I. Introduction a. Attention Getter Nowhere else can you happen more comprehensive fireman preparation and exigency service direction than with ( TEEX ) B. Statement of Importance / Relevance / Significance Texas A & A ; M Extension Service has been supplying unexcelled fire preparation for exigency respondents since 1929. That is dozenss of life’s that have been saved during the clip the school opened till now.

c. Thesis Statement As of today TEEX trains more than 81. 000 exigency respondents from all 50 provinces and 45 states each twelvemonth all to salvage life’s and aid people. d. Preview of Speech.

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Today in this address you will larn necessities to go a fire combatant. where and how long the academy is with state-of-the-art custodies on applications every bit good as tuition. enrollment and cogwheel. Passage: The most of import factor in taking a university for most pupils is the difficult work and dedication it takes II. First Main Point: Necessities to go a fire combatant a. Supporting statement # 1 Cadets must stand out academically and demo at that place smarts non merely in the schoolroom but out on the field. B.

Supporting statement # 2 They must besides show exceeding squad work and leading accomplishments on and off the field.c. Supporting statement # 3 Last but non least set up professional behaviour everyplace to executing strenuous physical work to acquiring a drink of H2O. Passage: In add-on to cognizing the necessities you will desire to cognize where and how long the academy is. III. Second Main Point: Where and how long the academy is a. Supporting statement # 1 The academy is a 12-week long plan which consist of intense schoolroom and physical preparation.

B. Supporting statement # 2 Besides really good needed state-of-the-art. hands-on applications to assist even more in acquiring prepared for the existent life thing Supporting statement # 3.Training is held in two topographic points either Brayton Fire Training Field College Station. TX or in Laredo. TX TRANSITION: Once you know now where and the necessities you will desire to cognize how much it is tuition and enrollment demands along with gear IV. Third Main Point: Tuition and enrollment and pitch a.

Supporting statement # 1 Most significantly is the tuition out of province and international both are – $ 5250 and Texas occupants – $ 5000 B. Supporting statement # 2 Must be 18 old ages of age or older Must subject a transcript of your high school sheepskin or GED certification.Must possess and keep a valid motor vehicle driver’s licence. with no pending actions of suspension or annulment and supply a transcript on twenty-four hours one of the Academy. Must subject a recent Physical Record and Proof of Meningitis Vaccination within the last five old ages.

Must submit a digital colour exposure of yourself via electronic mail prior to Academy. Texas occupants must subject cogent evidence of completion of an sanctioned EMT ( Emergency Medical Technician ) class. c. Supporting statement # 3 Bunker gear purchase or lease ( $ 400- $ 1500 ) Uniforms ( $ 150- $ 300 ) Books and category supplies ( $ 100- $ 200 ) .Passage: Clearly this university is worth it all if you want to travel into this field. V. Conclusion a. Review Main Points Today I have told you the necessities to go a fireman.

where and how long the Academy is. tuition and enrollment and cogwheel. b. Restate the Thesis You can see why many people have come out of this university and why I want to be a portion of that c. Return to Attention Getter ( wrap it up ) No admiration so many people choose TEEX nowhere else can you happen more comprehensive fire combatant preparation and exigency service instructions.