Last updated: June 24, 2019
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Ever since I went for a ride in my friends Dad’s Zenith Skyjeep I have had a passion for flying. I was thrown back by the whole atmosphere of the flight. Soon after this I decided to make sure it wasn’t a one off. I went for a trial flight with Quantum Aviation in Whangarei. This was undoubtedly enough, I was hooked. The start of this year presented itself with two options. I had to decide between having a gap year or getting stuck into my studies.

As I knew I wanted to follow the aviation career pathway and I know the effort and commitment which must be applied in order to succeed I chose to save up all I could and have a gap year down here in Dunedin. My plan was to have a year off then reside back to Northland and start my dream of becoming a pilot with Quantum Aviation in Whangarei. These plans soon changed after I discovered Mainland Aviation Dunedin. After further researching the College I decided this was where I wanted to study. Diploma in Aviation Science was the Qualification I was going to pursue.

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Driving has always been a big passion of mine but I have always been held back by the regulations of the road and the excessive cost of track racing. I love the sense of being in control of modern technology and when I took over the plane for the first time on my test flight I had a grin from ear to ear. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and from this point on I knew this was the career for me. After this event driving just wasn’t the same, it just didn’t compare to what I had experienced that day in the Cessna 152.

After weighing up the different options for me to access my goal of becoming a pilot I decided to go for the commercial process. The armed forces just didn’t seem right for me; although the costs were a lot lower I just couldn’t justify the return of service. I would not want to be tied down for such a long period of time. I see myself as much more of a commercialized pilot as apposed to a military. Aviation is not only a career; I see it as a way of exploring not only the country but also the globe.

Travel has always been a big goal of mine but I have never really had the chance to fulfil this dream. I see becoming a pilot a way of accomplishing these dreams as well as achieving my desired career. I could never see myself behind an office desk all day. That just isn’t for me. I see the skills which you gain from this diploma as a much more practical learning experience and something I would personally be more interested in. Throughout school I was rarely motivated to study or even try my very best to succeed.

This was because I could never relate what I was studying to my everyday life. After carefully looking over the theory side to this diploma I see all these papers as being my kind of knowledge, practical intelligence which I could relate to the task at hand but also use long after the task was completed. I have found this to be a key aspect to my motivation. I do not see the title of pilot as being a job but as a profession. Pilots are highly regarded in today’s society and I am going to settle for nothing less than this role.

Although I can foresee the hard work and countless hours which will have to be applied in order to achieve this occupation I will gladly step up to the plate and commit beyond what I have ever done before in order to succeed. This is because I know of the rewards which will occur as well my significant interest in the whole subject. I will have motivation to do my very best. There are no other career pathways where I feel this will happen as naturally as it will in this field.