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In Fat and Happy. Hillel Schwartz is analyzing the statements over fleshiness and the effectivity of its interventions. Schwartz mortifyingly claims in his article. that a fat society would be a preferred civilization to populate in. He uses colored statements and unsupported information to endorse his positions against the fleshy society. He does province some information that is defended by grounds but much of his statements require farther verification. Schwartz sways his readers sentiments over the causes of fleshiness and the efficiency of its remedies utilizing logical false beliefs and personal attitudes.

Schwartz claims that members of the society who are in good physical form are the cause of sadness among corpulent people. He says that by labeling corpulent people as buffoons. man-eaters. and brogans. they are doing more shame and humiliation than an corpulent person would see from being fleshy entirely. Peoples that make remarks such as. To be fat is the terminal of life ( Schwartz 380 ) . merely do them more suffering. These are all accurate points that Schwartz makes but most would see this evident logic.

One of the logical false beliefs Schwartz uses is headlong generalisation. Schwartz claims that fleshy people are non able to stand out in school and/or in their callings. The author has no grounds that fleshy people are unable to execute good in these countries but blindly accuses them as being unsuccessful. Schwartz besides uses false analogy in his instance when he affirms that minorities and corpulent people are similar. He argues those both minorities and corpulent people have trouble being promoted in the workplace and being accepted to colleges. This is non a logical statement because minorities have been known to keep high places in many businesss and there are infinite scholarships patronizing minority pupils to go to colleges countrywide.

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Another one of the writers arguments provinces that corpulent patients have no other option other than firing their ain organic structure fat and in bend. being cannibalistic ( Schwartz 386 ) . This statement is non logical because there is no solid cogent evidence that this is the lone manner to lose weight. Dieting does non intend your organic structure is eating itself up as the writer portrays it ; dieting is really modulating the sum and types of nutrient you ingest in order to derive or lose weight. There are besides surgical processs and curative interventions that could ease a patient seeking lose weight. Therefore. dieting or cannibalism is non the lone option for an corpulent individual. which makes Schwartzs argument illogical.

Schwartzs reply to a agony humiliated corpulent population is to do everyone corpulence. He believes that if everyone were fat. fleshiness would non be referred to as a minority. The labeling and name-calling would come to a arrest and less favoritism would happen. The society would prefer the good as opposed to the bad. In his statement. Schwartz uses Non Sequitur to supply ground behind his thought. He refers to the terminal of the usage of drugs. greed. and patriarchate ( Schwartz 385 ) . Schwartz believes that all of these jobs would be solved if we lived in a strictly corpulent society but his claim lacks logic because there is no warrant that people would non utilize drugs and adult females would go the dominate sex.

Hillel Schwartz is clearly critical of dieting and the corpulent population ; he has many logical every bit good as unlogical statements. Much of the grounds Schwartz provides has small efficiency in turn outing his point because opposing defence can be found. He uses many of his personal sentiments to assist rock the readers view. His thought of an all-fat society does non look logical due to jutting effects such as wellness hazards and inefficiency. The author overlooks many of these costs when seeking to back up his thought of doing a common corpulent society. Knocking the current interventions for fleshiness and weight loss is non traveling to warrant Schwartzs positions and sentiments.

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