Firm’s Infrastructure is PERODUA Company’s support systems. It functions to enable PERODUA to maintain day-to-day operations. The headquarters houses of PERODUA combined all the departments in the building such as accounting, administrative, and general management department, R&D testing laboratories and styling studio, vehicle test track, manufacturing plant, engine plant, pre-delivery inspection area, vehicle distribution stockyard and parts warehouse. PERODUA’s factory approximately around 64,000 square metres.

Also, PERODUA possess multi location facilities such as showrooms and service centres. Perodua thinks that an efficient management of human resource can assist in achieving the company’s mission. Teamwork is a tittle that PERODUA focus on and encourage for all employees. This is because work in a team can bring a lot of advantages such as increase the task efficiency, more idea will be attained and exchange each other’s opinion. PERODUA always focus on motivating and developing their employees in order to produce more competent employee and elite.

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PERODUA will offer some training program to its staff which included Perodua Technical Education System (PTES). PTES is provided for junior technical entry level technical staffs to improve their basic automotive knowledge. Perodua Youth Training Programme (PYTP) is another special program. This training program is offer for school leavers (SPM) who are selected and prepared in-house until the point that they qualify to MLVK Level 1.

Besides, PERODUA reward employees by continually reviewing and enhancing company effectiveness. This can be the motivation for employees to work hard for PERODUA. In addition, PERODUA offer a favorable workplace to its employees. This will increase the employees working efficiency. Besides, PERODUA will always ensure employees who has shown potential be given an open doors for career progress.