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The key development in the universe economic system during the past few decennaries has been the globalisation of economic activities. In todays modern universe, the economic activities of single states do non happen in segregation. Their economic systems and markets have become extremely integrated worldwide. The precedence of this economic development has shifted towards the service sector in the developed states. Hospitality is an of import edifice block of the service industry.

The cordial reception and touristry industry has been witnessing an astonishing roar in the recent old ages lending a important factor to the planetary economic system. The growing in the touristry industry has fuelled the development of the hotel industry.When a domestic hotel ventures in to a new concern in a foreign market, the hotel is said to be prosecuting in an international concern. A hotel contemplating entry in to foreign markets faces several determinations sing the most appropriate entry scheme. The major issues faced are the determination to place possible foreign markets, clip of entry, graduated table of entry and pick of entry manner. The determination is determined non merely by precise features of the house and of the state where the venture is planned, but besides by the distinguishable characteristics of the hotel concern.Amari Group of Hotels and Resorts is one of the taking and most reputed ironss in Thailand. Amari aims to spread out its operations across Asiatic states and take it to the following degree.

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The study aims to explicate why Amari group should venture in to a possible market such as India, utilizing joint venture as the entry manner instead than other manners such as entirely owned subordinate etc so as to bring forth long-run returns.Thailand, besides known as the land of white elephants, is situated in Southeast Asia. It is chiefly a Buddhist land and about equidistant from India and China. The civilization and traditions of Thailand is chiefly influenced by the Chinese and to a lesser extent by India along with Burma, Laos and Cambodia. Thailand has genuinely been the most sorted after tourer finish by 1000000s of visitants. In 2007, Thailand has been ranked the 18th most visited tourer finish by World touristry Ranking.

During the period from 1985 to 1995, Thailand experienced a rapid economic growing due to touristry industry. The well-known tourers musca volitanss in Thailand include Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket. Tourism contributes to Thailand ‘s economic system in general about 6 per centum of Gross Domestic Product. Thai culinary art is besides highly popular with 1000000s of visitants.The hotel industry in Thailand is really much in demand owing to its first-class client service and handiness of a broad scope of hotel sections like low budget, medium budget, luxury etc. The well-known hotelkeepers in Thailand include the Amari Group, Sawasdee Resorts Group, Imperial Hotels Group etc. These major participants occupy a immense market portion in the Thailand hotel industry.Amari Group of Hotels and Resorts, a well-known hotel direction company, was found in the twelvemonth 1965 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ) . The company is a private company and their caput one-fourth is based in Bangkok. Amari group owns a sum of 12 belongingss in topographic points Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Samui, Phuket, Krabi and Chiang Mai.A The company besides owns a nature resort located in Angkhang, a belongings in the Loei state. The group besides runs two City Lodge belongingss, the St James Hotel in Bangkok and Nova Platinum Hotel in South Pattaya. The Amari Group is good known for its consistent first-class quality and client service and is a extremely reputable hotel concatenation. The Amari group facilitates a assortment of hotel sections such as luxury, mid-budget etc and it caters from leisure travelers to concern category.

The Group has a extremely skilled direction squad with world-class criterions, which genuinely depicts the Asiatic cordial reception. The Amari group, being good established, in Thailand is seeking to globally spread out in the Asia Pacific Region by placing possible markets so as to lend to the growing and increase profitableness in the long tally of the company. The Company besides plans to present new advanced services and merchandises in these possible markets in order to derive market portion and remain in the competition.

International Expansion:

The demand for international enlargement arises from assorted factors such as increasing gross revenues and happening new markets, geting new resources, variegation, minimising competitory hazard, deriving economic systems of graduated table, minimising revenue enhancement, regulative differences etc. The Amari Group has already established itself in Thailand and is on the brink of international enlargement.

The demand for enlargement by Amari in to new markets is explained utilizing the undermentioned theoretical accounts:


The merchandise life rhythm of a merchandise or a service has four stages viz. Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. These four phases determine the life rhythm of the merchandise or service over a period of clip. The debut phase implies the market size of house is little with less or no net incomes. The costs incurred are besides high during this phase.

The growing phase is determined by addition in gross revenues. The net incomes increase quickly during this stage due to economic systems of graduated table. It becomes cheaper for the house to put in its activities. The Maturity phase reveals that the house has gained ample market portion and is still doing considerable net incomes. In the diminution phase the market portion of the house decreases due to increased competition etc. The Amari group is good placed in the Maturity phase as it has belongingss across Thailand and is doing considerable net incomes. The range of enlargement in Thailand is less.

