Texchem group of companies is a transnational organisation which involves assortment industries such as trading, fabrication and services.In 1973, Mr. Dato ‘ Seri Fumihiko Konishi founded the first Texchem as a local merchandiser in Penang, Malaysia. At the beginning, Texchem merely has seven work forces. With the attempt of all work forces, it has grown quickly from a company to a group of companies in these old ages. The figure of employees of Texchem Group around the universe included Malaysia is 9097, this shows that Texchem has a really immense work force.

Today, Texchem Group of Companies has established successful operations as a well-diversified transnational big organisation in several states such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Passion for excellence in making everything serves as the chief thrust of Texchem Group and it has enabled them to turn quickly in international platform. Furthermore, Texchem has divided their concern into five nucleus divisions which are industrial division, boxing division, household attention division, nutrient division, and venture division.Doctrine of Texchem is to place and capitalise on market chances and to react to such chances with top quality merchandises and services that deliver existent value. Texchem has working hard over the old ages to construct a good repute in fiscal strength, fight, flexibleness, velocity, reactivity and direction to go an first-class participant in the planetary market place.

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Today, Texchem Group has grown up to an organisation of 38 companies with diverseness concerns in Malaysia and other states. Texchem Corporation Sdn Bhd is a subordinate of Texchem group under Venture Division.

Texchem Corporation was founded in 1980. Texchem Corporation helps to guarantee high quality criterions of corporate direction throughout the group by supplying corporate planning and support services including human resource, IT consultancy and belongings direction services, fiscal direction, amalgamations and acquisitions activities.Texchem Corporation Sdn Bhd helps Texchem Group to react fast to rapid alterations of concern universe by supplying a good direction information system consists of existent clip informations direction and communications throughout Texchem Group with latest engineering installations.

The corporate headquarter of Texchem Corporation Sdn Bhd is located at Penang, Malaysia. Meanwhile, Texchem Corporation Sdn Bhd ‘s cardinal part office is located at Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We had visited to Texchem Corporation Sdn Bhd ‘s cardinal part office, Subang Jaya to carry on an interview session with the director of Human Resources Department, Ms. Rohaya Salim.

Ms. Rohaya has served Texchem for about 29 old ages. She started her employment with Texchem in twelvemonth 1982 by taking up a place as a clerk, and so she moved easy from a junior to a senior place.

She was promoted as Human Resources Manager in twelvemonth 2006. For her instruction background, she owns a certification in Human Resource Management. The interview session has enhanced our organisational cognition and wider our position towards the existent corporate universe, as she had spent her cherished clip and co-operation in reacting our inquiries. Furthermore, we besides learned more about the application of organisational behaviour in world.


About in all companies around the universe, there will be issues on the public presentations of employees, including Texchem Corporation.

Performances of employees can be categorized into two, executing employees and non-performing employees. Performing employees are those persons who contribute positive properties towards organisational public presentation. While persons who contribute towards organisational public presentation with negative properties are categorized under non-performing employees.Texchem identifies between performing artists and non-performers based on a few standards. The first and most obvious differences between executing employees and non-performing employees are the occupation satisfaction of employees. Ms.

Rohaya had pointed out that most of the non-performing employees in the company are dissatisfy with their occupations. This is caused by their wages, personality of the employees, struggles with co-workers, employees ‘ outlook and so forth. On the other manus, executing employees are those who satisfy with their occupations in the company.

They have positive feeling about their occupations. Dissatisfaction of the non-performing employees will take to low productiveness degree compared to employees who perform good in their occupation. When they feel dissatisfy, they are demotivated to make their occupation in a really passionate manner, they oversimplified their occupation for the interest of making occupation without refering of its quality.

Those employees are more concern on their self-interest alternatively of being a good citizen of company.In relation to the personality of the employees, the nucleus self-evaluation of employees contribute to the public presentations of executing and non-performing employees in Texchem. Core self-evaluation is the grade to which people like or dislike themselves. Positive nucleus self-evaluation employees like themselves and see themselves as effectual, capable and in control of their environment. So, they will execute better and put more ambitious ends to accomplish. While, negative nucleus self-evaluation employees tend to dislike themselves, they will oppugn on their capablenesss in making plants and view themselves as powerless over their environment.

