For this TWF project, the stakeholders, who are not specifically members of our team, are Dr. Peter Carr and  our client Omer Faheem. Every week, our team will update data we collected to professor to ensure that the data is suitable for teachers and students in Pakistan. Every two weeks, professor and team members will arrange a meeting with the client, Omer Faheem, the director of ITA centre. After each meeting, changes will be made according to the feedback given by professor and the client. Throughout the whole cycle of project, professor will play the role of a mentor, and Omer will be the first-degree client.

To complete this project, an appropriate team member structure is necessary. In our project team, there are six important roles, i.e. project manager, communication manager, quality assurance manager, research manager ,schedule manager and content manager. Here are the responsibilities of each role:Project manager: a leader for the whole project team, who is responsible for manage and communicate with all manager teams; Communication manager: the person who promotes a project’s mission, product and services. She/He need to make sure our team has an appropriate path to communicate with the public and our clients.

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Also, its responsibility includes managing the communication inside the project team; Quality assurance manager: this position plays a crucial role in the project team by ensuring the data reach a certain standard of quality. The manager need to monitor project performance and improve the quality of the results;Research manager: The manager is responsible for the management and the coordination of internal and external research work and projects. In our team, he/she need to control the program scope;Schedule manager: It is a specific type of administrative and office support manager.

The manager is in charge of maintaining a project’s calendar, including appointments, meetings, and conferences. Also, the manager must establish the standard and procedure for each stage of our project;Content manager: The main responsibility of content manager is to keep all data displayed to the client in a fresh and informative manner. Also, after each meeting and feedback, optimizing the data and making sure every content comply with the overall goal of project.