The competition to keep market portion is intense. Amari is concentrating on the selling and funding activities at this phase. They have reached the upper limit in the merchandise life rhythm phase. Amari needs to spread out globally as it has reached adulthood phase in Thailand and besides in order to derive the competitory border. It can do usage of its concern theoretical accounts to venture in to new markets.


The BCG matrix is damaging in analysing the portfolio of the company. The BCG matrix is classified in to four groups based on combination of market growing rate and comparative market portion. The market portion serves as an option for attraction of the industry and the comparative market portion serves for the competitory advantage. The matrix dwells on the hypothesis that a rise in comparative market portion will demo an addition in the coevals of money due to see curve. The BCG matrix is divided in to four groups viz.

Question Marks, Stars, Cash cattles and Dogs. The Amari group falls in the hard currency cattles as it has high market portion and low market growing. They are good established in the hotel industry and can develop new chances. The company can reap by cut downing the investing on old belongingss and bask the benefits from hard currency cattles. These benefits can in bend be used for puting in new markets.


The Ansoff matrix is a powerful tool in analysing the merchandise and market growing scheme.

The matrix helps in finding whether the growing in concern depends on whether it markets new or bing merchandises in new or bing markets. The Amari group falls in the market incursion in Thailand and it has succeeded in capturing the market portion. The chance of farther researching the Thailand market is less. The group should now concentrate on market development by offering bing merchandises in new markets and at a ulterior phase can do usage of variegation scheme. There is a immense hazard involved, as it has no experience in come ining an international market. Therefore the company must hold a clear vision and scheme about what it is traveling to derive from the new venture or is the new venture sensible.


Amari Group should hold a clear international selling aims and policies before embarking in to an international market. The company should do a determination with respects to types of states to come in and how to spread out.

The attraction of embarking in to a new market/country depends on equilibrating the benefits, costs and hazards involved with making concern in that state and besides on the long tally potency. The benefits involve size of economic system, likely economic growing etc. The costs include corruptness costs, deficiency of substructure, legal costs etc and the hazards include political hazards such as anti-business tendencies, economic hazards such as economic misdirection and legal hazards such as failure to guard belongings rights etc. It besides depends on the geographical factors, income, population, political clime etc. The possible markets identified by Amari Group for enlargement are India, Singapore and Srilanka.

After holding selected the possible states, Amari must test and rank each market on the footing of several factors such as per capita income, population, political hazard, legal limitations, market growing, market size etc. The indexs of market potency are attached in the Appendix. For ranking of the states the synergistic multi-criteria attack can be used. The procedure involves index choice and information choice. The importance of state indexs is determined. The states are rated on each index and the overall mark is computed for each state.
































Weights of each standards indicated out of 100




The Amari Group has considered the above factors in the tabular array for rating of its possible market. The weights determine the importance of state indexs The per capita income is weighted at 25, population is given a weightage of 40, political hazard 10 and market growing 25. The per-capita of India is high when compared to Singapore and Srilanka. India scores high in all histories when compared to Srilanka and Singapore. The market growing of Singapore is saturated and the there is a immense political hazard and unrest in Srilanka even though there is a possible for market growing, which makes the Indian market executable.

India has an overall mark of 5950, Singapore with 4250 and Srilanka with 3750. From the tabular array it can be concluded that India is the best pick for market entry.


The PESTLE ( Political, Social, Economic, Technological, Legal, Environmental ) analysis is a powerful model in finding the macro-environment in which the industry operates.


Indian political system has ever been the anchor of India ‘s turning economic system. The Government type followed in India is Federal Republic and is democratic. The political system of India has been the most stable. These factors have enabled the touristry industry to boom and in bend helped in the development of the hotel industries.

Tourism in India histories for 5.3 % GDP. The Government of India encourages Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) in hotel and touristry industry to a great extent. It grants particular revenue enhancement grants based on the type of FDI made by investors. The international Trade Regulations and policies are contributing for the growing of hotel industries. The Government does non promote monopoly in industries and has laid several rigorous limitations to implement the same. The policies sing the just competition have been laid out such that the industry enjoys all benefits.

