Last updated: August 26, 2019
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Fashion is distinctive, creative and seductive on a personal level. Everyone has their own interpretations of fashion. To me, fashion is not only a form of art, but also the way of describing and self-expressing own personality towards individualism. People pursue fashion, because it embodies a delicate and genuine ways of life. The pursuit of fashion has gradually become a trend in the enormous fashion industry.

Fashion Business Management is the scope of learning how to combine fashion trends with business industries. This appealing course typically focuses on the business side of the fashion industry, which includes textile, retailing, merchandising, manufacturing and so on. I desire to study Fashion Business Management through my next 4 years, because I want to know more about the fundamental principles of business management with the preeminence of the image spectacle. I am influenced by designer Alexander Macqueen, who made a monumental impact on the fashion industry by Gothic and Victorian styles. His creation and unique personality in designs sketched into the luxury fashion industry, which is popular to different stages of consumers.

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Grow up with a Chinese cultural background from elementary until high school student, 
Become an international student 
IB Economics SL and Visual Arts HL

My understanding of the fashion management has been increased through carrying out two long-term activities. I actively organized and participated in Visualize Studio, which was the first high school fashion studio created by students all around the world. I have not only undertaken editing, strengthening promotion and sponsorship, but also organizing art exhibitions, Hangzhou Fashion Week as a member of both marketing and editorial department. Since October 2016 I have also led an after-school activity base on teaching G5-11 students’ fashion and hand-making. Outside of  fashion, I volunteered and took part in Purple Duck magazine, Art auction, Ting Ting Deaf School, Local school tutoring to initiated activities, developing new skills and collaborative with each other. 

I adore challenges and I am determined to try my best in new spheres of business. My aim is to specialize in fashion management and become a professional fashion marketing manager by having a blend of strong business knowledge and skills, as well as to identify different consumer’s demands and behaviors. Furthermore, this major would not only allow me to conduct retail fashion business in a professional manner, but also on the international levels to expand high fashion trademarks in the region of Asia. But importantly, due to this major, I will learn a lot about responsibility and organizational skills in the fashion business. 

As I decide on colleges to attend the upcoming fall semester, Fashion Institute of Technology is the best place to fulfill my goals as a Fashion Management student. Studying in both Incheon and New York is fabulous by having the cultural mixture with inclusiveness sense of community. New York is a very fast paced city with vibrant western culture and aesthetic atmosphere. Every year, with a long-standing history of NYFW, is showing amazing fashion collections and latest trends to buyers and celebrities. On the other side, Incheon caters versatile styles for the global environment which influence other fashion markets all around Asia. This could be a great opportunity to combine and learn both Western and Eastern culture base on the fashion industry. The high quality of Fashion Business management major with experienced teachers, team study on fashion market and product development can cultivate keen fashion sense. Moreover, FIT has numerous activities and student clubs to participate, which could be a valuable learning experience to enrich interests outside the classroom. 

To pursue a degree in Fashion Business Management, I am looking forward to gaining through all the theoretical and practical aspects of fashion by having undergraduate study in both Incheon and New York City, to become one of the proud FIT students!