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FeastingWhen over consuming food your body does overtime processing all that extra food and if your metabolism cannot keep up it will result in fat formation. As page 217 states “Fat cells enlarge regardless of whether the excess in kcalories derives from protein, carbohydrate, or fat.” (Whitney, Noss,Rolfes. Understanding Nutrition) This means no matter what you consume, if you consume enough of it fat cells will enlarge. This is because the body makes the decision to take the path with least resistance, which is to convert excess kcalories to fat using the most direct and most efficient way. The body does this by converting “dietary triglyceride to a triglyceride in adipose tissue”. Then the body  “removes two of the fatty acids from the glycerol”(Whitney,217) and later puts them back together. Sucrose kinda goes through the same process of splitting “glucose from fructose, absorb them and ultimately turning them into a glycerol molecule.The path taken for excess protein is a much denser route that isn’t much prefered by the body because of its inefficiency. Protein has a much harder process turning into fat, which is why eating protein can allow you to building muscle and keep you healthy, by rebuilding skin tissue and keeping your bones strong. Proteins are a “low priority for the body” (Whitney,217) and is slow to transform into fats. As said by Whitney ” a person cannot grow muscle simply by overeating protein” (Whitney,217)this means that you need to be active and allow your body to soak in those proteins to your muscles, and by overdosing on protein you are simply hurting yourself of any potential benefits.Eating fat is almost guarantee that weight gain will be achieved, because these excess fats are easily dispersed throughout the body, by means of decreasing fat oxidation. This excess fat is almost all stored throughout the body,  because it is easy for the body to break down and store.  Excess carbohydrates falls into this category because this also can be easily stored and is known to excess “contribute to obesity or at least to the maintenance of an overweight body”.(Whitney,217)Overall consuming food is not good on the body even if your only feasting protein, does protein can turn into fat as well. Depending on what we do everyday “energy is needed all the time” (Whitney,218) and we need to feed our body with food that will provide us with that energy without over supplying it. Rolfes, Sharron Randy and Ellie,Whitney. “Chapter 7: Energy Metabolism. “Understanding Nutrition, 14th edition. Cengage Learning. Stamford, CT, 2016