Presents, planetary heating has become one of the chief issues that influence our Mother Nature, which will damage and destruct the topographic points of attractive forces. The shrinkage of the Arctic and Antarctic ice battalions, the open tundra, and seas absorb heat that was one time reflected back into infinite, the poles would likely heat up at an accelerated rate. ( www.mypart. ) Therefore, there are ever natural catastrophe occurs such as temblor, tsunami, typhoon, volcanic eruption, and much more. The fondnesss on the natural environment will besides act upon on the animate beings particularly aquatic animate beings, which they will be nonextant because of the heat that increases quickly.

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( ) Therefore, it is a demand to be more environmental friendly in order to protect our Mother Nature.As in the cordial reception industry, greening the environment has become one of the tendency that can pull many attendings.

( ) Many people now are looking for a more eco-friendly sort of touristry and life manner in order to be portion of the community on salvaging Mother Nature. Even for hotels, which they are get downing to alter their manner of constitution, in order to go portion of the squad to salvage the environment. There are many advantages when a hotel goes green ; foremost, the hotel will non merely salvage money for the constitution, but besides resources for the universe. Furthermore, at the same clip, it can promote and educate their invitees to make good things to the environment. ( www. )Fairmont Hotel and Resort is one of the international hotel concatenation in the universe, it is besides act as the leader of cordial reception industry globally. The first Fairmont Hotel opened in twelvemonth 1907, San Francisco, and it continues to develop until now that has more than 56 hotels in the universe. ( ) Harmonizing to www.fairmont.

com, the mission for this constitution is “ Turning minutes into memories for our invitees ” , which provide excellence experience and memories to their invitees. In twelvemonth 1990, Fairmont Hotel and Resort started to run a plan named the Green Partnership Program, which helps to cut down C footmark and conserve the wastes from the hotel. ( Eisen, 2009 )In November 1990, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has assigned Michelle White as the Environmental Affairs Manager, to in charge on everything that is related with the environment and give out programs and development on greening the environment in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. ( Wolff, 2005 ) Harmonizing to O’Connor ( 2007 ) , Michelle White said that planetary heating and clime alteration has bring out a big issues to the environment, the energy production is the largest beginning that brings up the emanation of nursery gas, hence, any actions that able to cut down the ingestion of energy at the hotel will convey positive consequences to the environment. Therefore, in order to pull off good on conserving the environment, Fairmont Hotels and Resort had announced the “ green squad ” , which a group of employees in each different ironss around the universe. ( Graci, 2008 )As for the corporate duty in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, they really has started to set the attempts on greening the environment before the Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) became one of the most of import concern functions for hotel industry.

( ) Harmonizing to Miner ( 2007 ) , Fairmont Hotel and Resort was the leader of the green travel doctrine, which they are the first hotel that launched the greening plan among the planetary industry. Furthermore, The Green Partnership Program in Fairmont Hotel and Resort is besides portion of their corporate duty by seting attempts and actions to salvage the environment, and be portion of the community in salvaging Mother Nature. ( )

Problem Statement

The job of this survey is to find the methods of being environmental friendly in Fairmont Hotel and Resort. Everyone knows about planetary heating, but non everyone in the universe has really taking portion to salvage the environment some might even non understand the exact significance and definition of planetary heating.

( ) They still need more instruction and activities in order to take part and assist to salvage our Mother Nature.However, some people knows really good on the definition every bit good as the methods of traveling green but they do non cognize when and how to get down. Therefore, the research worker of this proposal will non merely analyze the methods of greening the environment in Fairmont Hotel, but besides to carry on a survey on whether Fairmont Hotel and Resort has achieve to promote and educate their employees, staffs, and invitees in order to take portion on traveling green and aid to salvage our Mother Nature.

1.3 Research Question

How of import is “ greening the environment ” to Fairmont Hotel and Resort?How Fairmont Hotel and Resort go green in Front of the house? What are the actions used to promote invitees to take part on salvaging the environment?How Fairmont Hotel and Resort go green in Back of the house? What are the methods used in order to allow staffs and employees to take portion on greening the environment?Is the actions and methods that used in Fairmont Hotel and Resort educates their staffs, employees and invitees on how to travel green?Base from all the attempts that made by Fairmont Hotel and Resort, what has achieved or successes in order to be one of the best environmental friendly hotel?

