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A concern is defined as “ a commercial or industrial endeavor and the people who constitute it in Australia concerns are of import because they “ back up the development and usage of new engineering, supply Australians with employment, they feed and develop the economic system through revenue enhancements and investing, produces a broad scope of merchandises giving the community a pick of what merchandises they want to purchase, a turning competition means lowered monetary values of those merchandises, and they export those merchandises which generates income for Australia ‘s economic system ” .[ 2 ]iiThere are many internal and external environments that impact on concerns external include ; “ Economic, fiscal, geographic, societal, legal, political, institutional, technological, competitory state of affairs and markets. Internal factors are ; Product, location, direction, resource direction and concern civilization. ”[ three ]3They impact in a positive and negative manner on Australian concerns and in this concern study I will be explicating how.

Importance of Business in Australia

Business is the back bone of the Australian economic system ; there are several things that concerns do that are of critical importance to Australia as a state.[ four ]“ Business supports the development and usage of engineering ” by purchasing new equipment which provides companies like: Apple or Mac with gross to pay for employees that research and develop, every bit good as the necessary machinery and equipment to develop modern engineerings. Businesss besides sell the merchandise which allows clients to utilize newer engineering, if shops like Dick Smith ‘s did n’t sell IPods or Iphones clients would n’t be able to obtain those points. “ Businesses besides provide Australians with employment ”[ V ], without concerns most Australians would n’t do any money, and non be able to supply for their households. “ Businesses besides feed the Australian economic system ”[ six ]through revenue enhancements that they have to pay to the authorities, every bit good as the investings these concerns, a concern creates money which goes around a community but they besides buy and sell merchandises which all support communities.

Internal Influence and Impact on Australian Business

An internal influence is an influence that is made by the concern itself, they relate to factors within the concern that will impact its operation. All these influences impact in different ways and because they are brought on by the company it means that they may be able to halt the influence if it is damaging to the concern. Each different influence has different impacts and the influences are ; Product, Location, Management, Resource Management, and Business Culture.[ seven ]


The internal influence of merchandise is the ; existent goods or services produce by a concern or company, these goods or services decide many factors for a concern, if the size of the merchandise is reasonably big so the company will necessitate more infinite to be able to hive away the merchandise therefore increasing the physical size of the concern. The merchandise will reflect the concern, the bigger assortment or scope of merchandises produced the bigger impact the merchandise will do. If the concern buys or produces more than it sells the net income border will diminish, if the merchandise is non suited to the concerns clients the concern will endure. I.e. Harvey Norman bought/produced several thousand computers/laptops ECT. They did n’t sell and so Harvey Norman ‘s net income border decreased.[ eight ]


Has been said to be the most of import of all internal influences, there is a simple equation “ Prime Location is= Customer Convenience + Visibility. ” There are several separate factors of location ; Cost, Visibility, Proximity to clients every bit good as providers and support services. So fundamentally if it ‘s non easy and efficient for clients to travel to a concern that concern will non acquire many clients, location can besides do a concern because if a concern is positioned in a great location i.e. near the ground tackle of a shopping Centre, they would bring forth more clients.[ nine ]

Resource Influence

There are four chief resources available to concern ; human, employees of a concern, Information, Market research the cognition needed to run the concern, Physical, equipment/machinery/raw stuff and Financial, financess the company uses to pay revenue enhancements or other debts. Without proper resource direction a company would neglect i.e. When Vodafone or the Commonwealth bank faced a machinery bug they lost capital.[ x ]


In recent times due to engineering and the current planetary fiscal issues have been “ flattening ” this means that the degrees of direction have been reduced, these concern have more control over their concern. There are nevertheless some mistakes for illustration, because there are fewer mangers/employees this means that those directors have more control and if one of these directors make a error it has a greater impact.[ xi ]

Business Culture

The values, thoughts, beliefs and outlooks of a concern, these can be through governmental policy or merely the general dress-code of the staff. Through concern civilization the manner people work is changed, and if there is a negative civilization this will bring forth workers who are un-satisfied which means failure for the concern[ xii ]


External Influences and Impact on Australian Business

The external influences on concern are influences that are either wholly out or are of minimum control of the concern. These impacts are more sever to the concern than internal influences because the concern can non alter the influence they can merely alter the concern itself to accommodate the influence i.e. Taxes. There are many different influences and they all impact the concern in different ways and they are: Economic, Financial Geographic, Social, Legal, Political, Institutional, Technological, Competitive state of affairs, and Markets.[ xiii ]


