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Explain the role of learning in human motivation.


The role of learning in human motivation is to energized to do or engage in some activity, to direct toward reaching a specific goal and to have differing intensities of feelings about reaching a  specific goal in life.

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Before person learn things he has a goal-directed behavior and conscious desire from the brain  and body because learning is a necessity for human life.


For example, you may have been hungry when you were born but you were not born with any idea of the foods that are now your favorites. The theories of motivation focus especially to the control  of motivation (Drive theory). Therefore, there is a big factor of learning through motivation and vice versa.



Example of Learning to human motivation and reduction of stress and improve happiness and self-esteem.


The scenario of this is suppose a young child who start to learn and study new things. Stress  experienced occasionally. Students may be stressed when their relationship with their classmates,  teachers, studies, family and others. Stress can lead to painful emotions like depression and physical  illnesses. How students cope or reduce stress either the student change about himself or herself or instead change the environment. Stress is easier to tolerate when the cause of the stress is shares by others. Seeking positive social support in times of stress and learn others techniques to reduce the negative effects on the body and mind. Among techniques that have been used to help students are relaxation training. Learning how to relax because physically fit persons were much less stressful.

Focused also in coping to prevent their negative emotions (positive social support and physical support) like to eases the disappointment when fail to reach a goal and search for the good reason rather than the true reason. Friends and family can provide support in many ways. They can bolster self-esteem by loving despite of the problem. They can provide information, advice, companionship to distract from worries and financial or material aid. All of these tend to reduce feelings of helplessness and to increase confidence in ability to cope. To improve happiness and self -esteem such as rewards like grades, praise, money and degree motivates the students. Students pull to obtain and to satisfy because of these rewards. There is a positive outcomes such as cheerful, happy and personal adjustment. Money and praise are powerful because it has been paired so frequently to motivate to buy food, drink and comfort to satisfy them.  But sometimes they need punishment to know and learn what is right and wrong. For example suppose a young child drawing on the wall (this is the undesirable response) if he is slapped on hand when he does this (the punishment) he will learn not to do so. On the other hand, forces shaping self-esteem such as physical attractiveness, acceptance by peers, parental support and performance in social and academic setting relate well. Through these positive outcomes such feeling of happiness, satisfaction and social competence develops. They participate in social activity emotionally warm and unwilling to give up easily.

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