Last updated: August 11, 2019
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1. The Fair Trading Act exists to advance just competition and in this manner it contributes to the economic well-being of all New Zealanders. It prohibits certain behavior in trade. provides for the revelation of consumer information associating to the supply of goods and services and promotes merchandise safety. Protects consumers from being mislead or being treated below the belt by bargainers or stores. It besides sets out when information about certain merchandises must be disclosed to consumers and helps guarantee merchandises are safe.

2. It applies to all facets of the publicity and sale of goods and services – from advertisement and pricing to gross revenues techniques and funding. Businesss can non contract out of their duties under the Act. Does non cover private gross revenues. It does cover claims about merchandises and services.

3. The Commerce Commission is responsible for implementing the Act. but anyone – consumers and concerns likewise – can trust on and take their ain legal action under the Act. The Commission is besides empowered to take enforcement action and will make so when allegations are sufficiently serious to run into its enforcement standards.

4. The Acts of the Apostless primary focal point is anyone in trade from a bank. hotel or section shop through to the local pipe fitter or corner dairy.

5. In the instance of Delish Cupcakes. they must non misdirect their clients. for illustration they must non hold a Razzle Dazzle cupcake on their bill of fare if they do non hold one

6. In the instance where the tribunals find either an person or company in breach of the pyramid merchandising commissariats of the Fair Trading Act. the maximal punishment of $ 200. 000 applies. with the tribunal besides able to order payment of the tantamount gross or ‘commercial gain’ earned from the offending.

7. Businesss need to do certain all representations they make on-line are accurate and do non misdirect consumers. Businesss selling goods or services online must besides run into their duties under the Consumers Guarantees Acts of the Apostless. Necessitate to include all the costs. Eg: bringing fee.

8. Monetary values on the bill of fare must hold a corkage fee. Must indicate excess charges for recognition card. All extra charges must be on the bill of fare.

9. Delish Cupcakes can do claims about quality. If they have a competition. they must do certain they give off the awards.