The acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase caused a political argument of the fundamental law in the early United States authorities. There was a difference of sentiments between politicians including Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Many believed that the commissariats outlined in the United States Constitution should be purely followed. but others believe that the Constitution was unfastened to reading.

These differences of sentiment over the reading came into drama when Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase with France. Jefferson was a steadfast Federalist who believed in using the words of the Constitution verbatim. However.

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Jefferson would subsequently warrant a broader reading of the Constitution based on the statement that the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase would solidify the safety. security. and integrity of the immature United States. Spain had a contract with the immature United States that they would portion usage of this major port for both imports and exports. Theriault provinces.

“Americans much preferable Louisiana in the weaker and more benign Spanish custodies. ” ( Theriault 297 ) . However. Spain sold this district to France. As a consequence.

the United States lost entree to a major trade path and citizens lost their concerns and goods. Jefferson recognized that the port of New Orleans was critical for the United States’ economic success and power. France was traveling to utilize the land to organize a sugar imperium. Having entree to the Mississippi River would give France an advantage over the United States and other states.

Harriss explains. “When Jefferson heard rumours of Napoleon’s secret trade. he instantly saw the menace to America’s Western colonies and its critical mercantile establishment to the Gulf of Mexico” ( Harriss ) . The Louisiana district would besides supply France with a geographical advantage over the United States should any tensenesss occur in the hereafter.

Theriault provinces. “Federalists could explicate their blatant position in protecting the West as an branch of their strong defence policies” ( Theriault 304 ) . Additionally.

the Louisiana Purchase would besides ease current tensenesss between France and the United States. forestalling a possible war. Jefferson besides supported his determination in purchasing the Louisiana Purchase on the footing that it would supply extra land for the United States. This land could be used for western enlargement as the population of the immature state continued to increase.Thomas Paine was one of the chief politicians who voiced concern over the spiritual differences between the populations of the current United States and those that would populate the new district. It was a job of national integrity.

He was concerned over how the United States would add those who already resided in the district. These dwellers had gone through a transportation of power and control from Spain. France. and now the United States. The faiths worshiped by these dwellers were based on the anterior states that held control.

Paine was really concerned by this because the district had a big population of Catholics. whereas the bulk of the United States was Protestant. These dwellers had besides been in control based on swayers based on Godhead right. Paine was concerned with how the newest citizens of the United Stated would accept the Constitution.

based on a separation between church and province. Despite these concerns. Paine did admit that assimilation would be successful.

but it would take clip.The Louisiana Purchase marked the beginning of a argument over reading of the Constitution that still goes on today. Jefferson himself argued that “a president could step outside the Constitution but merely with the cognition and consent of the people for whose benefit the Constitution was framed and adopted” ( Bernstein ) . While non straight stated. Jefferson’s actions could be supported by a wide reading of the 10th amendment.

The 10th amendment provinces. “The powers non delegated to the United States by the Constitution. nor prohibited by it to the States. are reserved to the States severally.

or to the people” ( National Archives ) . This amendment justifies the credence of Louisiana as a province within the United States. It besides addresses the rights of the people shacking within Louisiana as citizens. The 10th amendment provides a solution over the concerns of Thomas Paine. Jefferson’s actions prevented possible struggle between the United States and France. utilizing executive powers to guarantee the safety.

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