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The true essence of utmost happiness lies in ineer satisfaction and contentment of heart. No body can ever be more happier than the one who possesses these priceless pearls of happiness. Inner satisfaction is a state when one’s conscience is at harmony with what one thinks and what one does throughout his life. Contentment of heart; in other words the “peace of mind” is defined as a state when one is satisfied and thankfull for whatever he is blessed with. Francis Willshire said: “Happiness is really a deep harminous inner satisfaction nd Approval. Undoubtedly the ultimate source of inner satisfaction is an empathatic heart full of love and care. Doing things for the welfare of others makes one taste the real sweetness of joy. Man is always striving hard to make life better for his own self ; when something is done to please others it certainly gives a purpose and meaning to life. A person’s self centered approach towards life makes him prone to dissatisfaction of soul. Man has been entitled with some duties mainly those towards God, Family, Relatives and society which if not discharged with sincerity result in complete absence of the greatest happiness he actually desires.

More over, helping people around in any productive and positive manner gives one a feeling of achievement and a sense of contribution to society. Hence, inner satisfaction that breeds happiness comes only when man strives for his own welfare and for the welfare of others as well. The biggest secret to happiness happens to be the contentment of heart. Happiness can never be measured in monetary terms. Possession of house, land, stocks, bonds, automobiles or any other material goods all fail at bringing the maximum amount of happiness one naturally wants.

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It is natural human instinct that man’s craving for more and more is undying. When one has accquired something he desired; the very moment he starts wishing for a better thing and the same process continues till the end of his life. An easy way to achieve contentment of soul is to limit the desires and be happy about whatever one is blessed with. Increasing lust for material goods leads to dissatisfaction, tension, daily hassals and immoral behaviors. Man is required to strive for excellence; one who transgresses may end up achieving his goal but ultimately loses the feeling of contentment.

A simple tip for a contented life is to consider and analyse the lives of those inferior to us in terms of socio-economic status as it would help us realise how priviledged we are. Being inspired by the materialistic bliss of those superior in status makes one develope inferiority complex. Swami Sivananda said: “There is no end of craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment. ” In conclusion, greatest happiness is a product of both inner satisfaction and contentment oh heart. Happy is one who is contented with what God has blessed him and strives for the welfare of people around.