Service suppliers such as eating houses, hotels, motels, hostels are classified under the umbrella of the cordial reception industry. The cordial reception word come from a Gallic word “ hospice ” significance to supply attention for travellers from distant states to experience at place in the county they are sing. Hospitality industry is turning by twenty-four hours and it span all over the universe.1.2 ) AdvantagesOur state Malaysia will derive a batch of advantages from the cordial reception industry as this industry will make occupation chances for the state and increases the gross of the state through touristry.

Taking for illustration the high degree or the 4/5 stars hotel like Golden Sand Hotel, holding to engage adequate adult male power or portion clip workers to provide for the addition of tourer. Workers need will be at the Front Desk section and the Housekeeping Department. This non merely benefits lasting staff but besides those pupils who need excess income to finance their surveies.The cordial reception industry is non the lone industry which will gain when the Numberss for tourer from other states additions.

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Every industry participants in the state besides wants to derive some net income such as when tourer visit a state for a twenty-four hours or more they would hold to seek for a suited topographic point to remain. Looking for adjustment one has to measure the intent of their visit and Traders Hotel is the best pick for concern visits. If the tourer sing a state to loosen up themselves, so budget hotels and above would be a better pick.Food and Beverage Industry is the 2nd industry which will profit to gain a big sum of net income.

Travelers sing a state will go around to happen nutrient when hungry. Malaysia nutrient or our local culinary art will be their pick and with this income will be generated for the Food and Beverage Industry. In instance any local want to run a eating house out station, tourer will hold to the chance to seek it and their nutrient will be easy be accepted,Tourist from states like Gengland, Germany and Japan were impressed to see our beautiful beaches and our historical edifices. The tallest tower in Kuala Lumpur, the Twin Tower will be a great surprise to them as their state does non hold such tall tower or construction. They will besides state their friend at place of the impressiveness things that Malaysia has offered. Malaysia will make a name for herself when tourer visits Malaysia.

With this the cordial reception and touristry industry will blossom when the satisfied tourer return to see. Malaysia “ Visit Malaysia Year ” publicity will be permitted to set up postings advertisement on the public conveyance.Business and trade chances will boom with visitants sing Malaysia via the Hospitality Industry. They will be captivated by some of the resources that Malaya can offer such as gum elastic and Sn ore and in return the economic system of Malaysia will better.

Science and Technology in states like America, China and Japan are more advanced than Malaya who is still somewhat behind will derive better cognition by larning from these advanced states.The professional and cons of everything. The benefits of the Hospitality Industry are that it will do Malaysia radiance but at the same clip it will besides convey in some disadvantages to our state.1.3 ) DisadvantagesThe addition in offense rate is what we see as the most disadvantages that our state will confront. It must be forgotten that al tourer from other states that apply visa to see our state comes with good purpose. There may be some condemnable from other states coming to Malaysia to get away from the jurisprudence of their ain state.

They might perpetrate offenses in our state such as slaying, robbery and other things associated with offense.On the other manus, sing tourer from other states sing Malaysia, they will remain in hotels and this in return bring in net incomes to the housing Industry. This is good for our state. With the addition in reaching of tourer there might non be plenty suites to provide particularly during the extremum season. Three or four stars hotel usually does non hold a batch of suites unlike the five star hotels, so the inquiry is where are these travellers traveling to remain?These twenty-four hours, frequent foraies have been conducted on dark athletics, amusement mercantile establishments, bars and little fly-by-night hotel to pass over out aliens who enter the state on tourer visa as many have exploited their visa by working illicitly in the state particularly in the dark amusement industry.

This has caused a batch of place to interrupt as the work forces would see these topographic points often, therefore divorce rate might increase by 40 % .Another factor to be looked into is the policy of the authorities caught between the two sectors. They might be caught in between upgrading the airdrome or to construct new mills. At times the pick made may non be right. If upgrading the airdrome is their pick than the Hospitality and Tourism Industry will boom and on the other manus they might disregard the development or fabrication industry. At such the state ‘s growing will non be in balance.Culture alteration and beliefs will be another mill that Malaysia needs to turn to due to the reaching of tourer whereby they will convey in such civilizations and beliefs that may non profit our state.

