Last updated: September 21, 2019
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In the movie Forest Gump many themes of American history is discussed and played out through the film. It’s about a child that growing up was not the smartest kid but somehow still achieved and experienced a lot of things in American history. He does and meets a lot of historical people like meeting Elvis Presley and learning the famous shaking of the hips. The appearance of John Lennon on the Mike Douglas show. Serving in the Vietnam War which was a significant war in American history.

It showed his experience and how he saved a lot of people life’s and was rewarded the Medal of Honor. He saw the first blacks to enter an all white school and when she dropped her book he went and picked it up and gave it to her. Forrest is also woken up in the Watergate scandal because of the lights and reported it to the hotel. Going to the Whitehouse where they were protesting the Vietnam War. Meeting the black panthers at the protest and getting in a fight with them.

Also the hippie era which was significant because his only true love Jenny was a part of it. He also survived Hurricane Carmen in the boat that he named Jenny. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I could never get sick of watching this film. Forrest Gump has many themes in American history and is played out great. It has good acting and also good directing and storyline. I would recommend for everybody to watch this film because you will learn a lot and it his very entertaining.