The Government promotes the hotel industry by supplying good substructure, transit etc. In the aftermath of terrorist act, the Government has implemented rigorous safety ordinances in the hotel industry so as to avoid any unfortunate bad lucks.


The economic growing of India has been instigated by the economic liberalisation, which began in the early 90 ‘s. The service industry has been lending a major portion to the Indian economic system ( 58.4 % ) .

The GDP per-capita ( PPP ) amounts to $ 3100 ( 2009 est. ) . The labour force histories for 62.6 % ( 2009 est. ) in the service industry. All these factors have led to a enormous roar in the hotel industry. The increasing figure of FDI investings besides contributes to the economic growing.

The revenue enhancement of the hotel industry is a spot on the higher side such as luxury revenue enhancement etc. The Government disbursement for the economic growing is extremely encouraging. The rising prices rates ( 10.7 % , 2009 est. ) have affected the Indian economic system but it is bit by bit picking up and demoing positive tendencies. Overall the Indian economic system existent growing rate has been extremely significant and is ranked 13th in comparing with the universe.


India is blessed with a rich and artistic heritage. There has been a sudden alteration in the life style of people due to economic growing.

The income distribution system in India is good balanced. The instruction system and quality has been ever in the head. As a consequence the literacy rate is really high. More and more people have become calling oriented and are acquiring witting about wellness and public assistance. The disbursement nature of people has besides changed with clip, as they are ready to pass on leisure activities. This contributes to the growing of hotel industry. The demographics, population growing rate and age distribution contributes to the societal upliftment of India.


Technology plays an of import function in the service industry particularly in the hotel and touristry industry.

The hotel industry is concentrating on the technological attempt so as to provide a immense section of people and provide quality service. New innovations and developments have been made with the aid of engineering. The engagement of suites in hotels has been made easy through Global Distribution System ( GDS ) . The hotel industry caters to the demands of the visitors/guests by supplying modern installations like conference suites good equipped with multimedia, printing, scanning, broadband etc. The full operations in a hotel industry are made easy due to the application of engineering.


The Hotel industry faces a figure of major issues like nutrient and drinks licencing, hotel licensing etc. The licensing policies ever keep altering from clip to clip. There are chiefly two organic structures which govern the hotel industry viz. Hotel Association of India and Federation of Hotels and Restaurants of India. These organic structures provide legal advices to the hotels and implement the employment Torahs. They act as a span


The hotel industry is ever confronted with environmental issues.

These issues are chiefly related with pollution, wastage etc. The Government enforces certain ISO criterions ( ISO 22000 – Food & A ; Beverages and ISO 14001- Eco friendly ) to cover with the environmental issues. Enterprises are taken to recycle the waste stuffs from hotels and attention is taken to expeditiously use energy excessively. The hotels should take attention of its forces by implementing wellness and safety ordinances.

Market ENTRY MODES – India:

Amari Group, holding decided to come in India, as a portion of its international enlargement programs must make up one’s mind on a strategic manner of entry for the market.

The group must choose its entry manner carefully so as to avoid the hazard of loss, as it is its inaugural ventures outside Thailand. Amari can utilize six different manners to come in India viz. exporting, franchising, joint ventures, entirely owned subordinate, turnkey undertakings and licensing.

The standard for choice includes market incursion, figure of markets, hazard leaning, legal and political environment, forces and investing demands etc. Sing the above entry manners, exporting manner requires low investing and hence faces low risk/low returns. Exporting may ease the company with operational control but may supply market seeking houses a deficiency of market control. Therefore exportation is non a suited entry manner for Amari. Turnkey undertakings imply undertakings in which the contractor takes attention of everything including inside informations of undertaking and preparation of forces. This entry manner is merely executable where FDI is regulated by host state.

India supports 100 % FDI under particular conditions in the hotel industry. The company that uses turnkey undertakings as entry manner may hold no long-run involvement in the market. Amari on the other manus has long-run programs, which makes prison guard undertakings unsuitable entry manner.

Licensing entry manner is chiefly for companies who are missing financess to venture in to international markets. Besides licensing does non let the company to hold a tight control over its operational, selling facets required for achieving location of economic systems, thereby doing it an unsuitable entry manner for Amari. Amari, as entry manner, can non utilize franchising as the company may hold deficiency of control over quality and may be unable to prosecute in planetary strategic coordination, which leaves joint venture or Green field venture/wholly owned subordinate or acquisition as the best options. The comparative survey between the different entry manners is attached in the Appendix.


