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After a piece has been photographed at the scene. it will be necessary to be rendered safe. An automatic handgun will necessitate its magazine to be removed and the unit of ammunition extracted from the chamber. When taking the magazine it will necessitate to be handled carefully in order to continue possible fingerprint grounds and be placed in a paper or fictile grounds bag. The unit of ammunition from the chamber should be placed in a fictile phial or paper envelope. A six-gun will necessitate to hold the unit of ammunitions taken from the Chamberss within the cylinder.

The chamber that is on top and in line with the barrel will necessitate to be marked.The cylinder and Chamberss should be sketched and assigned Numberss. As the unit of ammunitions are removed from the Chamberss. they need to be placed in single plastic phials or paper envelopes with a corresponding chamber figure indicated. Regardless of type. automatic or six-gun. each piece will necessitate to hold an designation ticket affixed to its trigger guard.

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The designation ticket needs to incorporate the hammer place. quality. do. theoretical account and consecutive figure of the piece.

the research workers name. day of the month. clip. and location of aggregation.An extra identifier can be scratched on to the piece. in an invisible location. and in a mode that will non damage possible grounds.

If the piece was recovered from under the water’s surface. it will necessitate to be cleared as mentioned antecedently. pertinent inside informations recorded. and placed in an grounds container that will let it to stay covered in the same H2O that it was found. The piece should non be cleaned or allowed to dry.

The unit of ammunitions recovered from either type of arm will necessitate to be packaged separately. sooner in fictile phials or paper envelopes. Each phial or enfold will necessitate to be accompanied by the undermentioned information: day of the month. clip and location of recovery. quality. and research workers name. If a slug is found at the scene it should be handled carefully in order to protect the striation Markss.

Bullets should non be pulled out of stuffs that they are lodged in ; the environing stuffs should be broken or chiseled off.The slug should be marked either on the point or the base. wrapped in tissue paper. placed in a fictile phial or envelope.

and the afore mentioned information attached to the applicable grounds container. Spent shell shells. if found.

should be picked up with pincers or forceps. marked with an identifier near the oral cavity of the shell. packaged separately in fictile phials or envelopes. and be accompanied by the antecedently mentioned pertinent information.

It is imperative that the concatenation of detention reflects the alteration of ownership when any point is handed over to a research lab or proving installation.