it with the love of her life?When the time comes close for Eveline to start her new life new life she began to remember the promise she made her mother, “To keep the home together as long as she could. ” This disturbed Eveline because she wanted to live her own life; however, she did not want to break her promise to her mother. She prayed the night before for guidance of what to do about the situation. When the time came reality set in and the new life she had been searching for frightened her so much that she pulled back from it and stayed in her comfort zone.The life she knew and did not enjoy became a permanent engraving in time.

In comparison, the short story “Araby” consists of a young boy who is also lodged in between the realms of reality and fantasy. The young boy was aiming for a girl that lived across the street. He liked watching her, she was Mangon’s sister whose “soft rope of hair tossed from side to side. ” The young boy continues to notice things about this girl and experience feelings that he is confused about. He is alone and has not been told anyone about the subconscious feelings that he is experiencing.When he gets the chance to talk to her he does not know how to respond since he has been waiting for this moment for awhile. He is unsure about how to speak to her when the moment presents itself. The young girl asked if he was going to “Araby”, he wasn’t sure what to say until he realized she could not go to the Araby.

This brings an idea to him. He believes that he can win her love with a gift that he will bring back to her. The young boy did not consider that he does not really know the girl. The gift he chooses could be totally wrong or upset her.The young boy was held up by his inconsiderate uncle, who comes home late and not really concerned about the young boy’s plans, which almost keeps him from going to the Araby.

This did not stop him. He was still eager to search for the perfect gift for the love of his life. The young boy makes it to the Araby late at night. He is looking forward to presenting the gift that will win the girls heart.

Then when he gets there he is disappointed because the place is not what he expected to be and the people who worked there gave him an uncomfortable vibe that the Young girl and the love he fantasized about was not real.He returned back to the lonely confused life before her. In the two short stories “Eveline” and “Araby”, the characters are confused and need help making a decision between two lives. In Eveline she was alone because of all of the confusion and abandonment in her life. In comparison, the short story Araby tells the tale of a young boy who had just as much abandonment. Like Eveline, he also had a broken home and family.

Both stories had a meaningful past that has died away. Their past is what helped them get through their life without the threads of fantasy.In Eveline she was focused on leaving her boring miserable life. Her main goal was to live a new happy life where she could be respected and appreciated, life that Frank was going to give her. The young boy too was alone and had his mind on Mangon’s sister.

He felt that if he presented an amazing gift, he could really win her heart. Eveline and Araby were confortable with the fantasy they had in their mind until reality hit them both which flooded them with disappointment. The difference between the two characters is that Eveline had the oppunitunity to start a new life.She had the option and the opportunity to create a new life for herself; she just did not take it. In contrast, the young boy in Araby built his fantasy on his own.

He did not know the girl but he felt after watching her for hours he had adapted to her personality, whereas Eveline actually knew Frank. Although he only had one conversation with her, he felt that it didn’t matter to him in his mind she was in his heart. In the two stories both characters started with a happy fantasy and ended with the disappointing true reality that they both have to live with.