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Ecology is a very broad term for which many definitions can be suggested. In a broad sense, ecology is the study of the environment. In the narrow sense, ecology can be defined as the study of the relationships among the organisms interacting in the environment, and their interdependencies. Judging from these definitions, it is very important to study ecology to ensure that humans are able to get all of the possible information of the environment they live in.

It is also important to study ecology to learn about other organisms living in the same ecosystems with humans in order to determine the ways they affect people and people affect them. People need to make sure their activities do not contradict with other organisms. A biome is a region which is characterized by certain specific types of plants, animals and climate. Latitude and elevation influence the characteristics of biomes greatly because different types of organisms are able to live comfortably in different levels of latitude and elevation.

For example, mountain plants will differ greatly from plants growing in the fields. The ecosystem in my backyard consists of all the organisms living or growing in that area, such as bees, flowers, trees. They all live in the dependence on one another because bees gather nectar from the flowers and trees when they are blooming and making honey out of it. There are some imbalances in the described ecosystem though. During those years when the weather in spring is rainy and cold, bees are unable to collect any nectar and thus they will make no honey.

There are many global issues affecting the environment of today. For example, pollution is a very dangerous problem for the environment. As more and more people inhabit the Earth as the result of the increase in population, more and more cars are being used worldwide. Besides, many new plants and factories get opened daily in different parts of the world. Some of them pollute the air and the water greatly, and government does not always prohibit this practice.

In order to solve this problem, restrictions have to be put by governments on pollution of the environment. Co-evolution refers to the change in the genetic characteristics of one organism in response to the changes which occurred in another organism in the ecosystem. Due to the fact that all of the organisms in the ecosystem are interacting, i. e. , they depend on one another, the changes thus become the only way to keep the ecosystem as balanced as it was before any changes occurred in one of the organisms.

Co-evolution is closely involved in predator-prey relations because when one of them (a predator or a prey) goes through any kind of genetic change, the other one has to go through change as well in order to keep the balance in the relationship. Internet Research. 1. http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/evolution/ The website provides information on the issues dealing with evolution, such as Darwin’s theory, articles on extinction, humans, religion, and survival. The website also has an extensive evolution library.

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