After watching the movie “Dangerous Minds. ” I was in awe that it had given me an ‘extra’ motive to boom difficult in completing the class and finally to go a well-respected pedagogue in the close hereafter.Lou Anne Johnson.

who plays the chief character in the narrative. turned out to be a beacon of visible radiation to her pupils when she became a full-time instructor to a group of hard-to-handle striplings. Through her compassionate and caring attitude.

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Ms. Johnson was able to make an inviting ambiance which is contributing to her student’s acquisition. She gave hope in an about hopeless state of affairs.She used non-traditional methods in order to capture their attending and set them into the right analyzing attitude. Lou Anne utilized a wages system in order to dispute her pupils ; she made usage of cocoa bars and free subject park tickets to catch her high school student’s involvement in larning which even caused them to larn how to utilize their library.

She besides presented their lessons in a mode her pupils can easy associate to. Ms. Johnson devised advanced lesson programs in order to keep her class’s concentration on their subjects. Although the disposal was non in favour of this. she still insisted on go oning the new sort of attack in learning. She proved that her students’ public assistance is more of import to her than the go arounding policies of the school.The movie demonstrated that everyone can learn. but non all can go a instructor.

For a instructor non merely teaches. but besides inspires. leads and listens to the most intimate concern of her pupils. True plenty.

Lou Anne besides tackled some of her pupil’s jobs. wherein she made a place visit to his pupil ( Raul ) to inform his parents of how bright their boy was in school. To his parent’s surprise. congratulationss and upliftments were given by Ms. Johnson which changed his position in analyzing and even made him one of the winner in their category.Without a uncertainty. the film is a must watch.

Not merely to Education pupils but besides to those who want to see the beauty in learning. For being a instructor is decidedly a baronial profession. Kudos to all pedagogues! Stand up and be proud!