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Company New Mission Statement:

Family Dollar mission provinces to convey the best to our clients, supplying daily points at mundane low and sensible monetary values. We are supplying low-cost basic consumer points to households of all income degrees.

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We continue to take a steady growing to run into the demands of our clients therefore to maximise the net income to our investors. We operate 6,430 shops in 40 provinces in the United stated, we want to spread out our services to cover the state and unfastened shops in other states. We will go on to utilize up-to-date engineering to spread out a solid place among price reduction shops.

We want to function our employees by supplying them occupation security, compensation, a alone benefit bundle, and chances for growing, honoring them with high criterions of excellence with good purpose for strong public presentation. We want besides to function better the lives of households with low and limited income by supplying them with low-cost goods and with parts to non-profit organisations by run intoing their demands through free giving.

Company New Vision Statement:

To be figure one as a price reduction shop in the united stated and other continents as good.



  • Healthy Gross net income border as reported by Clayton Browne ( 2009 )
  • Leverage ratios norm is less than the industry norm as reported by Metz, Albert ( 2006 ) .
  • Entire assets turnover better than the industry norm.
  • Approximately 85 % of the company’s merchandises are priced between 1 $ and 10 $ as sited at NASDAQ ( 2009 ) .
  • Won a safety wages as stated in the survey “Family Dollar Store” .
  • Accessible shops with parking batch which makes it easy for the consumers to shop in a faster and efficient manner.


  • Not concentrating much on advertizement.
  • Limited market in the United stated merely.
  • In late 2007, market portion dropped from 1.85 % to 1.75 % as stated in yokel finance ( 2007-2008 )
  • Limited assortment of merchandises offered.
  • In 2008 the company’s gross revenues grew by 2.15 % , which is lower than the industry mean 5.3 % .
  • Not bring forthing adequate gross revenues from its web site due to its technology’s capablenesss.
  • Lack of long term investings due to its quick ratio which is somewhat higher than the industry norm as stated at
  • Bad direction and low attending on employees ( Human resources subdivision )


  • Weak economic system in the United States made the demand on the low priced merchandise higher.
  • The mean income is decreased due to the economic system, what made consumers seeking low priced merchandises.
  • Have a new market in the United States and turn even bigger.
  • Have a new market chance outside the United States.
  • Limping economic system made the nutrient casts demand higher than usual as stated at ( 2008 ) .
  • In December 2008 Real estate monetary values reported the largest bead monetary value in its history ( wikipedia, n.d. )
  • Lowering cost by utilizing new electrical merchandises to cut down energy ingestion.


  • High competition for the handiness of big price reduction retail merchants.
  • Comparing the Size of the shop, Dollar general is doing more gross revenues.
  • The goods sold are sensitive to the economic system conditions.
  • The thought of household Dollar shop has a low repute for the mid-class consumers.
  • Inflation in the United States in 2008 taking monetary values to be higher. ( rising prices, n.d. )
  • Lack of customer’s satisfaction plans, the trueness of the clients may be lowered.
  • Walmart has 95 % of the retail merchants. ( Google, n.d. )
  • Dollar General has 46 % of Market portion, and Family Dollar has 34 % ( Google, n.d. )
  1. 3 Old ages STRATEGY PLAN.

Year 1:hypertext transfer protocol: //

Use of Microsoft Dynamics and full POS ( Point of Sale ) integrated systems.

Automation has a full impact on our lives and particularly on concerns.

Family Dollar will profit from different facets of the system and particularly on the undermentioned points:

  • Expand gross beginnings, better client experience, enhance employee productiveness and satisfaction:Customer service sweetening by adding a good scope of payment methods ( nutrient casts, Credit cards and PayPal for on-line payments ) .

Lane efficiency by taking older machines and optimising the usage of POS hard currency registries. Customers now can checkout in seconds.

Reduce the shrinking were besides measured to improved functionality within the POS system. Hardware Cost computing machines is reduced by extinguishing the demand of Back office computing machine equipment.

Employee satisfaction will increase, Managers keeping makes it higher and gave them the clip to pull off people and shops every bit efficient as it should be the affiliated system between the stores and the caput Offices made the employees more involved in the company activities and intelligence.


Microsoft Dynamics offers stock list and pricing, shop director portal, corporate Learning Management system with we based preparation classs, employee hiring, paperless environment and applications, and detailed shop coverage. The Manager subdivision includes intelligence about the company, valuable information annual ratings, to make lists, stock list, discrepancy coverage, and eventually truck bringing agenda.


