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This is a narrative about adult female that told by writer.

who is besides chief character in the narrative. It’s about relationship between them and about relationship between the adult female and her hubbies. girl. Setting of the narrativeEnigmatic. gloomy. sarcasticComplication | The narrative has dynamic complication. In the beginning of narrative Louise is entirely.

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but during the narrative she outlived 2 hubbies. | Climax| The conversation between writer and Louise about get marrieding Louise’s girl. In that conversation she allowed her girl to merry to author’s friend. But besides she said such thing would kill her. DenouementThe narrative ends with the Louisa’s decease.

|Tropes or particular devices used by the writer to stress the artistic effect| the face behind the mask – metaphor. describes that individual is lying or feigning or concealing the true nature ; weak bosom – name. shows that Louise has jobs with bosom ; to hang on thread – metaphor ( parlance ) .

to be in really bad status. to be at hazard ; to make everything in the universe for Louise – exaggeration. to demo Tom Maitland’s love to Louise ; they would non allow her stir a finger – exaggeration. to demo the attention about person ; to take her to the communion table – metaphor. means to merry to a adult female ; diabolic adult female – name. to demo the negative character of adult female ; The message of the narrativePossibly. the message of the narrative is egoism. How people wear the masks and act merely merely for themselves.

Selfish people ready to make everything to do their lives comfy and they don’t attention about other people. Even some of them ready to decease for turn outing their truth. The end of the author| To learn the readers acknowledging selfish people. Giving an illustration that a prevarication can be a good tool in their custodies. He informs us how people hide their cruel Black Marias under soft smiling and failing.