Finally, this group of employees brings low terminal public presentations to Texchem.Self-efficacy means an person ‘s belief that he or she is capable in executing a undertaking. As compared to non-performing employees, executing employees have higher self-efficacy and more assurance in their ability to win in their occupation or undertaking given by their supervisors or directors. Those with high self-efficacy besides will seek hard in get the hanging their challenges, for illustration they will dispute themselves to come out with a more hi-tech packaging solutions. In add-on, persons with high self-efficacy in Texchem seem to react to negative feedback in a positive mode.

Conversely, those employees who are low in self-efficacy are deficiency of assurance in their ability to win and most likely to decrease their attempt when given feedback. For illustration, when the director gives feedbacks on their monthly public presentations, employees with low self-efficacy tend to look themselves down and they rank their capableness lower than the existent 1.Furthermore, cognition on the outlook from directors is one of the grounds that cause the difference between executing and non-performing employees. As a director, they have the duty to inform their subsidiaries about company ‘s ends, aims and clip frame given. In Texchem, non-performing employees originate due to they are n’t informed clearly by their directors on what they have been expected from the directors.

Some employees failed to grok message conveyed by their directors. Therefore, their public presentations fall below the outlooks from the direction side. This will ensue in deficiency of motive and occupation involvement of those employees.

In contrast, those executing employees with the cognition of the outlook from directors will execute harmonizing to the outlooks and they know clearly about their way. With the established ends, employees will look towards the ends and seek their best to accomplish it.Furthermore, there are differences in skill degree between executing and non-performing employees.

Necessary accomplishments are skill needed by employees in executing the undertakings given or their several occupations. In Texchem, the non-performing employees are deficiency of the necessary accomplishments and hence they can non finish their occupation efficaciously therefore lead to unproductive. For illustration, for those employees who lack of the machinery accomplishments on how to utilize and command machines to fabricate the merchandises will do them face troubles in finishing their undertakings in an effectual and efficient manner. As compared to executing employees, they have the necessary accomplishments, so they can finish their occupation efficaciously and swimmingly.

In term of supervising and communicating, it besides causes the difference between executing and non-performing employees. From the supervising in Texchem, the directors will measure employees ‘ public presentations and awards will be given to well-performing employees, so employees tend to execute good and will set more attempt in finishing their undertakings in a really effectual manner. In contrast, in those sections that have less supervising from directors, the employees will non execute as what they have been expected and make more occupation idleness.

With effectual communicating among the employees, they will understand and cognize good what they have to make, they besides tend to execute good by mentioning to the feedback given by their supervisor.Beyond all the differences between performing artists and non-performers, there is besides a similarity between the acting and non-performing employees which is the subscribers of both types of employees. In Texchem, both types of employees can both come from the newcomers and old custodies. The executing newcomers will execute their occupations good due to the occupations are on their involvement, while the non-performing newcomers will experience that the undertakings given non same as what they expected and the on the job environment is non suited to them. On the other manus, the executing old custodies will execute good in their occupations due to they want to accomplish higher degree of satisfaction they intended, while the non-performing old custodies feel bored in executing the same occupations.Drumhead about comparing between executing and non-performing employees as below:Performing EmployeesDifferences and SimilarityNon-performing EmployeesSatisfiedJob satisfactionDissatisfiedHigh self-efficacySelf-efficacyLow self-efficacyHave the cognition on the outlook from directorsKnowledge on the outlook from directorsDo non hold the cognition on the outlook from directorsHave the necessary accomplishmentsNecessary accomplishmentsLack of necessary accomplishmentsMore supervising and communicatingSupervision and CommunicationLack of supervising and communicatingNewcomers and old custodiesSubscribersNewcomers and old custodiesPerformance of employees is the cardinal concern for the success of an organisation. Obviously, public presentation is interrelated to the degree of satisfaction and felicity of employees, so we are n’t able to deny the relationship between them.

Productiveness of employees additions when they feel happy and satisfy with their occupation. In order to do certain employees perform good, Texchem has implemented some effectual ways to make a ‘happy ‘ and contributing civilization in their domain of working.Texchem believes that the chief factor which leads to well executing of their employees is their unfastened communicating system in company. Company will supply and portion as much information as possible to them so that they know what is go oning in the company they work with. For illustration, company will state their employees about how the company is making, where it ‘s doing money, where it ‘s losing money, how its merchandises are making in the market place, what new enterprises are being considered and the ground behind, and how the employee can lend to these with their best attempts. By making all these, employees will experience that they are valued and well-appreciated by their directors every bit good as their company. As a consequence, this will win their trueness in return.

