faceto face. Nowadays It’s becoming a large issue in the workplaces worldwide. Strongly, I think if wejust use them in moderation, they could be rewarding. Technology is fun.

It’sfun to reconnect with people. It can be relationship building if we use it inmoderation. I enjoy what social networking and Skype and slack have done for myability to be in touch with the organizations and clubs. It providesopportunities to get resources and training to people who would never get itotherwise. Although cell phones arenow the predominant form of interpersonal communication, the way they are usedsignificantly varies between generations. Youngsters use their phones for avariety of activities such as taking photos, texting, going online, instant messaging,emailing, playing games, listening to music, and even recording and watchingvideos while adults progressively according to their age progression, restrictthe use of these devices to fewer and fewer activities. iPhones and other mobiledevices are now seen as a necessary part of life by young workers.

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You see thisgeneration arrive at the office with their ear buds on, and almost never leavetheir devices at home. However, there is a business connection: thesedevices offer tremendous opportunities to deliver information and training toyoung employees through podcasts and video streaming. In conclusion, I will saythe technology is shaping us in a way that humanity will drastically will changethroughout the years goes because day by day we want more and more technologywith new updated and new devices that by the end of the day we just want tolive in our digital world not communicating with anyone else if is not Facebook,twitter, snapchat, Instagram and any other social media not is included in ourphone so we can avoid making face to face communication with other peers andhave a nice conversation does not include our technology which is making ournew generation lose their skills in interact with other around us.