One illustration is the dressing whereby our childs were influence to get down have oning western dressing which is short and uncovering. Due to all these our conservative nature, old tradition will phase off and shortly forgotten.In decision, Hospitality Industry needs to be upgraded so as to bring forth adequate income for the state ‘s development. On the other manus our authorities needs to set in more attempt to continue the tradition of our state.2.0 ) Question 2Find out the factors that impacting travel and touristry.

Explain in item.2.1 ) Factor THAT AFFECTING TRAVEL AND TOURISMIt is the dream of every state to be listed as the first state one would wish to see for vacations or concern. The popularity and so is the economic system will be increased when holding tourer from other states. Hoping to pull in more tourers most states are often into ways to develop or better or upgrade their tourer musca volitanss. To farther attract tourer publicities and advertizement have to be done frequently. There are several factors that can hold negative consequence on the Travel and Tourism Industry which can non be avoided such as below.

Weather Conditionss

One factor that can discourage a tourer from sing a state is weather which human do non hold the capableness to battle it since it is the merchandise of nature. If a state encounters utmost bad conditions such as a snowstorm, heat moving ridge or heavy snow fall off no tourer will desire to do that visit. During certain times of the twelvemonth some states experience heavy rainfall ensuing in inundations and that will halter the tourer to do visits as it will be really inconvenient to make shopping or rubber-necking.

Natural Catastrophes

Earthquakes or tsunamis are act of God and can non be controlled by homo. During any temblor happening loss of lives, serious damaged to belongingss and substructure will be severely damaged. Taking for illustration the recent temblor that hit Japan. All tourers had their engagement for the vacations either have their engagement cancelled and some opted for alteration to a safer finish.

Disease Outbreaks or Plagues

A human encephalon plants better compared to that of animate beings and that allows us to believe logically. In instance where there is an eruption of disease and pestilence in a state, tourer will avoid doing visits to that state. To carry a tourer to see a state down with such catastrophe is non easy particularly those who do non desire to take any opportunity of falling ill. No tourer would wish to take opportunities or set their household in danger by traveling to such affected topographic points no affair how much the visit means to them or for whatever grounds as some disease like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS ) would be fatal.

States at War

No tourer of sound head would wish to see a war-worn state. Peoples sing this war-worn state are largely journalist sent to cover intelligence of the war and besides some who would wish to see the agony of the people of that state. During such period the authorities of that state is more concern about winning the war and non pulling tourer.

In short that really state will no longer hold topographic points of attractive force or scenic beauty which is safe for tourer from other state to look up to or bask as lives will be lost daily due to the unrest. Who would wish to be caught in the crossfire of the two opposing forces in the state?


In times of economic recession people will be more careful in the manner their money is spent. Salvaging money will be their chief docket and the money they will pass will be concentrated on nutrient alternatively of other shopping. Even though there is a demand to hold a interruption they will travel to a topographic points nearer to place where they do non hold to pay adjustment charges or other charges which were increased to buffer the rising prices by remaining in hotels for a twenty-four hours or two. Tourist will besides be discouraged to go until such clip when the recession is over.


The sort of vacations and the clime suitable is the determination tourer takes in consideration when be aftering their vacations. Some tourers prefer to see states during winter to bask the snow and besides winter athleticss. Older people prefer to travel to states to bask the sunlight because most of the older people dislike cold and freezing topographic points. Family with kids will decidedly look towards vacations in topographic points where they can portion the merriment with their kids in subject Parkss like Sunway Lagoon and etc.

Insufficient Promotions or Ads

Tourist will non take opportunities to see topographic points that they are non good informed about the people, state and sceneries.

They might non be able to visualise if the state they are sing lives up to their outlook.In decision, a state good maintained free from diseases, minimum offense rate, good economic system and free from war is the most preferable finish a tourer would look frontward to.