1.4 Research Aims

Identify the importance of being environmental friendly in Fairmont Hotel and Resort.To cognize on how Fairmont Hotel and Resort take part on greening the environment in Front of the house, this will include events, activities, nines and communities, and plans.

Not merely Front of the house, Back of the house will besides take portion on greening the environment, to understand how Fairmont Hotel and Resort traveling viridity in Back of the house such as waste direction, H2O and heat preservation, electric preservation and much more.After all the actions and methods used, there is a demand to see how effectual is the actions. Therefore, the proposal will include on whether the staffs, employees, and even invitees in Fairmont Hotel and Resort received the instruction on how to travel green.To place what is their accomplishments or awards that has received by Fairmont Hotel and Resort after the attempts that has made in order to be an environmental friendly hotel.

1.5 Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

1.6 Scope and Limitation

Presents, environmental friendly hotel has become one of the tendencies in the hotel industry. There are many hotels are seeking their best to be as environmental friendly as possible, non merely salvaging costs but besides to salvage the environment and on the same clip create consciousness to the invitees.

In this research proposal, Fairmont Hotel and Resort will be the range for this survey because they are one of the celebrated and best illustration of being an environmental friendly hotel in the hotel concatenation industry. ( www.fairmont.

com ) The survey will be describe on how Fairmont Hotel and Resort go green continuously in Front and Back of the house. It will besides indentify what has received and awarded base from the attempts that has worked in order to be the best international green hotel concatenation. The survey will besides place on how Fairmont Hotel and Resort educate and promote their staffs and employees every bit good as invitees to be environmental friendly.Although there are many secondary informations that can be found in web sites, diaries, and books, nevertheless, there are still jobs faced during the research. Some of the diaries or articles in web sites are non unfastened for public ; the research worker will necessitate to pay money in order to mention the diaries. The KDU online database is really utile to make this proposal.

However, there are some diaries and articles do non supply the whole article for the research worker as they merely provide the abstracts, therefore it will takes more clip to happen diary. The library is one of the best topographic point to happen books and diaries, nevertheless, some of the information that found are out-to-date, which means the publication day of the month is long clip ago and it may non suitable to take it as portion of the updated research.As for primary informations, an interview will be behavior, which the research worker can interview the director that is in-charge on the environmental section. Unfortunately, there are no Fairmont Hotel and Resort concatenation in Malaysia, and the nearest hotel concatenation will be in Singapore. Therefore, if an interview is needed in order to acquire primary informations, the research worker will necessitate to travel to Fairmont Singapore or utilizing telecommunication or even through cyberspace. Travel to Fairmont Singapore for an interview will non merely clip consuming, the cost to go to Fairmont Singapore will besides take to the restriction of budget. Calling interview will besides be really dearly-won and therefore electronic mails will be the most suited methods on questioning the hotel itself.

Because through electronic mails will take more clip to acquire the consequence, therefore it will besides leads to the restriction of clip.

1.7 Significance of the Study

The intent of this survey is to supply people who need to mention on the best patterns of greening the environment in Fairmont Hotel and Resort, and place the patterns into their constitution. This survey will benefits people such as pupils, hotelkeepers and other professions in supplying the cognition on how Fairmont Hotel and Resort as an environmental friendly hotel concatenation success to be one of the best environmental friendly hotels that can supply the best illustrations and patterns to the hotel industry. It will demo and supply readers particularly for hotelkeepers on how to better and develop more in order to be better on greening the environment, base from the best patterns in Fairmont Hotel and Resort. This survey will besides assist to educate what should and what should non be done in order to accomplish the quality degree of set uping an environmental friendly hotel, which harmonizing to the actions and methods from Fairmont Hotel and Resort.

Chapter 2 Literature Review

2.1 Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Goes Green

“ It ‘s non plenty for us as a company to qualitatively state we recycle.

