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Failure is something which everyone has to experience during their life. One may has thousands of failures, which range from a very little thing like cooking an unsuccessful dinner to something that can determine our future, even whole life. But the attitude towards failures is the most important thing that can change our life. When we experience failure, what we should do is accept it, instead of running far away from it. There are two reasons why failures can help us to succeed.Firstly, failures can let us know what the problem is so that we can correct it immediately to achieve success.

As the old saying goes, failure is the mother of success. Failure always teaches us lessons. For example, I wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle when I was a little child, but I fell down from the bicycle again and again. Finally, I learned how to ride just because during those failures, I corrected the wrong postures and gained success.

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The same in our daily life.Once we meet with failures, we should learn from the failures and conclude the reason why we failed. Don’t give up the first time, only persistence can light the road to success for us. Secondly, success will be more valuable with failures. When we meet a lot of failures on our way to success, we will treasure the success well because we know that it was not easy for us to gain the success.

Them more failures we have on our way to success, the more we gain from that.If success comes easily, people will not think it is valuable and treat it like a normal thing. Most importantly, we can’t learn anything from it. In our daily life, we can’t have success without failures, even though people don’t like failures. In general, failure is the most important thing that we achieve. Only by failure can we know how valuable success is, and we will get lessons from the failure.

At the same time, we should have a positive attitude towards failure and accept it kindly, so that success is near to us.