Furthermore, Texchem has a good participative direction which helps to increase employees ‘ committedness to the company ‘s success. Employees will portion a important grade of decision-making power with their immediate higher-ups. This make them experience like they are one of the concern spouses, non merely an employee. Besides, to affect in decision-making procedure, employees must hold the competency and cognition to do a utile part. Thus employees will execute their due diligence so that their thoughts can be accepted by company and trusted by other employees. This makes employees hold higher self-expectation towards themselves by accepting challenges in a positive manner which subsequently lead them to go a performing employee in company.Furthermore, Texchem ‘s employees are executing good in the company due to the working environment which company provides to them.

Company believes that a good working environment equal to good work. So they will seek their best in supplying employees with a comfy work environment and sufficient equipment to optimise their demands during working procedure. For illustration, Texchem is to the full facilitated with right sum of visible radiation, fans and air-conditioners. Texchem will besides do certain environing country is at the extreme clean and neat. This gives priceless positive consequence on the efficiency of the employee. Employees feel that they are unafraid working with this company and hence bring forth a higher quality of work.AWith the economic system get downing to pick up, it has become of import for company to do certain that their cardinal endowment does n’t walk out the door.

This is because high executing employees ever get greater demand than low executing employees. So what Texchem does in order to retain their high acting employees? Performers are the most valuable plus for Texchem. Harmonizing to the Manager of Human Resources of Texchem, she mentioned that there are several ways which used by company to retain their employees.First, Texchem will place a suited class for employees to go to in order to heighten their makings and increase their relevant cognition in their profession country. For Texchem, executing employees are those who like to larn, to turn, and to better their marketability. In short, they are those who ever seek for chances which contribute to their ego betterment and personal development in order to construct up their single value.

Texchem believes that those classs will give employees more chances to larn as many new accomplishments as they are able to heighten their cognition excessively. Obviously, this will increase their satisfaction towards company and increase their sense of belonging towards company because company attentions for their growing in company and non entirely concentrate on their part towards company. This leads to higher degree of cooperation in a really positive environment..

Following, high executing employees will be promoted to higher degree of calling promotion by Texchem. This gives a sense of duty and accomplishment to the employee who receives it. Other than that, it is besides making a sense of competition among employees.

Every employee will contend for accomplishing their mark and acquiring higher position and place in company. Promotion serves as item of grasp towards their good public presentations and to guarantee that employees will go on function the company and provides a better service to the clients.Besides that, material compensation is besides one of the ways to retain their employees.A The material compensation can be provided in assorted ways – either as an increase in the wage, a fillip, benefit in sort or a reward given as acknowledgment for the difficult work on a peculiar accomplishment. In Texchem, employees will be entitled to serve award amounting to 1,2,3 & A ; 4 months of salary based on 5, 10, 15 & A ; 20 old ages of service they provided in company severally. However, in order to have the awards mentioned above, they must accomplish at least 325 points based on their last 5 old ages ‘ public presentation assessment.

The points will be given by the superior for each of the employees based on their public presentation ‘s rating strategy provided by Human Resource Department.However, it is impossible for every company to hold merely high executing employees. There must be some employees who contribute to non-performer in the company, including Texchem, there is no exclusion for all companies around the universe. During the interview session with their HR director, she condemned that the grounds employees do non execute good normally come from employees themselves. Their attitudes, personality and behavior strongly affect their public presentation in company.Employees with low emotional intelligence ( EI ) pose higher opportunities of going non-performers. EI is a individual ‘s ability to be self-conscious, detect emotions in others and pull off emotional cues and information. Texchem believes that temper and emotion can hold large impact on determination devising procedure.

When employees feel depressed, they tend to go slower in treating the information and tend to weigh all possible options instead than the most likely 1s. Besides, employees in bad temper are less originative than those in good temper. They ended up with green goodss less thoughts and options. Sometimes, those who are weak in EI might act upon their co-workers around by distributing the negative tempers and emotions around, it brings negative impact to company in assorted facets.Furthermore, understanding an employee ‘s attitude helps to find their satisfaction towards occupation and public presentation in company. Attitudes are appraising statements about objects, people, or events either favourable or unfavourable in working topographic point. Texchem claimed that non-performing employees are normally those with low occupation engagement.