The new POS system application is more expandible than the old systems to run into future application adds on.

One of the illustrations, the new system can pass on with the PDA ( portable informations aggregation ) for merchandise stock list, monetary value checking, and other barcodes applications. The information will be automatically sent to the back Office application and will be analyzed automatically.

Easier Manageability

With a lower limit needed accomplishments, Microsoft POS is able to run even though we have more than 11000 check-out procedure counters.

All employees and by shop will hold a sufficient preparation to be able to run and put to death the indispensable twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities, Reducing the opposition to alter, within the company and have them eager to utilize the package for a store public presentation and wages systems.

The Microsoft Systems Management is equipped to supervise critical applications, path assets, and record any leery activity from inside the system.

Finally, as an IT point of View holding a one system to command all your merchandises, staff acknowledgment plan, stock list control, KPIs, prediction, stock list direction will certainly hold a good and bettering impact on the concern particularly when it comes to pull offing a immense figure of shops and Staff located all over the United States non merely on the cost degree but on the committednesss and swear degree between all stakeholders.

Year 21-Close unwanted stores in existent countries we are already operational in. As shown in the survey instance Family dollar operates its best in the southern country of the United States even though the figure of shop per N figure of population could be less and could be more. With this scheme we are about to cut down the cost of employees, care and transportation, waste, cost of rent and increasing the gross revenues of other subdivisions. 2-Keep on utilizing the energy salvaging light system to run into our mission statement cut down cost and cut down Taxes ( revenue enhancement decrease plan in the United States. 3-Acquire more points to be sold in our stores and to hold an first-class assortment to run into our shoppers’ outlooks. 4-More consciousness that we accept Food Stamps and other payments methods as surveies showed that nutrient casts use in the United States is turning and by supplying that we will get new clients ( nytimes, n.d. ) 5-Targeting Middle Class shoppers by conductivity a selling program to change over them to loyal clients. 6- Invest in Technology to cut down cost of concern and convey better monetary values to the client. 7-Open new Shops in the country we are already in where the figure of population vs figure of shops is lower. 8-Raise Debt or Issue equity to finance the edifice of more shops while involvement rates are low.

Year 3

9-Open an online shop and sell more Items to cover an even wider assortment and pull those engineering users to be possible clients, increase our presence in the retail industry, diminishing cost of gross revenues and increasing gross net income border.

10-Associate a Marketing budget to place Family Dollar as a trade name into consumers and do us the first Retail Shop to believe about, but ever reminding people that we are here.

11-Build extra Stores in the United States around 1500, presently as the survey shows many shops are shuting and the monetary value or existent estate has dropped, in some countries. Opening shops in lower priced countries or purchasing a complete rental can salvage the company many startup fees.

12-Parenting with Toshiba and Microsoft by utilizing the POS ( Point of sale ) has many benefits.

13-Implement monetary value cuts if demand falls.

14-Open new stores in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

15-Increase the figure of distribution centres to cut down fuel cost and lower the gross revenues cost.

16-Conduct a backward integrating to maintain the cost of goods low.

17-Build new distribution centres to serve on the West and lower the transit.

Expected Cost

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Construct 1500 new shop in the united provinces

$ 1,500,000

$ 500,000

$ 500,000

$ 500,000

New Online Store

$ 20,000

$ 4,000

$ 4,000

$ 4,000

New POS system

$ 120,000

$ 120,000

$ 120,000

$ 120,000

Investing in new extra Merchandises

$ 450,000,000

$ 150,000,000

$ 150,000,000

$ 150,000,000


$ 120,000,000

$ 40,000,000

$ 40,000,000

$ 40,000,000

Opening new Distribution centre in the West

$ 150,000,000

$ 100,000,000

$ 50,000,000

Shops adaptation to new engineering

$ 90,000,000

$ 30,000,000

$ 30,000,000

$ 30,000,000


$ 811,6M

$ 320,6M

$ 270,6M

$ 220,6M



















$ 316,000,000

$ 350,000,000




$ 110,600,000

$ 122,500,000




$ 205,400,000

$ 227,500,000

# Shares



$ 140,000,000

$ 140,000,000






Profitability RatiosIndustry AvrgFamily Dollar

Gross Net income

30.8 %

33.6 %

Operating Net income

6.4 %

5.4 %

Net net income

3.8 %

3.3 %

Tax return on Assetss

7.55 %

18.75 %

Growth Ratios( uoregon, n.d. ) ( moneycentral, n.d. )

Gross saless

-1.5 %

2.18 %

Net Income

-1.5 %

25 %


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