Study: Familiarity Can Muddle Communication

An article was written about how familiarity can be confusing at times. It speaks about how at times though we already know what we are talking about it can lead to misunderstanding because of too much of the same things are elicited. Sometimes common things can lead to a different thing for the other. I find this topic interesting because many of us are not aware that this is actually happening among us, with our friends, families and colleagues. Because close colleagues and friends already share so much common knowledge, they often use short, ambiguous messages, vague and sometimes loaded talks that create misunderstandings.  Funny how language can help you communicate with others yet creates confusion for the other. It was written in a brief manner and the message was straight to the point that it did not need on much added flavors or enticing remarks to make this article commendable for readers. The articles’ purpose was to comment on the issue about the Cognitive development stage of a person, that though a thing appears to be familiar it can be limited on the person’s knowledge.

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The layout and content of the article appeared to be a simple one that it didn’t need any other creative words to put up with what the article wants to convey. It was written in a manner that a reader could easily get the point of the writer. Any reader would be interested in reading this article since this article depicts a fact that most people would just ignore yet it would actually interest them knowing how the mind can be of a wonders. This article can stimulate a person’s awareness regarding a person’s level of knowledge and how much a person can put up with such an ambiguous world, often we ourselves cannot realize. That is why it’s such a cliché that one may say that things are just the same as the other, yet the truth is we all differ in many ways that even the things that appears to be familiar can be confusing.



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