We want to state, this is what we recycle, this is how much we recycle. We want to hold Numberss to back up our surveies. We want to be really consistent across the board. ”Michelle White, Environmental Affairs Manager of Fairmont Hotels and Resort.( O’Connor, 2007 )In order to be one of the best environmental friendly hotels, it is of import to cognize what should and what should non make in the hotel so that it can salvage our Mother Nature. There will be two parts in a hotel, which is forepart of the house and dorsum of the house, each house plays different function in order to travel green. Just like in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, they work their best in greening the environment at forepart and dorsum of the house, which now has become one of the hotels that able to supply best patterns and illustrations to invitees every bit good as other hotelkeepers on how to appreciate the environment.

2.2 Front of the House

Front of the house in a hotel is define as all the hotel countries where invitees involve and permitted, which will convey out the image and feeling of the hotel to the invitees. In Fairmont Hotel and Resort, it is of import for them to keep their criterions at forepart of the house in order to accomplish their mission, which is to turn minutes into memories to their invitees. ( ) As for greening the environment in Fairmont Hotel and Resort, they had really seting many attempts to distribute out the information on salvaging Mother Earth, and promote invitees to travel green no affair where they are. Below will be analysing on what are the actions and methods used by Fairmont Hotel and Resort so that it can salvage the environment every bit good as educates invitees on how to salvage our Mother Nature.

2.2.1 Programs and Enterprises

In order to demo that all Fairmont Hotel and Resort being committedness in greening the environment, they set up many plans and commissions that will, efficaciously protecting our Mother Nature. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts have announced a plan called the Green Partnership Program, which late published the 3rd edition of the Green Partnership Guide. This Green Partnership Guide is printing for companies that are seeking on the guidelines of being environmental friendly on their constitution. ( Mowat, 2007 ) This Green Partnership Program was announced in twelvemonth 1990, which now it locates at 56 finishs at all around the universe, and it helps all the people to cognize what the ways of being environmental friendly.

( Eisen, 2009 )Another plan is the Eco-Innovation Signature Undertakings ( ) , it is a plan that can demo how Fairmont Hotel and Resort being committedness and passionate on salvaging the environment, which difference finish with different actions of traveling green. In Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii, the commission members of the hotel work and larn with scientists from University of Hawaii, to supervise the wellness of the coral reefs and take actions to protect them.

( Stock, 2005 ) With this action, it can demo to the invitees and populaces that Fairmont Hotel and Resort is one of the squad that solves the jobs of clime alteration, which can heighten invitees to be portion of the squad to protect our Mother Nature.The Eco-meet Program is another plan for invitees who need to run meetings or conference in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. Thingss like services, adjustments, bill of fare, scheduling, and accoutrements can be environmental friendly, which on the same clip satisfied invitees.

( ) For illustration, the hotel will utilize non-disposable points such as towels, linens, China wear, cutters, and white boards so that it can cut down more wastes. As for nutrient and drink, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts do supply organic bill of fare, which includes with their locally works herbs every bit good as organic vinos and nutrients. ( )


2 Events

In Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, many events and occurrences relate to environmental preservation, which can convey consciousness and instruction to invitees about traveling green. During April, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts will come out with different sorts of events that can pull invitees ‘ attending. For illustration, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts will raise financess and consciousness to the invitees on H2O protection in the universe. ( Ostrowski, 2009 ) By making so, it will non merely assist to salvage the environment but besides can assist to remind invitees to cut down unneeded wastes.

Furthermore, harmonizing to Ostrowski ( 2009 ) , Fairmont Hotels and Resorts will besides supply sustainable seafood bill of fares to dining invitees, with the corporation with the National Geographic Society ( NGS ) , the hotels will ask for invitees to donate $ 1 in back uping the preservation and saving of oceans and populating Mariness.On the 28 March, it is the twenty-four hours where the whole universe will take part and that is the Earth Hour. As one of the leader of giving the consciousness of greening the environment, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are definitely portion of the participant for this event. However, most of the hotels will non merely turn off their visible radiations and observing this event, they will make more excess dramatic plans in order to affect invitees into the jubilation. As in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, each concatenation of the hotel will of class turn off their visible radiations and set up tapers, but they do make some activities and plans for this one hr where different concatenation will convey different thoughts. ( Watkins, 2009 ) Through this Earth Hour event, it has showed that non merely Fairmont Hotels and Resorts being eco-friendly, but all over the universe were celebrates.