They care less about the sort of work they do with and perceive public presentation degree less of import to self-worth. These straight increase both their absenteeism and turnover rate.In extra, non- acting employees do n’t cognize what they need to make or what is expected from them. HR director of Texchem said that some section supervisors do non direct their thoughts or instructions clearly to their employees.

Leadership is particularly of import in multi-team system, in which different squads coordinate their attempts together to bring forth a desire result. Poor in leading accomplishment may impede the supervisor to authorise his or her squad by deputing duty to the full to their employees. As a consequence, employees do n’t cognize what they suppose to make and stop up with a spread between the outlooks from both parties which subsequently affects company ‘s public presentation.In the epoch of globalisation, increasing figure of client, competitory concern environment and demanding work conditions, hiting excellence are the norms of Texchem.

The criterions set are high and outlooks soar in a really fast gait. In these fortunes, non-performing employees can earnestly blockade company ‘s advancement and therefore affect company ‘s image and public presentation. In squad work undertaking they may besides stop up with job in buming about and allow other team members complete the undertaking themselves. The followers are some stairss and patterns applied by Texchem to cover with non-performing employees.First of wholly, employees who can non execute their undertaking well are by and large given preparation and mentoring by Texchem. If company feels that an employee will react positively to monitoring or reding given, this option allows employees to be more productive without taking negative hazards associated with disciplinary action. In add-on, if the employee has valuable cognition or experience, this alternate retains those endowments.

Meanwhile preparation will be given to an employee if he or she has been transferred to a new place. This enables him or her to hold an chance to develop the necessary accomplishments, understand more about Texchem and therefore improves his or her public presentation.At the same clip employees ‘ occupation public presentation will be graded based on the appraisal public presentation rating in Texchem. Evaluation will be conducted from June until December. If employees are graded below outlook, they will be informed about their short approachs and are advised to better within the stipulated period. For illustration, supervisor and general director degree will be given 6 months to rectify their short approachs. Immediate higher-ups will closely supervise and steer their employees consequently. Reasonable stipulated period is given to demo the empathy of Texchem towards the employees.

For employee whose class autumn below outlook graders, there will be no salary increase. If the public presentation of employees did n’t demo any betterment in the period given, the peculiar employee will be terminated from Texchem everlastingly. During our conversation with Ms. Rohaya, their Human Resources ‘ director, she expressed that inquiring employees to go forth is a complicated procedure and might negatively impact company ‘s image if it ‘s non being handled good. Rumors spread easy if there is no clear account and communicating from direction degree to employees. The intelligence of expiration besides prevents new endowment from fall ining the organisation. As a consequence, Texchem will do certain that their employees are go forthing the company with regard and self-respect.Normally Ms.

Rohaya will carry on a domestic enquiry session in March with direction degree reexamine the procedure and the land of occupation expiration. A domestic enquiry is an internal hearing held by an employer to determine whether an employee is guilty of misconduct. Domestic enquiry is required by Malayan Labor Law to protect the right of the employees.Harmonizing to Ms. Rohaya Salim, some relevant theories are being used in Texchem to function as assorted options to alter the behaviour of non-performing employees. As the job of non-performing employees solve, the efficiency and the productiveness of the employees will be addition and convey benefits to Texchem.As mentioned in our treatment, unfavourable working environment, dissatisfaction on salary, hapless relationship with co-workers and so forth affect the public presentations of employees. To work out the job, direction should use the Two-Factor Theory so called motivation-hygiene theory.

From the positions of this theory, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are non antonyms but they are separate concepts. Directors need to extinguish the factors that create occupation dissatisfaction such as the wage paid, the working environment which are categorized as hygiene factors. It wo n’t actuate the employees by merely looking from hygiene factors, the cardinal incentives that lead to employees satisfaction will be single or personal growing chances, acknowledgment and so forth. Texchem may non merely necessitate to carry through the hygiene factors that will pacify those non-performing employees, they need to hold those incentives every bit mentioned to alter the behaviour of those non-performing employees, at the same clip, to retain those executing employees.In Texchem, some of non-performing employees originate because of non being well-informed by their directors on company ‘s end and directors ‘ outlooks. Texchem may implement the Management by Objectives ( MBO ) plan that emphasizes engagement from different degree of employees in puting their ends that are touchable, verifiable and measureable. The organisation overall aims are translated into specific aims for each wining degree of the organisation. With these, MBO can supply single employees with more specific personal public presentation aims and actuate those non-performing employees who are n’t clear about their personal end and outlooks from direction degree.

