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Factors Influencing Kudler

It is a matter of fact that each company is influenced by external and internal factors. Kudler is no exception. The main difference between the factors is that external factors can’t be controlled by managers. External factors influencing Kudler involve natural and climatic conditions, ecology, political and economic conditions in the country, social and psychological conditions, labour force and unions, customers and suppliers, technologies and competition. Political stability in the country provides a favorable environment for the company. Responsible government is the grant of confidence, stability and attracts foreign investors and local donors. If the political situation is stable, Kudler would be sure that its investors, properties and assets are safe. Investors would invest larger sums of money and for longer period of time. Kudler also relies on the economic stability and growth to prosper. With the economic stability the company will be able to get new resources for growth and specialization. National economy of the country is the most important factor influencing Kudler. For example, if economy is booming, it is very difficult to hire professionals and if the economic growth is declining more qualified applicants are available. (Canals 2000)

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Internal factors are also influencing Kudler’s performance. Internal factors are also called “pain moments and pitfalls” of each organization. Main internal factors influencing Kudler include objectives, staff, structure, technique and tasks. Special role in Kudler is played by key executives, especially strategic executives, who should create staff system in such a way that it would be able to ensure the achievement of company’s objectives. Therefore retirement of key executives may seriously affect the company’s performance. The next moment to admit is that labour force is becoming younger and hiring unskilled employees may negatively influence Kudler. Young employees are too ambitious and therefore their turnover is too high. The finance influence is significant as this factor is too specific and requires special training. (Canals 2000)


Canals, Jordi. (2000). Managing Corporate Growth. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.