The economic sciences of Australia are a cyclical procedure intending that they go through “ Boom ” periods, intending a clip where concern proprietors costumiers are confident, which in bend means more purchasing which provenders and grows the economic system and “ Flops ” besides known as a recession this is when there is low costumier assurance so there is less money in concerns intending, less employment which slants the growing of the economic system. The economic system has obvious impacts on concern: when there is a roar there is money which develops the concern, and when there is a flop there is no money which mean the concern fails to run into revenue enhancements and debts ect. So the company fails and may prevent.[ xiv ]

Fiscal Influence

The deregulating of the Australian fiscal system has lead to flexibleness within the fiscal sector. It means that there is a wider scope of competition, and concerns no longer necessitate to remain domesticated to their ain communities, this is due to engineering and Globalisation.[ xv ]

Geographic Influence

This has an tremendous impact on Australian concern, the fact that Australia is located within the Asia-Pacific part every bit good as the economic growing of those states i.e. China. This is a challenge for concerns because there is a stronger competition. And besides provides chances for concerns to develop, every bit good as the nose count along with other population studies which allow for concerns to develop and bring forth goods that are suited for that country, the negative is that concerns have to pass a vast of money to alter, the aging population is an illustration, concerns will hold to accommodate to better suit that population.[ xvi ]

Social Influences

The populace is invariably altering in relation to gustatory sensations, manners and civilization. When a concern can alter to accommodate these gustatory sensations it makes an increased net income but concerns that do n’t alter run the hazard of going predated and lose clients.[ xvii ]

Legal Influences

These are ordinances and policies that the authorities put frontward and they have monolithic impacts on the concern. A concern is expected to stay by all these Torahs and ordinances, but these affect the sum of money a company makes, which in bend affects how good it runs.[ xviii ]

Political Influences

When there are large political alterations concern assurance every bit good as uncertainness may lift or fall, governmental issues affect concerns because they can present revenue enhancements, an illustration would be the debut of the Carbon Tax, which was made in response to unfavorable judgment over Australian policy this will set strive on bigger companies. But they can besides be good for a concern ; an illustration would be deregulating which is the remotion of policies.[ xix ]

Institutional Influences

There are three chief institutional influences and they are ; authorities, regulative organic structures and other. The authorities introduces ordinances, the organic structures monitor the concern and others affect concerns like authorities.[ xx ]

Technological Influence

With new engineerings comes a new manner for clients to shop and for concerns to sell, a concern can use assorted engineerings like the cyberspace to air at that place merchandise every bit good as sell their merchandises over the cyberspace which entreaties to newer clients, it besides allows concerns to pass on to their clients quicker. Technology can besides take away from concerns, for case Borders which is a book store, is confronting trouble because clients are now purchasing books off the cyberspace because it is cheaper, this means that Borders will now hold to shut some store and faces a hard hereafter.[ xxi ]

Competitive Situation Influences

Competition between two shops is a general happening ; they can profit the client through cheaper monetary values and better gross revenues every bit good as the concern through the turning client to the concern. Each company fights to go the leader which is called sustainable competitory advantage, the changing scope of rivals determines how the concern will bring forth and sell their merchandise.[ xxii ]

Changes in Markets Influence

Capital can now travel through states, it is now easier for concerns to purchase abroad shares/businesses, this frees up concerns, in bend the concern grows. Despite this growing there is an instability which was made apparent during the GFC ; there is now a monolithic move for the demand of skilled workers, i.e. the addition of demand for mineworkers due to the turning excavation sector. There has besides been monolithic growing in consumer markets, in the value of universe trade this was brought on through engineering which made it easier to pass on.[ xxiii ]


In decision, an external influence is one that is out of the concerns control whilst an internal influence is associating to a concern. They are both negative and positive, because they help the concern to develop and turn the concern every bit good as let the concern to pass on at an international degree, but they can be negative because they take off from Australian economic system every bit good as Australian concerns losing money to international concerns. As in the past and as what will be in the hereafter, internal influences like merchandise, direction resource direction ECT. And external influences like engineering, political influences, geographic ECT. Will ever impact on concern, because the concern will hold to alter to accommodate the issue, if there are technological promotions the concern must alter to accommodate that. If a merchandise is n’t selling they must bring forth a new merchandise that will appeal to clients.