Evaluation Criteria/Entry Mode

Green Field


Joint Venture







Costss ( 30 % )

4 ( .3 ) =1.

23 ( .3 ) =0.97 ( .3 ) =2.1



Hazard ( 20 % )

4 ( .2 ) =0.85 ( .

2 ) =1.04 ( .2 ) =0.8



Profitability ( 20 % )

6 ( .2 ) =1.27 ( .

2 ) =1.46 ( .2 ) =1.2



Market Penetration ( 10 % )

5 ( .1 ) =0.

58 ( .1 ) =0.87 ( .1 ) =0.7



Control ( 20 % )

7 ( .2 ) =1.

46 ( .2 ) =1.25 ( .2 ) =1.




Overall mark* Figures in brackets shows weightage in decimals*Ratings of each manner against rating standards given out of 10From the above tabular array it can be seen that Green field venture has a mark of 5.1, Acquisition with 5.3 and Joint venture with an overall mark of 5.8. Therefore Joint venture should be the preferable manner of entry for the Amari Group.

The possibility of Amari traveling in for joint venture, Greenfield venture or acquisition is critically analyzed as follows:Greenfield Venture: When a company sets up a new operation in a state it is referred to as Greenfield venture. If Amari were to choose this manner of entry it has an advantage of constructing the sort of subordinate it wants. It could reassign merchandises, competences, accomplishments etc from parent company to the new subordinate. The company would have 100 per centum of the stock. It could besides protect its engineering and nucleus competences. The group would be able to prosecute in planetary strategic coordination and able to recognize location and experience economic systems.

Amari could better its trade name image by supplying occupations. However there are several issues faced in Greenfield investing such as the investing involved in the puting up of the hotel is immense and likewise the hazard involved. The sum of gross and net income generated is unknown as its does non be. Amari could besides confront the state of affairs of declining markets or authorities alterations etc.The Greenfield venture would non be contributing for the Amari group as it is their first inaugural venture in any market and hazard and investing involved is excessively high. The return on investing is besides non certain.

Acquisition: Amari group can besides do usage of Amalgamations and acquisitions as its entry manner. It could get an constituted hotel group and so quickly construct its international presence in the market. This move could be used to prevent the rivals. Acquisitions are less hazardous than Greenfield ventures as the company because the company buys assets that produce certain grosss and net incomes.

Acquisition would non merely assist in geting touchable assets but besides helps in geting intangible assets like directors cognition of the concern so that errors caused due to national civilization can be reduced. The acquisition has besides several drawbacks such as the company would overpay for assets of the acquired house. There could be several differences in the direction doctrine and civilization, which could decelerate down the operations.

Research conducted by Ravenscraft and Scherer ‘s suggests that most of the acquisitions destroy value instead than making it.This entry manner will be merely suited for Amari if the group does non over wage for acquired unit and is successful in geting the house whose company civilization is similar to theirs, which is extremely non possible owing to assorted factors.Joint Venture: Amari ‘s entry manner of joint venture would enable the company to travel in for a 50/50 or 25/75 venture with other independent house. Eg: Fuji-Xerox. It could bask a figure of benefits from the local spouse ‘s know-how of host state ( India ) , the competitory conditions, civilization, political system, market system etc. Amari could portion the investing costs with the local house and therefore cut down the hazard involved.

Research shows that joint ventures with local spouses are subjected to low hazard of nationalisation or other political intervention. There are several set dorsums to the joint venture i.e. hazard of engineering loss to its spouse, non deriving adequate control over subordinates so as to recognize experience curves and location economic systems, struggles of involvements between spouses etc.The ideal pick entry manner for the Amari group is Joint venture. Bing the first venture in an international market it could joint venture with a local spouse like Ten Hotels Private Limited, a cordial reception direction company. The Amari group can have a major ownership in the venture or put out joint venture understandings in such a manner that their engineering is protected or it could come in into joint ventures with spouse who has a controlling involvement. Besides the Indian Government supports foreign investors who go in for joint ventures with a local house.

It is the most politically acceptable signifier of FDI.Decision:On the footing of the above analysis utilizing the different theoretical accounts and matrixes it is recommended that the Amari Group should come in the Indian market and get down its operations utilizing joint venture as an entry manner with Ten Hotels Private Limited so as penetrate the Indian market and derive a competitory border.