In Units 3 & 4 of Studio Arts Photography, my sub theme that I have selected to do throughout the year is Nature & Fashion. These two themes are inspirational to me because nature is everywhere you go, it is with you eternally and taking photos of plants and fashion inspires me so much.

I have chosen to do 4 sub-themes to go into my portfolio; Fashion – which I’ll be looking at accessories, Couture and Out-there fashion, Flowers – I’ll be captivating photo’s of different kinds of flowers and plants, such as roses, leaves and trees, beaches – the sand, birds/seagulls, water, sunrise and sunset, and the last sub-theme is the 4 seasons – Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. I have chosen Fashion as one of my sub-themes for the reason that I have loved fashion since I was little, and it would be superior for my portfolio to take some pictures of men and women in most modern and even past fashion.My photos would contain accessories such as glasses, bags, shoes and jewellery, Couture such as extreme designs of the past and present and out their fashion.

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My next sub-theme is flowers. I have chosen flowers as my next sub-theme because they are very beautiful to me and hopefully to the rest of the world. Flowers bring freshness to the place, romance, innocence and truth. In my photos, I would bring about the different types of flowers and plants and make it more captivating to viewers in my portfolio. My next sub-theme I had elected to do is beaches.I have chosen beaches because I love the warm sand and the fresh water. I would be taking photos of people walking on the sand during sunset and when the water is calm. I would be taking photos of seagulls also on the sand and also soaring of the water.

My final sub-theme is the four seasons, which I will be taking photos through the whole year. I have chosen the seasons, because we of all people go through it every year. It’s very inspirational to me because, every year I see the changes the world goes through.In my photos, I will be taking photos of rain, hail and lightning during winter. In Summer and Spring, I will be taking photos of the sun shining, people having enjoyment at the beach, the green grass, sun flowers and the sun setting on a warm day.

In autumn, I will be taking photos of the different coloured changes in leaves, from green to yellow, to orange and too red. I would also be taking photos of trees that have few or no leaves at all, showing the dramatic change of hen the leaves start to fall off. My sources of inspiration for fashion come from Athol Shmith, who does studio portrait and fashion photography. He inspires me because all her work is based on the old fashion from woman; probably back in the early 80’s. The artwork on the right shows a young lady posing in a black and white strapless dress, her arm resting on the headrest of the chair with her eyes closed. This shows emotion in the picture, which I would be participating in taking photos like that.My next source of inspiration for flowers comes from Stuart Halperin.

He takes bright beautiful photos of flowers and plants, which inspired me even more. The artwork on the left hand side is called ‘Blue-Yellow Flower’, which, as you can clearly see, the flowers are blue and yellow, but are bright and emphasizes the whole picture. The bright colours on the flowers attract people’s eyes, and while I take my photos, I hope to develop some bright photos that would attract people’s attention too.My next source of inspiration for beaches is John Arsenault, who takes photos of the beach shoreline and places objects in the sand, emphasizing the picture making it not plain, but peaceful. I have chosen one of his photos, which is called ‘National Seashore’.

I am willing to take some photos of the water and the sand and objects such as people, birds, thongs and beach towels, allowing it to be my inspiration from John Arsenault. My last inspiration comes from the photographer named Ernst Haas, who takes photos, of all four seasons.This photo shows a narrow path covered in leaves and a whole heap of trees on the left and right hand side.

For my photography photos for the whole year, which includes all four seasons, I will be taking photos like Ernst Haas, and make them a potential direction, attracting viewers. As for autumn, I would be taking photos like the photographer with the different colour leaves on the ground and on the trees. The aesthetic qualities that I would like to contain in my photos so they look professional are neat, bold, realistic, detailed and bright.I would also put in soft and calm, making my pictures look peaceful and not always loud or messy. For fashion, I would use a both dark and bright contrast mixing it up a bit, so its not always the same contrast all the way through. I would like to use ‘Sepias’ in most of my fashion photos because it creates the effect of aging in old photos.

For flowers, I would use bright colours, as for my inspiration with bright pictures, I will use lots of colours to symbolise, love, trust and innocence, endurance and peace and prosperity.I would also use a great use of tone, to bring in those bright colours. For the beaches, I would use dark and bright colours, making it bold and realistic. I would use ‘sepias’ through it too as I would also like to make it look as if it’s an old picture. I would also use a great use of contrast to emphasize the whole photo.

And for my last sub-theme, the seasons, I would a whole range of elements and principles such as, tone, texture, colour and contrast to emphasize the whole image.For contrast I would use both dark and bright as both summer and spring are bright and sunny symbolizing that everyone enjoys bright colours, and for autumn and winter, both dull seasons, symbolizing that nobody enjoys cold and wet weather. The Art Form and materials and techniques I will be using for my photos are all going to be on Photoshop. I will be experimenting with my photos to make a good mixture of media collages or stencilling. I will be exploring different ways to change a few of my photos so they are not always looking the same and make it look more effective and not just plain.