2.3 Promotions and Ads

In Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, invitees will happen recycling bins around the country when they remaining in the hotel. Harmonizing to Esposito ( 2009 ) , invitees will happen a reversible waste bins in their suites where invitees can throw glass bottles and metal Sns in the recycling bins. The hotel besides do a batch of advertisement that is free for invitees such as advancing H2O preservation by recycling towels, or demo pictures in telecasting or anteroom about 3R – cut down, reuse and recycle in order to give the guest an thought on what are the benefits of traveling green. ( )In another manus, Fairmont Green Cuisine Menu is another plan that can pull invitees to come and hold particular organic repasts, every bit good as sustainable and local green goods nutrient.

( Wolff, 2008 ) As wellness nutrient is now acquiring more popular, hence invitees presents will be really peculiar on how and where does the nutrient comes from before they consume. In order to run into invitees need, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, do supply organic and healthy fresh repasts to invitees. ( www. ) Guests besides can hold other activities such as store along with chefs or see their farms. By making so, it will non merely acquire more invitees ‘ attending, but besides to acquire more people to take part on greening the environment.As when Fairmont Hotels and Resorts meeting invitees, they will emphasize on how they concern about the environment and give options on whether the invitees need to bring forth a rejuvenation plan, which will be portion of the commission in the Green Partnership Program. ( Wolff, 2008 ) by making so, it can non merely assist the environment, but besides to increase hotel image every bit good as acquiring invitees to buy and, by mouth-to-mouth, advance the message to the universe.

2.3 Back of the House

For people who work at the dorsum of the house, their function is opposite with the forepart of the house, which means they are non front line drives and they will work in any topographic points or countries that seldom or even will non be seen by invitees. Furthermore, in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, their dorsum of the house are besides one of the most of import sections on greening the environment. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has seting many attempts on the environmental preservation back of the house, by giving waies and ways on the 3Rs which is cut down, reuse, and recycling. ( Ried, Herremans, 2006 ) Below the survey, it will analyse on what are the functions and actions use to educate and develop the employees and staffs to salvage the environment behind the house, and on the same clip create consciousness for hotel invitees.


1 Energy Conservation

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is seeking their best to cut down as much C footmark as possible by cut downing the use of energy such as heat, electric, air-conditioner, and other engineerings. Harmonizing to Stock ( 2005 ) , Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are replacing candent visible radiation bulbs into energy efficient fluorescent visible radiation bulbs, this can non merely salvage cost but besides to reduces heat. As in Housekeeping Department, they install visible radiations that are hinge-activate, which can salvage costs every bit good as reduces heat. In order to cut down more energy, the building of the edifices in Fairmont Hotels and Resort are besides portion of their concern. They will maximise as much natural lightings as possible, in order to minimise the use of electrics. ( Wolff, 2008 )They besides work on cut downing heat by finishing a warming and air conditioning retrofit.

( ) In Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, they have really utilizing green power since twelvemonth 1999, which about half of the hotel ‘s electricity resources are utilizing wind blends and river tallies to bring forth. ( Mowat, 2007 ) In another manus, Fairmont Kenauk and Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello in Quebec, there are 9 out of 13 of chalets are utilizing solar power system, which provides half of their energy in the hotel itself. ( Eisen, 2009 )As in London, Savoy Hotel besides seeking to cut down as much C footmark as possible by bring forthing ain electric supplies, thing such as electric lifts, changeless H2O warming and air conditioning are practising in the hotel itself. ( Anon, 2010 ) However, in Chicago, in order to cut down C footmark, Fairmont Chicago has changed their mini saloon merchandises into local trade names, for illustration Zea mays evertas and cheese are supply from local company in Chicago, by making so it can cut down the energy of transit and packaging. ( Esposito, 2009 )


3.2 Water Conservation

Water is portion of our Mother Nature and it will ne’er be an limitless resource, shortly or later it may dry off, which at the terminal will go a scarce for people every bit good as other populating things in the Earth. ( Sloman, 2006 ) Fairmont Hotels and Resorts do aware of this state of affairs and they started to conserve H2O use by non blowing any beads of it.

