What are you really hiding when your posting it on the internet? Facebook is a public site and its users should know that the information they post about themselves and to others will never be kept completely private. I would not post something that I did not want someone to know on Facebook because I know that anyone is able to read it. Why are people getting so uptight now about things that they should have known were being publicly posted? There are privacy settings on Facebook that allow you to let only your accepted friends see anything on your page.This option is available when you sign up for Facebook and is easily accessible after your profile has already been created.

Most people do not bother to keep their pictures or personal information a secret because they think it will help their friends find them. I have seen way too many photos of people who are trying to get themselves seen through Facebook that do not care at all about privacy. There are others with ten thousand friends that accept any request that comes their way.If we are so willing to share our personal information that tells someone we may not know what we look like, where we live, and the schools we go to, why does it matter if advertisers see what movies you like? I think that the applications Facebook has running are made from private advertisers that create these games and let users play them for free. The only reason we do not have to pay for these games is because when the game is being played an advertisement pops up that is paying for the whole page to run.Companies check our profiles through these games to see what kind of advertisements would appeal to the user. Their goal is to get us to buy whatever they are advertising and will use any trick to get that done.

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I do not think that letting advertisers see our information to post the different ads to target audiences is an invasion of privacy. If you meet someone and want to know more about them you can find a lot out on Google.The first thing that pops up when you type in someone’s name is their Facebook page. If the profile is not set to private then it is out there for the world to see. There is no need for all of these facebookers to be worried. The companies haven’t sold any of our information or started tracking us yet, and I don’t think that they care to become Facebook creepers. To them Facebook is just a huge market of great advertising space and they want to use it in the most profitable ways they can.