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Mass media is one the most proficient ways to advertise new or improved products. Catchy jingles, bold font, and abstract pictures are amongst the various ways to grasp the audience’s attention. These characteristics grab the attention of individuals and persuade them to buy whatever it is a company is selling. The key factor is the product may not even be physically seen within the advertisement. For instance, a commercial will not show the actual product until the very end when the company suggests that their product is the product for you.

So how would a person know that this merchandise that is being advertised is really something they need? What grabs their attention? A key factor to selling merchandise that companies insist should be spread throughout media is the portrayal of sex. Believe it or not, sex sells! Unfortunately, most of the sexual content represented within these advertisements is degrading towards women. However, women have conformed to the humiliation and still purchase products seen or read about in the various forms of mass media.

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This paper will describe a particular advertisement for Burger King that uses sexual content to get the point across of what the company wants to sell. Furthermore, an analysis on the viewpoints of men , women, children, and the elderly towards the advertisement will be discussed. Lastly, a conclusion of personal viewpoints will be shared based on the intake of the advertisement. An advertisement for Burger King’s latest sandwich, “BK Super Seven Incher”, was distributed for a short time in Singapore before it was quickly discontinued for public eye.

This advertisement has a picture of a the “mind blowing” sandwich near the open mouth of a young, wide eyed woman, associated with the tagline “It’ll blow your mind away. ” The ad continues with, “Fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame-grilled with the NEW BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER. Yearn for more after you taste the mind-blowing burger that comes with a single beef patty, topped with American cheese, crispy onions and the A1 Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce. ” When seeing this advertisement, it obviously is suggesting that eating this seven inch sandwich is applicable to giving a male oral sex.

The words “hot”, “meaty”, and “7 inches” can only depict the image of oral sex. For a male, they might find this appeasing and actually want to purchase the product. The advertisement surely is directed towards the male audience in various ways. For instance, it may be hard for a woman to finish a seven inch sandwich (although the ad may suggest otherwise, which I will discuss later). This is presumably a “man’s dinner”, therefore the ad is drawing in the profit from men. Another way that it attracts the male audience is of course through the sexual content of the picture.

The blonde haired, wide eyed and mouth young woman above the slogan “It will blow your mind away” near the “long” sandwich, portrays and image of the woman giving oral sex to a male, which in this case would amuse and please a male. A male would no doubt want to purchase this monster sandwich. He will start to imagine the sexual content of the picture, and rush to Burger King. This advertisement can even persuade a male to have a woman give him oral sex after eating the sandwich because eating this sandwich is just as easy as receiving that kind of pleasure.

This type of advertising is very common throughout the media. Men, and obviously many companies, enjoy the idea of soft pornography as the way to sell their merchandise in a creative and unique way. Is it fair that to dominate society through and abase women? Do women find this appealing, and actually buy products after reading or seeing vulgar advertisements? Sadly, women support these companies and accept the belittlement bestowed upon them. Unfortunately, women are subjected to this intense amount of humiliation.

First, the woman is “beautified” with make up around her eyes, making them stand out. She also has popping red lipstick on, which causes her mouth to look opened even wider than it already is. With these two attributes contributing to the look of the women, in the end result she looks like a blow up doll! As stated before, the placement of the “hot”, “juicy” and “meaty” sandwich is right at the opening of the woman’s mouth, suggesting that this is the “proper” way to eat the meal, and give oral sex for that matter.

When looking at this advertisement, the sandwich isn’t even that catchy portion, the slogan is. Nearly everyone in today’s society knows what a “blow job” is, and Burger King completely takes this phrase and goes overboard. If the picture of the sandwich is replaced with a penis, it will look like the woman is actually give oral sex to a “7 incher”, and enjoying it! Women should find this absurd behavior from Burger King, and not want to purchase anything from the company. Even though the text and slogans in he advertisement are clearly describing that appearance and taste of the sandwich, the “catchy wording” definitely pertains to sexual content. Unfavorably, women really do not have a choice when it comes to the purchase of many products. A lot of companies have a very unique or niche product that they sell, and women have no other route to go when it comes to making a purchase. In this case, women have other alternatives within the fast-food industry, yet they still support the likes of Burger King. Does this mean that women accept the embarrassment placed in the media?

In a way, women do accept it because it is now considered the norm. If Burger King did not have sexual content behind their new 7 inch sandwich, society probably would overlook the advertisement and actually think something is wrong with the company for not marketing the product correctly. The barefaced image of the oral sexual content in Burger King’s advertisement clearly objectifies women. The woman in the photo is viewed and an object, or an “extra” to the ad. She really is not needed; however, for the amusement and the “sex sells” mindset of the company, she is placed in the photo.

Oral sex is something done in the private with whomever an individual decides to perform this action on. This advertisement suggests that oral sex is okay whenever, and wherever a person chooses to do so because it is just as easy as eating a 7 inch sandwich from Burger King. Women should start to consider what they invest their money into. Continuing to support the efforts of such companies, demonstrates acceptance. But what women fail to realize, this behavior is not only shown to them, but to their children as well.

Although many children may not understand the actual sexual content Burger King is portraying in this advertisement, it is not suitable for children. Burger King not only sells this 7 inch sandwich, but also sells kid meals for the children. They did not take into consideration that children watch television and see the obscene images such as this. It is not fair to these kids to have to see sexual content in this manner. Now the child may question his mother asking “why is the lady’s mouth open like that? ” The mother is now in an awkward position in how to explain the commercial to the child.

However, many children do understand the explicit content and overlook it just as many adults too. Quite frankly, children many times are the “object” within an advertisement and think that it may be “cool”. This is degrading and inappropriate in itself, but there is nothing that can be done because of consumers continuing to invest in such a manner. Companies also should take into consideration the thoughts of the elderly. Yes, many of the elderly have engaged in oral sexual activity, but it is still disrespectful.

Now that these individuals have reached the peak of their life, they may actually fine the advertisement humoring. They may not necessarily purchase the 7 inch sandwich, but enjoy the content behind it. On the other hand, some may be disrespected when seeing the Burger King advertisement. No one would have sex or perform oral sex to their partner in front of their grandparents, so why is it ok to show obscene images to the elderly audience? However, sex sells, and companies will do whatever it takes to receive that extra dollar over their competitor.

My personal reflection towards the advertisement was not surprising. I actually was not shocked to see this type of advertisement in the media. In fact, I laughed because of how low a company would go to sell their product. I find it degrading to the upmost degree, treating a woman like an object. Men are objectified within the media also, but it has become a contest of which company can objectify a woman the most by showing off certain regions of her body. Many times men are shirtless, striking a sexy posy.

Women will be in undergarments, striking a sexy pose, but the twist will be the product has to make it seem as though she is having sex or just reached climax. There is an extra emphasis placed upon women in the media. Whether it is positive or negative, women are subjected to more humiliation then men by far. I personally have not eaten this sandwich from Burger King; in fact, I did not know it was sold a Burger King. But seeing this advertisement does not persuade me in any bit to even want to try it. In conclusion, the media has the power to persuade any individual to purchase any merchandise for sell.

Whether it is within the lyrics of music, commercials, or newspaper ads, the power of advertising conforms to a higher level of provocativeness day by day. More and more sexually explicit content is out for all audiences to see. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. This is why this particular advertisement was banned and never made it to the United States. More marketing departments should review closely to the content being distributed to the media to uphold a woman’s confidence, not drag her through the mud and lower her self-esteem.