My work is based on a good known hotel Park Plaza Gurgaon. I am looking to happen out the possibility of transforming the hotel from a 4 star into a 5 star.Park Plaza has been looking into spread outing and turning its concern chances so that it can present the services to a wider scope of invitees.It has been confronting jobs in footings of substructure for the same. The ground for the same is the fact that there are other rivals in and around the country. To name a few factors that aid convey in the grosss are the Food and the drink section and the room reserves.In order to acquire to the following star degree the direction would hold to temporarily cut down on a batch of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities which will in bend affect the net incomes.

I chose the subject to measure as to how Park place can work to acquire to the following degree by minimising the gross loss. Therefore, my research Question is ‘Should Park Plaza Gurgaon look into spread outing to acquire a 5 star trade name in the hereafter. ‘I have taken the primary and the secondary informations from the direction and the proprietors of the company and a few web sites have besides been referred to. The findings through the informations collected are so analyzed utilizing concern analysis tools like SWOT.I would wish to reason and urge if it is executable and economic for the enlargement of the substructure and besides streamline the net incomes while making the same.

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Introduction: Park Plaza Hotels Limited is proprietor, operator and franchisor of hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The bulk of the group ‘s hotels operate under the Park Plaza Hotels & A ; Resorts trade name ( portion of Carlson Hotels Worldwide ) , over which the Group has sole rights in 56 states. Park Plaza Hotels besides manages the all-suite Plaza on the River – Baseball club and Residence, London.

Line of concern:

Park Plaza, Gurgaon

Location – B Block, Sushant Lok, Phase 1, Guragon, HaryanaRanking – 4 StarDining – NTC Cafe offers oriental, Continental and Pan Indian Cuisine, The great Kabab Factory offers Indian Kababs and the NTC Lounge offers alien drinks.Accommodation – 36 Deluxe Rooms, 6 Executive Rooms and 3 Suites.Facilities – The Gurgaon Park Hotel has rather exceeding installations including province of the Art Decoration, Roof Top pool, Wooden Flooring, Tea/coffee shaper, 24 hr Room service, Flat Screen Television with overseas telegram connexion, Hair Dryer with herbal toilet articless, Individual Electronic Safe Deposit Lockers and Non smoke SuitesDiversion and Other Facilities – Iron & A ; Ironing Board on petition, Inter-connecting suites, Business Centre with secretarial service, Wi Fi Internet Connectivity, Doctor on Call, Foreign Currency Exchange, International Direct Dialing, Health Club, Travel Desk, In house Laundry and Car Parking.Located in the busiest commercial country in the town, Park Plaza, Gurgaon gives an border to its corporate invitees.

Elegantly designed and good fitted, the hotel has an inviting atrium and a cosy atmosphere. Offering 45 munificent suites and suites, the hotel promises an deluxe stay and makes the stay a enjoyable 1 with a dedicated service it extends. Aiming to supply the best of services to its corporate invitees, the hotel offers modern-day concern installations and has the capacity to keep meetings and conferences.

The hotel has ensured that dining is an all new experience here. The Sky Lounge on the rooftop is an tickle pinking topographic point to be at. A landscaped patio pool and absolutely trimmed lawn brand for an ultimate topographic point to pass some good clip at. New Town Cafe and the Kebab Factory here are other good dining topographic point on the hotel site.

Present Situation: Park Plaza manages corporate cordial reception services. The hotel is running at an mean 30 % Gross Operational Profit ( GOP ) . There was a recent audit done by the Carlson group and the hotel has fared the same good. It cleared the audit with a batch of positive markers as in comparing to the rivals. The hotel has merely upgraded its Fire dismay system to aline with the criterions set by the Carlson group.

Research Proposal

Research Question: Should ‘Park Plaza do amendments to acquire to the following star degree? ‘Theoretical Model: Situated amidst bluish bit transnational offices, universe category shopping promenades and other Prime Minister establishments, Park Plaza Gurgaon is elegantly designed and fashionably styled on the lines of a European cosmopolite concern hotel. Sunlit by twenty-four hours and illuminated with perfect lighting by dark, the hotel anteroom is designed unambiguously around the construct of visible radiation and infinite. Straight-line furniture and minimalistic decor accentuates this construct of infinite – freedom of infinite wherein you lounge, work or merely be yourself. I have chosen this subject as I want to see the possibility that we as invitees can avail the cordial reception of a 5 star hotel in the vicinity.Methodology: I will travel through a few popular and comparative web sites to border the anchor of my research on the hotel concern. I will interview a few staff members and the GM of the hotel to discourse the said current place and the hereafter plans that I commend.Anticipated troubles: The restrictions of my research proposal are the deficiency of elaborate information available from primary beginnings, i.

e. , the web site. It was hard for me to acquire ample clip for treatment with the GM on the said subject due to the batch of things he has on his home base at nowadays.

