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The intent of this study is to develop an penetration about the turning usage of the web and the figure of concern chances that resulted from it. The study describes some online concern chances along with the pros and cons of stepping into such concerns. This study will subsequently analyze how Facebook has become a successful concern endeavor and how it continues to develop in the competitory market of societal networking.


There are 389 million online users worldwide and most of them have home cyberspace connexions. Figure-1 in the Appendix shows internet user ship by universe parts. The figure shows that the major ball of cyberspace users is in Asia. Europe and North America. The user ship among adult females and senior citizens particularly in the US is increasing. The young person in the US spends a major proportion of their income utilizing the cyberspace and spends many times more than grownups do via the cyberspace.

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Businesss have realized that there are many selling chances that can be realized through the cyberspace. It is predicted that the on-line advertisement outgo will transcend $ 106 billion in 2011. Search and Display advertizements will be the major type of cyberspace advertizements and company disbursement in such advertizements is expected to turn by 50 % boulder clay 2011.

Online Business Opportunities Of Today

Below are some types of online concerns chances:

Affiliate selling

Affiliate selling is a manner of selling goods on the cyberspace through associations or partnerships. The affiliate marketer earns committees for selling the other party’s merchandises. The Amazon. com was the innovator of the affiliate selling construct ( Holzner. 2008 ) .

Network selling

Network Marketing is a direct selling technique. The goods are by and large promoted straight utilizing word of oral cavity and mentions to consumers in return for compensations. Promoters can maintain their ain gross revenues force and besides earn portion of the grosss the gross revenues force brings to them.

Niche selling

It is non executable to vie with bigger and established concerns online or otherwise as these concerns have the necessary resources and expertness to drive out smaller rivals. Through niche cyberspace marketing one can place the countries ignored by these immense companies and cater to them efficaciously and expeditiously. Hence this requires restricting the focal point and mark clients. Selling a forte merchandise or service is an illustration of niche selling ( Goldman. 2008 ) .


One can sell advertizements on web logs and do money as viewership additions. Subjects such as love and relationships generate more traffic.

Selling private label rights merchandises

In such a concern you have the authorization to modify and sell a preexistent merchandise such as an on-line book. The marketer even has the right to sell the merchandise under his ain trade name name and maintain all the net incomes earned.

Email selling

This is a great manner to advance goods and services utilizing electronic mail. Sending personal electronic mails to aim clients sing latest publicities. directing newssheets and transporting out publicities on 3rd party sites are some illustrations of electronic mail selling.

EBook Writing

Talented authors can entree sites such as elance. com to happen clients. Offering on topics you are knowing about is the best attack ( Gillin. 2008 ) .

Online Business Advantages

Following are the advantages of get downing a concern online:

· The capital and operating expense costs are low as there is no demand to get new assets.

· You have control over your life. Hence you are your ain foreman.

· Internet connexion is easy to get. The velocity of the cyberspace is a fillip and non a demand.

Internet concerns are frequently private and do non necessitate excessively much interaction with the outside universe ( Jag. 2008 ) .

· There is no demand to transpose to another location.

· There is no fixed timing. Work agendas are flexible. One can take a holiday or work portion clip.

· Internet allows entree to 1000000s of people worldwide expeditiously and efficaciously.

· The cyberspace provides many promotional chances frequently for free.

· One can get down many concerns at one time.

· The cyberspace concern does non necessitate good communicating and gross revenues accomplishments. However one must be difficult working and determined ( Gerakines. 2008 ) .

Online Business Disadvantages

Computer Skills

The concern proprietor must be computing machine literate order to work expeditiously. This must be so irrespective of the fact that he can engage experts to work for him.

Privacy issues

Even though many good security mechanisms can be used to protect information online. there are still security issues particularly with recognition card minutess. Confidential information can be hacked and misused comparatively easy.

Intellectual Property Rights

Law implementing organic structures find it difficult to enforce copyright limitations on on-line concerns every bit efficaciously as they can on other concerns. This is because cyberspace is without boundaries. A concern program can easy be copied and irrespective of its beginning ( Facebook. n. d. ) .


The cyberspace is accessible to everyone hence concentrating communicating to the right market is hard and leads to wastage.


Breaks from household. friends. pets. telecasting etc can impact productiveness ( Veer. 2008 ) .


Internet concerns require the proprietors to be self disciplined and self motivated. It is alluring to detain undertakings as there is no answerability to anyone but to oneself.


Jiggling household. friends and the online concern can be even harder when 1 has a full clip occupation or other on-line concerns.