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William I introduced Feudalism to England after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The king owned all the land in the political and social system. The king offered portions of land to the Nobels that swore their allegiance to him. The other ninty percent of population was the peasents and serfs. Peasents were free men that worked the land in exchange for protection by the Lord, and the serfs were slaves.

There are many strengths and weaknesses to Feudalism. The advantages are the peasents were protected by the strong force and didn’t have to worry about being attacked. The sense of certanity when it comes to feudalism is the people knew where they belonged and what was expected of them. Another advantage is that entire society paid for the crops and the kind services, so money not needed.

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There are several disadvantages to living in the Feudalism Government. One major weakness is lack of Demoracy. There was little room for progress inability to move up the social ladder with Feudalism being a case system. If you were born as a peasent then you stayed a peasent. There was also the lack of opportunity to be able to do anything.

The black plauge around the fourteenth century was the starting point in the Feudalism Government falling. It created the labor shortage because it demolished the man power. The peasents realized how important they were and all together the plague and peasents revolt started growing. The middle system was undermined and collapsed slowly. Fedualisim started to disappear around 1400’s.