Bandura ‘s Self-Efficacy Theory besides known as societal cognitive theory or societal acquisition theory refers to an person ‘s belief that he or she is capable of executing a undertaking. Employees with high self-efficacy will be more confident with their ability and respond to negative feedback with increased attempt and motive. To cover with those non-performing employees in Texchem who are low in self-efficacy, directors can increase those non-performing employees ‘ self-efficacy degree by verbal persuasion, rousing, vicarious mold and enactive command. Directors can actuate the employees through verbal strong belief while rousing can take to an energized position that will drive the employees to execute better. For vicarious mold, non-performing employees that low in self-efficacy will be more confident when seeing person that similar to them can execute the undertaking better while for enactive command, the employees will derive experience with the undertaking completed successfully and it will be more confident for their following effort since it provides the most reliable grounds of whether one can get the hang what it takes to win.As mentioned in earlier portion, Texchem does use the assessment performances rating. From this point of position, Texchem can follow the Expectancy Theory that says that the strength of a inclination to move in a certain manner depends on the strength of an outlook of a given result and its attraction.

Three relationships of the theory are the effort-performance relationship that stating the chance perceived by the person that exercising a given sum of attempt will take to public presentation, the performance-reward relationship that stating the grade to which the person believes executing at a peculiar degree will take to the attainment of a coveted result and the rewards-personal ends relationship emphasizes on the grade to which organisational wagess satisfy an person ‘s personal ends or demands and the attraction of those possible wagess for the person. Directors need to convert the employees that their degree of attempt will take to a good public presentation assessment, and good assessment will take to organisational wagess such as fillips, salary increase or publicities and so on. As a consequence those wagess will fulfill their personal ‘s ends.For managing old custodies that did non execute good due to the ennui towards their occupation, Texchem can do the attempt to redesign their day-to-day occupation range to take off their ennui. Job rotary motion that switching an employee from one undertaking to another with similar accomplishment demands will cut down the ennui. The employees that ever face with the same operating machine in the fabrication section will endure from overroutinization of their work. Since Texchem has tonss of division, directors can switching the employees to new division to see new occupation range. It can besides be done by seting them into different undertakings held by other divisions.

All these can increase the motive of non-performing old custodies arise from ennui and assist them to derive better understanding on how their plants contribute to the organisation in a more complete image.Mentoring relationship can be used by Texchem to help those non-performing employees that deficiency of accomplishments or experiences in transporting out their day-to-day undertakings. A wise man normally is a senior employee who patrons and supports a less-experienced employee by sharing utile information with the younger coevals on how to manage their occupations in an effectual manner. The senior employee or so called wise man can train the non-performing employees and advocate them on their jobs that might take to their non-perform. With the execution of mentoring plan, Texchem can actuate those non-performing employees by supplying counsel from wise man on carry throughing their occupations because they have a manager to mention to.As Texchem group is a big organisation that holding a batch of divisions, it ‘s impossible for Texchem to anticipate a successful altering behaviour of non-performing employees by utilizing merely one of the theories suggested supra.

As clip altering, there are tonss of different factors or causes that contribute to the rise of non-performing employees. In order to cover with those non-performing employees, Texchem needs to use different theories as mentioned in different state of affairss. There wo n’t be a individual theory that works absolutely to alter and better the behaviour of all non-performing employees. Combination use of all these different theories mentioned above will be effectual and efficient in altering the behaviour of all these non-performing employees.In decision, we feel grateful for this chance for us to acquire one measure closer to existent universe and acquire a better apprehension on the application of Organizational Behavior. Besides, this assignment besides serves as a good platform for us to near direction degree from big organisation.

We truly appreciate the clip given by Ms. Rohaya in doing our interview session a success even though she was busy with her occupations. What she shared is cherished for every one of us. Besides, all information we got from Texchem might assist us in determining ourselves to go a better employee or employer in hereafter.DSCN2171.JPGDSCN2167.JPGDSCN2201 ( 1 ) .JPG