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For the past few centuries, Aloe vera plant
had been use to cure many type of deseases. Aloe vera plant have many good
especially in treating an illness. For example, aloe vera plant can treat
cancer disease such as lung cancer, colon cancer, or even breast cancer. There
are a lot of function of aloe vera plant in treating the illness. One of it
are, it has anticancer activity.

Aloe vera contain
aloin , an anthraquinone, which it is the main ingredient of aloe vera. The
anthraquinone had prove for its remarkable potential in healing the cancer
deasease.the antraquinone also had shown that the chemoprotective have effects
against 1,2-adimethylhydrazine-induce prenoplastic lesions.

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In aloe vera,
there are 59 subtypes of anthraquinone which was known as aloe emodin. Aloe
emodin have the biological activity which include the anticancer function. Aloe
emodin had been derivated from the aloe vera leave to be a herbal
anthraceredione. The inhibitory effect on the activity and gene expression of
N-acetyl transferase can found in human malignant maloma cell.

Aloin in aloe
vera can be use for aloin treatment which it impede the secretion of VEGF in
cancer cell. VEGF stand forvascular endothelial growth factor and it is one of
the most important proangiogenic cytokines known and well characterized as an
inducer of tumor neovascularization. VEGF also can influenze angiogenic
responswe of human endothelial cell.

Another function
of  aloe vera plant in treating cancer
are it have intestinal reabsorbtion. From aloe vera plant, the materials had
been used for drug absorbtion enhancement. The Lactobacillus brevis strain in
it that had been isolated from the aloe vera gel. It can inhibit the harmful
enteropathogen without doing any restraining process and it is known as
Probiotics Originating from Aloe Leaves (POAL). In the aloe vera gel also, it
have 39 aloin that was metabolized by the colonic flora to activate the aloe
emodin. The aloe emodin are for purgative activity, inhibit colon cancer
migration and also inhibit vas .

Lastly ,  the factor of aloe vera that can help in
treating cancer are the effect on estrogen status. The aloe emodin and emodin
that was isolated from the aloe vera gel specifically can hold down and stop
the breast cancer cell from growing and spreading by targeting the estrogen
receptor which is the receptor-? protein. It was targeted through the distinct
mechanism where the application of anthraquinones trying to stop the breast
cancer cell from spreading and growing ia applied.

Therefore , aloe
vera plant can help in treating cancer as it contain aloin,aloe emodin that can
posses anticancer. Besides that, it inhibits tumor angiogenesis ,grow transducer
and activator of transcription 3 activation 
to prevent the cancer disease.