As when invitees stay in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, they will happen out that the showerheads, pat aerators, and lavatory flowers are in low flows. ( Eisen, 2009 )In Bermuda ‘s Fairmont Southampton, they recycle their used H2O to water their golf class ‘s leafy vegetables and the evidences, which can salvage H2O costs and at the same clip protects the environment by conserving H2O use. ( Mowat, 2007 ) In add-on, recycling linens and towels are besides portion of the actions that patterns in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in order to cut down H2O use. ( www.fairmont.

com ) With all these actions, it can salvage H2O and besides to give invitees an experience and cognition that being green is non that hard by merely lower down the H2O flows.

2.3.3 Waste Management

Harmonizing to www., there are three ends on pull offing wastes in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, which is to recycle, cut down, and recycle any points in the hotel, and they even run contribution for the people who needed.In Fairmont Hotels and Resort, with the partnership of the World Wildlife Fund and the environmental wining concatenation hotel, is now working on cut downing waste by recycling oil and lubricating oil and restricting fossil fuels. ( ) By making so, it can cut down wastes and besides salvage costs. Furthermore, in Fairmont Palliser, there is a box-crushing machine where staffs can utilize it in order to oppress all used boxes and recycle it to work in another intent. ( Reid, Herremans, 2006 )3R is one of the chief methods on recycling waste, which most hotels will make in order to be an environmental friendly hotel.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts do pattern this 3R plan, in order to cut down as much waste as possible. For illustration, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts patterns on utilizing linens instead than paper serviettes, china wear or cutters alternatively of plastics, and anything that can cut down unneeded wastes to assist our Mother Nature. ( Wolff, 2008 )Another manner to cut down waste in hotel is to cut down the packaging, excess packaging is unneeded ; moreover it will increase landfill wastes. Therefore, Fairmont Hotels and Resort is seeking their best to cut down as much bundles as possible in order to cut down wastes. For illustration in Fairmont Chicago, the bundles in their mini bars are 98 % reclaimable, where they eliminate excess bundles and usage bundles that are reclaimable such as composition boards. ( Esposito, 2009 )As for contributions, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts donate old linens and furniture from the hotel. ( Stock, 2005 ) This will non merely minimise landfills but besides to cut down air pollutions, and on the same clip making the right thing by giving the points to the people who truly needed. For illustration, Fairmont Chicago donates nutrients and drink to homeless shelter.

When the merchandises have non sold but shortly to be expired, they donate to homeless shelter instead than throw it off. ( Esposito, 2009 )

2.3.4 Buying the Right Merchandise

Not merely cut downing waste, buying the right merchandise is really of import in order to assist our Mother Nature, particularly for points that contains chemicals. Just like in Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii, man-made fertilisers, and pesticides are really harmful to the environment and hence the hotel will extinguish these chemical uses. ( Stock, 2005 ) In another manus, everything that used in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are all biodegradable and organic, which will non harm the environment particularly rivers and reefs.In Fairmont Chicago, they focus on greening their mini bars in the hotel, which they purchase and replace some of their nutrients and drinks into organic 1s such as organic cocoas and organic vinos.

( Esposito, 2009 ) By practising this method, invitees will non merely cognize the importance of traveling green, but besides the benefits and advantages of purchasing organic and biodegradable merchandises.

2.4 Effectiveness of Greening the Environment in Fairmont Hotel and Resort

After all the attempts that has done by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in uniting greening the environment and hotel, it shows that the all of the actions and plans are effectual and positive to the environment. Harmonizing to Fearis ( 2007 ) , a sum of 249 wind-powered check-in computing machines that was introduced in twelvemonth 2006 at North American ironss has affected a positive feedback on the environment, which the hotel has reduced around 100 dozenss of nursery gas over twelvemonth 2007.Furthermore, about every twelvemonth, there will be awards and awards received in Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. For illustration, the most recent awards received in twelvemonth 2008, which is the Environmental Leadership Award by The Professional Convention Management Association ( PCMA ) ( www.fairmont.

com ) As for hotel ironss, in Fairmont Orchid, they have won the Energy Industries Certificate of Achievement in Energy Conservation, in twelvemonth 2007. ( ) With all these awards, it creates a positive image of the hotel itself and on the same clip, salvaging the environment.

