Last updated: February 11, 2019
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On the wings of an eagle, our love for you flies;
Soaring higher and higher, and touching the sky.
The soul is not where it lives but where it loves,
And I know, my soul resides here; in Don Bosco.

Good afternoon teachers and my friends.

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Every year graduating students find themselves craving for the fun and frolic of the Montessori, excitement of Primary and dedication of the high school as they bid a tearful adieu to the foremost architecture of their fruitful years, their home for so long, and walk out into the world with beaming hearts and pointed steps.. And so will I. Even I will miss my alma mater, my school, my Don Bosco Academy.

Don Bosco, we will never part, because we have lived 14 years of our lives together. This farewell is just a celebration; a celebration from stepping out of the protective and guiding hands of our teachers to a world anew, to explore new possibilities and to prove ourselves a true Boscoite.

Blessed with the best faculty one can imagine, ever supportive classmates and an environment to grow and develop have made my stay in DBA a beautiful memory to cherish forever. I came to DBA as a humble shy boy who was lost in his world. DBA molded me into what I’m today help me realize my potential. Thank you Maya Lahiri mam my graceful ever supportive class teacher and thank you Principal Mam, Director Sir for motivating and guiding me at each step. I believe this is a story we all share. “Coming here as simple students and leaving gaining a lot ready to face the world lying ahead. Thanks DBA for giving us so much.

I remember how we used to crack a joke in the class and Sonal, better known as Hidimba of our class understood it minutes later, and once she started laughing, it was really difficult to stop her!! I remember Nizel for
conducting that awesome award show in class during the last week of our schooling, Chetan for his nickname ‘like kar dena bhai’, Praveen who is famous as ‘Benga’ and Rishav whom even the teachers know as ‘Toshi’. I remember how, almost the whole class used to participate in Dumsharaz and our very own Anita Mam, who is loved by all for being so sporty, use to play with us.

There are numerous incidents popping up in my mind now and I really wish I could serve them all to you but neither the words are enough nor time. As I pass through the alleys of my mind, these memories sprout up which are now jewels of my memory chest.

All this seems to be a dream now but I want this dream to extend its sway over me once again, to live this dream once again, to feel its breath infuse life in me, to feel it palpitating within my being once again.

With a smile on my face and a promise in my heart that we will meet again later in life, I would like to thank each one of you for making these two years more beautiful than I ever expected. Thank You.