Even if the client does not pay you when you start work, nothing is free. Much less the provision of a specialized technical service such as the legal profession that requires years of preparation and hours of dedication. But we can find ways in which the cost of the service is not borne by the client who needs his rights defended even if he does not have money to pay for all the work that the lawyer will do.TRADE SHIFTThe shift of office is the service of Free Justice paid by the Public Administrations to guarantee the effectiveness of the Right of Defense for all citizens, regardless of their economic capacity.The shift of office in Spain brings together more than 40,000 lawyers willing to make an effort and spend their time defending the interests of citizens without resources despite the fact that the average salary does not exceed 130 euros per case file. For this reason, all the lawyers of the shift are worthy of the respect and gratitude of the whole society.

 WHO CAN ASK FOR AN EX OFFICIO LAWYER?An ex officio lawyer can request all those who need to file a lawsuit (legal aid does not process extrajudicial claims) that do not reach the income thresholds established by the Law of Free Justice (LJG) in its article 3.1:The right to free legal assistance will be recognized for those individuals who, lacking sufficient assets, have gross income and economic resources, computed annually for all items and per family unit, that do not exceed the following thresholds:a) Twice the IPREM in force at the time of making the request when dealing with persons not integrated into any family unit.b) Two and a half times the current IPREM at the time of making the application when dealing with people incorporated in any of the modalities of family unity with less than four members.c) Three times the IPREM in the case of family units made up of four or more members or whose status as a large family is recognized by current regulations.

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The monthly IPREM (Public Indicator of Income from Multiple Effects) for 2017 is set at 532.51 euros, so that those who have a monthly income not exceeding € 1065.02 can apply for a lawyer on duty.LAWYERS AS PERCENTAGEIn this case, the lawyer shares the uncertainty of the success or failure of the claim made. He works for free at first, when filing the lawsuit and defending the client’s right, but in case of success in the application, his fees will be substantially higher than those he would have charged by applying the traditional criteria.

So the client who needs free labor lawyers will see how he can sue his company without making any disbursement, or a minimum provision in the initial moment, notwithstanding that when the legitimate compensation sought by the client is obtained, the lawyer detracts from her his fees in the agreed percentage.PRO LEGAL BONUSThe Pro Bono performance is one in which individual Law Firms develop a corporate social responsibility activity by dedicating a portion of the time and resources of their lawyers to the resolution of certain legal matters that they value as socially relevant.The Pro Bono Legal differs from the Legal Time since the action is always voluntary on the part of the Attorney who receives the case. It is the lawyer who, based on his interest, concern or assessment, decides what matters to take forward in the facet of social commitment.

  About us:Justice is blind ..but sometimes it is also expensive. In many occasions, the citizen who does not have a rent can pose the problem of how to repay all the hours of work that a lawyer needs for a case to be successful.