Chapter 3 Research Methodology

3.1 Research Philosophy and General Nature of Research

The research doctrine for the survey will be Interpretivism place, which aims to supply apprehensions and senses that people can delegate and acquire into the state of affairs of procedures or events. It is besides more to the consciousness where the survey will supply the inside informations and cognition on what is the worlds behind the workings. Furthermore, the survey will be more to qualitative research, this is because the informations that need to roll up are more to understanding, senses, and educating, therefore it is non really suited to carry on the research of positivism place, which is more to numerical informations.

3.2 Research Method and Research Design

As Greening the Environment in Fairmont Hotel are more to theoretical survey, therefore the method for this survey will be an inductive attack. Harmonizing to ( Rod, 2010 ) , inductive attack is more to develop theories as the consequence of the analysis of informations, which has collected in primary and secondary informations.

It is more to the apprehension and analysing the information that has collected, which is non in numerical method. In another word, it is more to qualitative research instead than quantitative research. As for research scheme for primary informations, there will be one-to-one interview conductivity, which researcher will fix a questionnaire and behavior an interview.

As for secondary informations, the informations that collect will be in instance surveies, grounded theories, and Ethnography. ( Rod, 2010 )

3.3 Beginning of Data

The survey will hold two different beginnings of informations, which is the primary informations and the secondary informations. Primary informations will be carry oning an interview in future, with the individual who in charge on the environmental preservation in Fairmont Hotel and Resort. The interview will anticipate to be a one to one interview, through telephone or face-to-face. However, as for secondary informations, the survey will mention to diaries, books, and websites to roll up the informations and place into the survey. Diaries and books will non merely include hardcopies from the library, but besides e-books every bit good as e-journals that found in on-line database. The diaries and books largely found in KDU Library, and for e-journals and e-books where found largely in KDU Online Database every bit good as Google Book and Scholar.

3.4 Interview Techniques

In this interview, it will be a one-to-one interview, which the research worker will acquire some up-to-date information about the environmental preservation in Fairmont Hotel and Resort. The interview will oppugn and discourse on how Fairmont Hotel and Resort maintains the criterions and qualities of pull offing their constitution to be an environmental friendly hotel. Fairmont Hotel and Resort is an international concatenation hotel, which has more than 56 hotels in the universe. Therefore, due to this statement, the research worker will besides oppugn on what are the troubles and challenges faced in order to keep the direction of traveling green in every Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and go one of the best environmental friendly hotel in the industry.As mentioned above, there will be an interview to carry on in order to acquire primary informations.

The best respondent or the best people to interview will be Michelle White, the Director of Environmental Affairs in Fairmont Hotel and Resort. ( ) However, due to the restriction of budget and clip, it is non that possible to run into her and have a one to one interview. As the nearest Fairmont Hotel concatenation from Malaysia is Singapore, hence an interview can be conduct through telephone or electronic mails. The respondent for the interview in Fairmont Singapore will be Ian Wilson, the General Manager of Fairmont Singapore, besides the Regional Vice President of Fairmont Hotel and Resort, Asia.

( ) Furthermore, it is besides possible to carry on a face-to-face interview, but it will be cognizant and depend on the restriction of clip and budget.

3.5 Statistical Treatment of Data / Data Analysis Procedures

After roll uping the information, the consequences will convey into the following chapter, which is Analysis and Result.

In the following chapter, it will split into two different informations, which is primary informations and secondary informations. As for primary informations, after the interview has conducted, the received informations will be organize into different facets, so that the research worker can analyse and explicate the consequences collected from the interview in a more organize and proper construct. The information will be divided into three chief classs, which is Front of the House, Back of the House, and the Effectiveness base from the attempts made. As for secondary informations, there will be up-to-date information about the survey and therefore it will be analyze and place in the following chapter.

The organisation of spliting the information will besides follows the organisation with the primary informations.