Action Plan:

DateActivitySubject proposed and selected.Initial Proposal penned down.

Surfboarding the cyberspace to roll up secondary informations related to undertaking.Visiting Park Plaza Gurgaon, run intoing the direction, treatments, aggregation of primary informations, sing rival theaters.Completion of bill of exchange.

Revision of bill of exchange.Submission.


SWOT analysis will be performed to assist happen the inside informations with respect to the strengths, present jobs, countries of betterment and the techniques that could be used to convey about an betterment.


Requirement to construct on substructure: There will be an pressing demand to increase the infinite country of the hotel to suit more suites for the invitees.Need to get down a parlor and in house watering place: To acquire to the 5 outgo star class the hotel will hold to put in an in-house watering place installation at the earliest.Increase in Competition: Park Plaza is situated at the Centre of its ain rivals to call a few are Courtyard, Radisson, and the Bristol etc.

About 3 old ages back Park Plaza enjoyed being the male monarch as it was able to monopolise into the concern. However with clip a batch of rivals have come up in the metropolis which is eating into the concern or haltering the addition in the gross.Infrastructure: The substructure of the hotel is deserving speaking about.

It is manus in manus with the substructure of its rivals. The roof top pool is a characteristic that adds a plume in the cap for the hotel.Fiscal position: In order to construct on the substructure there will a immense sum of fiscal outgo. Once the hotel gets the 5 star evaluation it will hold to pay a big sum of its net income to the authorities in the signifier of revenue enhancements that in bend will straight impact the net income figures that the hotel is already doing.Need for new hires: The hotel will hold to engage a batch of forces at the operations, direction and other degrees of direction. This is in bend traveling to impact the net income earning in the short tally.




The Hotel is a portion of the undermentioned trade names like Sarovar, Carlson and has built an individuality of its ain.With the aid of its service it is able to construct on a good patronage sing the fact that a figure of other hotels have come up. The service of the hotel is another plus point.The hotel is located at the hub of the metropolis and is easy accessible by all.It offers a good assortment of mouthwatering culinary arts.The room installations include 45 highly broad and comfy suites ‘ .

with installations like ego controlled air conditioner, electronic safes, Television, DVD participant, telephone and hair drier. The hotel besides has a mini saloon and a icebox.The swimming pool, fittingness Centre and the Steam room are the topographic points in the hotel where the lodgers can bask complete refreshment.

The hotel has a smattering of services for the boundary lines for their refreshment. Among the other services in the Park Plaza Hotel in Gurgaon things deserving mentioning is the Currency exchange installation, luxuriant medical installation, laundry installation, babe sitting, auto lease and the auto parking services.


Need to construct on the substructure for the debut of the said beauty parlor, spa etc.

Need to do a batch of fiscal outgo.Talking to the staff at the executive degree I found that they were non really happy with engaging to be done for the higher staff members as they would prefer to acquire to those places.


Since we have the Commonwealth Games the hotel can pull a fine-looking patronage and do a good net income.Different pricing can aim different sets of clients.The strong economic growing in and around the metropolis making disposable incomes in the custodies of people therefore a creative activity of a disbursement client base.


Addition in the no. of hotels nearby.Variable pricing by other hotels impacting gross revenues.

Lack of infinite to increase the figure of suites, parlor, spa etc.The demand to pay a higher sum of revenue enhancement once the hotel gets to the higher star evaluation.


The possibility of go oning to hold the same and increased patronages depends on a batch of factors. A glance of the one-year study shows that the hotel makes the maximal net income from nutrient and room reserves. The hotel would to maintain acquiring updated as in footings of installations and assortment in culinary art to pull and retain its guest figure.

Of class we have the commonwealth games coming up nevertheless at that place would necessitate to be some alterations accommodated as the hotel usually attends to concern category invitees. Harmonizing to studies, about 90 per centum of the grosss are generated by 30 per centum of the movies.To add to the above stated points the hotel can utilize variable pricing scheme.

As we have spoken about the approaching games the hotel can give price reductions and offers for bundles and group reserves. It can look into if it can temporarily bind up with offices and other hotels for the short tally to pull invitees. This will hike the tenancy rates of the hotel.

It can better further on the nutrient and drinks subdivision. As the borders in this section are really immense and high the hotel can bind up with Corporates Since the hotel enjoys a premium location advantage, it could bind up with all offices and Bankss in its locality and push its gross revenues.The hotel is good known and therefore enjoys trade name trueness. It is centrally located which is an added advantage. All the direction needs to make is to concentrate on right pricing and using variable pricing schemes to increase tenancy.

Out of the box thought and direction enterprises like corporate tie ups, testing particular events and binding up with corporate and advancing in a right mode will exhume the hotel out of its present state of affairs of flux and will make a batch good for the hotel.